Yen'fay Forging Bonds (Fanfic)

Yen’fay: “Pray Pardon, Lady Sharena. Might I have your time?”
Sharena: “Oh Yen’fay! Sure! You’ve been to your Aether outpost, right? How was it? Do you like it?”
Yen’fay: “Outpost? Well, at any rate, the resort was quite luxurious, but…”
Sharena: “But…?”
Yen’fay: “I have been, um, assigned to the same team as my sister, Say’ri.”
Sharena: “Oh… d-did something happen?”
Yen’fay: “No, not particularly, no. It’s just… when we went to the hot springs, I remarked that it was the second time we went to one together.”
Sharena: “That’s great! …Is it not?”
Yen’fay: “Yes, it was delightful. Very relaxing indeed. But then Say’ri said that it was actually our third time, and yet technically it was the first?”
Sharena: “Oof.”
Yen’fay: “She said it with such confidence too. And as such it made me lose mine. So I was hoping that the Order of Heroes might have the explanations. Was it the circumstances of my summoning here, mayhap?”
Sharena: “Yes… and no. You see Yen’fay, the current theory is that there exists countless worlds out there. And with countless worlds, it should be no surprise that some intersects in places other than here in Askr…”
Yen’fay: “Ah… so you are saying that my sister that is here in Askr is not the same as the one back in my world?”
Sharena: “Possibly. That, and the fact that Say’ri is aware that she has gone to a hot spring three times as of now… each with a different version of you from different worlds.”
Yen’fay: “…”
Sharena: “Yen’fay?”
Yen’fay: “Ah, pardon. I was just trying to wrap my head around.”
Sharena: “Well, it’s best that we don’t think too much about it. If I find something weird, I too, find it easier to just chalk it up to alternate versions and not think more about it.”
Yen’fay: “Is the Summoner also aware of this?”
Sharena: “Kiran? They’re… um… very aware of this I suppose. They do consider all of the heroes’ alternate versions when assigning teams after all.”
Yen’fay: “Is it not better to stop summoning new heroes every time and spare themselves the headache?”
Sharena: “You would think so, but despite our number, between the kingdom borders, ground base, foreign embassies, and Aether outposts, the Order of Heroes is actually spread pretty thin. The Aether resort has amenities to reward heroes such as you, but don’t forget that they’re also military outposts! We are in a very real danger of invaders from other worlds too after all.”
Yen’fay: “Gods… the Summoner has it quite rough it seems…”
Sharena: “I-it’s okay! Kiran seems to enjoy meeting new heroes and drafting up battalions! And working on patrol routes! And working on war and disaster relief efforts… T-they also have their own time to reeeeeally let loose from time to time! Kiran does some really weird stuff like making us play dress up, but everyone kinda lets them be. They do work the hardest around here after all!”
Yen’fay: “I… think I have a newfound respect for the Summoner…”