YES! She finally +10! Adult Tiki showcase and appreciation! With pictures

+10 A!Tikis rise up! (mine needs a breath skill and Aether, maybe if the game decides to throw me a random B!Ike since I finished merging him, why are all the breath skills locked to characters I wouldn’t like to sack)
I’ve had this +res one since the game’s launch month, and started merging her in 2018

Congrats on finally finishing her! And yeah, I feel that Y!Tiki fatigue too even if I prefer her younger version a bit more. Just give A!Tiki more love dangit


Holy shit, yes, I would love this in FEH! :feh_royyes:

It gives me similar vibes to that Grim Shadow Nox skin in Smite. :fgo_ereshlove:

But still congrats Nick. Very happy for you, she looks great. :fgo_ereshwoah:


I agree with this post. Tiki was an excellent fanservice to the veteran Fire Emblem players and of course I married her in one of my playthroughs.

You forgot to post something important: a theme to listen to while people read your thread


“This is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post in the community!” - Commander Shepard.

But seriously, Tiki and the hope of making Lilith +10 are now the only reasons that makes me keep playing. I hope one day she gets a resplendent and a skill that is worth a damn in the C slot. Like you, I am enamored by the idea of how she has grown over the years. Even if I am somewhat tired of her younger version receiving the vast majority of ALTS, well, I cannot hate her. It is the only character in the franchise that I don’t mind having more. Hell, I even have her amiibo and her Dragalia Lost unit.

Tiki forever.

My build is being a physical tank, but with the fruits, and if she ever gets a resplendent, I will eventually make her +res since an attack over 60 is good enough and a mixed build already works well with her fallen version, specially with Lilith nearby for her Joint Drive Attack and Partner Support bonuses.


Ooh congrats! She looks great

Looks like we both managed to finish a project today :feh_nino:


Congrats on the Tiki
It’s always nice to +10 a unit that you like



Someone ask for a healer?


Y’all with your +10s A!Tikis while mine’s stuck at +2. :catsob:

In all seriousness, I’m proud of how she’s turned out and there’s still a lot of work to be done with mine, and there’s no convincing in not doing this, even with Bantu and Ena existing… powercreep her more @Intelligent_Systems, you’ll just make each victory I have with her even more satisfying. :fgo_casgilworry:
I still have a lot of grind to do with her and skills to feed her, ironically it’s her summer alt the one that’s more invested. :feh_legion_miso:.
I’ve commented this here and there but I want her to have [Breath of Fog (+eff)] and [Distant Foil].

Congrats though, that A!Tiki is so invested I love it, it’s been a nice read from a fellow Tiki fan. :feh_ceciliaculture:

And you’ve said it, while her adult variant grew to be our favourite, all Tikis are precious.

This is the artists’ page btw, they have a few more fan arts of her but not much:


Grats! That’s a nice build you got on her, too. Even if shes older shes still fun to use! She was my first +10 and I still enjoy using her wherever I can use her.


She has a nice voice.

Good job :feh_tikiga:


Yeah, A!Tiki is one of the units that aged quite well. Granted I had no idea what I was doing during Year 1 with builds, IVs, Arena scoring and such. All I knew was she’s a pretty damn good tank, even against blues on occasion, especially THE Reinhardt. This was the build I used back then during early Arena days of the LynHardt combo. I’m weird when it comes to building units. Had to use Unit Builder cause back then there were still negative IVs and no DFs but this on a Defense Tile with Fortify Dragons(was also lucky enough to pull a Ninian back then) could survive and kill the LynHardt combo of late 2017 - early 2018.

After her refine, I gave her what could be considered a armor-like vengeful fighter build and it’s what she still has when Conrad isn’t using Heavy Blade. Currently saving DFs to boost both A!Tikis at once. Also might go +Spd or +Res and change some things if she ever gets her Resplendant.

Also the AS!Tiki just cause yeah, I want more A!Tiki alts. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t mind more Dragon characters getting different weapons with their Alts. It’s kinda weird that to this day I think only A!Tiki and Nowi have alts with different weapons.


There’s also Bride Ninian who becomes a blue tome unit.

As well as Summer Female Corrin.


Right, thanks for reminding me. I also just remembered NY!Corrin is a bow unit, But that still kinda reinforces my point. Bride Ninian came out in 2018 and since then, especially with the Corrins who can use other weapons, Dragon characters get alts with breath weapons and that’s a bit boring honestly.


Ah. Reminds me to show my S!A!Tiki. She isn’t much but she’s quite solid with all the investment I gave her.
Tiki + +Summer + Axe Infantry my favorite class is such a great combo! I only got two copies this year but I’ll try to see if gets some more next rerun.


@Damon_Prower @Triton @SafCar @Ryusun @dimitrisnoodlehair @Fresh_Tomatoes
Thanks! for sharing your A!Tiki builds and stories! I’m happy to be in +10 A!Tiki gang!

@KratosFredi @Umbriel
This would make a pretty cool fallen alt.

Me too. :pray:

Thanks! Great job getting Mercedes done at last! :feh_catria:

Ah, can’t believe I forgot this important and lovely music. :feh_notlikethis: Thanks for reminding me.

Thanks! Don’t worry with the right amount of support she’ll shine even at low merges. Good luck getting the needed skills!

Mela Lee really does a good job with her. Both Young and Adult Tiki sounds nice.


Thank you, indeed, though I’ll try to give her merges from time to time, gotta get more [Hero Feathers] though.

Since we’re sharing our A!Tikis, I figure I could post my Summer one?:

And… I wasn’t really joking when I said I went a tad far with her. :feh_tikiga:

(List of skills)

Compared to the others, I don’t have much of an story, but I read the supports with the male avatar when I had my PC and playing the game there, this is such a sweet ending.


Congrats! That’s some really nice art there too! :feh_flaynsmile:

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Thank You for giving A Tiki some love, I’ve loved her the moment I laid eyes on her in Awakening and she’s one of my strongest heroes in FEH A! Tiki gang!





I know, right?

Handholding is :feh_lewd:.


Ayy you and I both
This is my Aether based build xd