Yes or no?

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I personally think Veng > Crafty
Getting your special up faster is better than making your foes special slower
You could also just go SF and give him QR to go both ways


I’m simple and want more explosions so I’d go for Vengeful. If you give do go for it and think you’d have use for the A skill, give him a Sonia first for Fort. Def/Res 2 so you can get the whole skill line.


I’m considering this because he tends to take hits very well (more so once I can make him +Res) and Specials seem to be his weak point, he also can take a bit too long to kill tankier units, which can be a big problem if that’s not the only enemy left. CF also has a more generous threshold.


I think it would be a better deal if you do Fort. Def/Res 3

I do think it would be good to slow down specials for him so SF might be better for him imo

CF can work well though since I use it on my Mamori


In AR, i want to get crafty for my LA!Hector, and use a B!Lucina as support for a special fighter effect but with 25% hp treshold and a garantee double.

VF better if you want to run aether yeah


If you are doing that at least grab fort def/res from Sonia so you can give him all the premium skills

Just use vengeful, its better, i also need aether.

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