Yet again another "who to fodder" question, now with poll

So I was trying to get that DC fodder and then a wild Sonya appeared.
I want a good mage in each colour: in red I have Lilina and Aversa, blue has my girl Ophelia and green didn’t have anyone until now. This Sonya is +atk -def, and since I think those are good IVs I’m gonna try to build her.
The build would go with prf+eff for weapon, glimmer (or moonbow better?), DB3 for A and SS3 for B. And Sturdy Blow 2 as Sacred Seal.

I have a -atk Lewyn and that tilts me so hard, and I want to build him, but the tilt is so aggravating that I had him in my barracks since his debut (I’m saying this but that tilted me so I gave him to Ophelia, and then, months after, he returned home with the same exact IV spread). I also have a Keaton +def -res.

So my question is:
Do I fodder Lewyn for SS to Sonya? Or maybe fodder Keaton to her? Or keep the three of them?
I’ll give ya a poll because I can and are funny.

  • Fodder Lewyn to Sonya
  • Fodder Keaton to Sonya
  • Keep the three of them
  • Have a nice day, y’all <3

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Congrats, your Sonya got the right IV for an AoE spam build :ok_hand:t2:. I’d probably use a build like this:

(But with [Life and Death]).

The build you propose isn’t bad though, you could spam [Iceberg] since with her RES her damage will greatly improve and you wouldn’t need to use [Heavy Blade] seal :thinking:.

I’ll recommend foddering [Special Spiral 3] from the Keaton mainly because you’d like to build Lewyn despite the IVs


In your situation I would fodder Lewyn. Keaton can be a great physical red unit. My Keaton is also +Def and hits over 40 def. Leads to nice BIGNIS procs :grin:

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And what about, instead of DB or LnD, put her Mirror Impact? So that way I’ll rise the damage from Iceberg (and is as effective as DB3 anyways in that matter).

But won’t be in 1 CD the skill in turn 1, tho? Glimmer/Moonbow will be always active, whereas with Iceberg she will start the battle at 1CD and then proc it. That’s my only complain about it. I can go with L!Hector or an IP team so she has Iceberg in turn 1 active, but what after the first match? she will have it at 1, right? That’s the only thing I’m not passionate about.

By the way, super strong and nice Sonya omg


Hmm, you can, in fact it’s great to go with [Iceberg] to further boost the damage, @NickofTime80’s Sonya utilises it so he can comment his experience with it

You’re right, she’ll often have 1 CD which can be rather inconvenient, if you’d like her to always spam specials either going AoE or CD=2 specials is the way to go then, it’ll be hard that a unit resist her [Iceberg] procs in the end — it’s still possible to ready it on turn 1 though, via pulsing as you say

In the case it’s the latter then I guess her default [Moonbow] would win, specially in cases where she’d have to face higher RES enemies

Thanks! Even to date she remains a strong unit

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Taking into consideration what you said, this is something pretty strong. I’m afraid of this, and at the end of the month we will be having a banner with sothis and… omg. Maybe she is my green mage after all.

Spooky. I love it

Nice :ok_hand:t2: though [Time’s Pulse 3] will only work in the first turn to fully charge [Iceberg] since [Special Spiral 3] will leave the CD in 1 after any combat (generally) — [Time’s Pulse 3] only gives a special charge if said special is completely uncharged, in this case [Iceberg] would get a charge on turn 1 because it’s at CD=3.
But still it’s a worthy investment if you don’t want to have someone else pulsing her for that special charge on turn 1, and her procs will be deadly

rip my plan, then >:(
I guess I have to think a little bit more the build… but I like her!

Ey no worries! May I propose semi-budget?:

The only premium is [Special Spiral 3] which you have and want her to get, [Moonbow] will always be ready and be useful for resistant units, her special procs even get a +10 damage increase so that helps.

I can always propose something more premium if you’d like to, if that’s the case I’d like to know who you’d fodder for her


That sounds like a build I had in mind, so you just made it more clear to me that I have to go like this! :slight_smile:
I have a spare MI so if I like her I will give her iceberg and MI and start experimenting with her. I’m hyped now :eyes: . Thanks!

About the premium fodder, just show me what you think would go well with her, I’m open to fodder almost anything if it’s for a unit I’m going to use.

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Oop, sorry for the delay, since you didn’t reply my comment I haven’t seen this one.

Anyways you’re welcome, glad I can help :feh_navarreculture:. Yes, you can test how she works and then decide if you’ll go harder on investment :fire:

Nice, then I’ll throw some ideas in here:

The first build is what I’d like to do with her the moment I get an Igrene, this’ll improve the AoE damage since they take visible attack stat into account for the calculations, [Pulse Smoke 3] would be of help to shut down specials but you could keep [Even Atk Wave 3] or any form of self-buff skill equipped.

The second one isn’t for bombing specials but in return it allows her to deny follow-ups while giving her a chance to double some enemies and reduce the attack power and resistance of those who can counterattack her, preferably mages and staves as dragons that can counter on her initiation will target her lower DEF (and that’s a nasty hit best not taken). Her special procs will be quite powerful too, at least an extra 24 damage per activation when initiating :thinking: