This seal is the key to my cheese team.

With this seal, nothing can stop me!! Chill Res will be fully upgraded, as soon as possible!

omg I thought this was another cyl post


well good on you, chill res is very useful :feh_nino:

I thought you got Owain.


Chill Res for CYL4 :feh_reinyes:


Wait, haven’t you complained about stuff like Azura and Ophelia before though?

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Implying Ophelia needs Chill Res to cheese maps

What she needs is Hardy Bearing


Does she need Hardy Bearing for PvE?

Sometimes. I run into some annoying Vantage units now and then

Heavy Blade is also a consideration tbh since enemies can and probably will run Guard Sword now, and when you kill them they’ll probably spawn a 40+ res gronnraven TA cav

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Nope. I’ve given up on summoning him.

No, she’s not getting that seal. Phina is.

Okay, that makes more sense than being on Ophelia herself

Yeah, but…

  1. I don’t find them as annoying as other people do
  2. This is the team I use on BHB/GHB/LHB/MHB fights, because of how easy it is to cheese the maps.

But, I’ll be pissed if he’s on this Mythic banner (one red spot is left open, but it’s most likely either Summer Helbindi or Bridal Sigrun) because I want Lull Atk/Res. My friend wants me to buy me a late Christmas present, since he told me that he feels bad that he didn’t get me a gift, so maybe I’ll ask him if he could get me a Google Play card. He doesn’t have to, but if he feels like it, I’ll ask for one.

Isn’t Chill Res available in the Tempest right now?

Wait Im being dumb

I thought you were creating it

Yep. That’s where I got the seal from :3
Turns out I can do the highest difficulty, because I accidentally picked it last night, and everyone survived the 7th fight

Chill Res? no. :feh_deflectmelee:



I’m surprised no one’s read the monologue I made.
I’m kinda glad that no one is reading it, because…


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