Yet another "help me with my team"

Hello everyone

I’ve been playing DBL for about a month or so now and I was hoping to get some help building a team. I’ve looked at the Top Tier Teams pages and I still don’t seem to have proper characters or their proper levels to fill out these teams.

There was something I was wondering though, are these teams for PvP or PvE? I myself prefer the PvE side of DBL and I’m looking for a team that may make things easier when completing events and such.
I’ve included a link to Imgur of all my current characters.

Thanks for any and all help that is provided :smiley:

You have some good characters… Stringing them together wont be easy but i will tell you 2 of them

A. Powerful opponent
Core : SSR Goku black YEL(LEADER) - strike bleed draw strike mechanism is very powerful, kinda like vegito blue.
Broly (new) GRN - strike arts give card draw speed, needs special move and strike equips, hes a blue card monster.
SSJ broly YEL - recieved a B tier boost… His AOE ULTIMATE is a NUKE and has strike cover change.
Bench : LF LSSJ broly BLU( core if needed- he is still strong, permanent card draw speed, ramp up, ki restore on enemy switch), Raditz GRN, Bandit Yamcha GRN. OR USE EX Raditz FOR HP BUFF (all are saiyans)

B. Movies saga
Core : SSJ2 transforming Gohan YEL- B tier boosted, with MAIN ABILITY LOCK IN (VERY RARE) and AOE GREEN = rising rush. High stats with one time high sust. Dmg cut so make sure to take the first combo in untransformed state
GT vegeta YEL (LEADER) - decent attack, good defense, HUGE support and debuff thanks to Zenkai 7
Broly GRN- same as before
Bench : LF LSSJ broly BLU ( core if needed)
Final form Frieza RED - great damage, ultimate HEALS BY 40%, good debuffs, blast card reduces KI BY 50, hes just excellent - good core option.
EX Gokua - HP buff for movies saga. Can use in core against Hybrid Saiyans ( if someone does that)

*this team’s main goal is to take advantage of Gohan’s lock in.

There are more teams possible
Keep an eye on the boost system. And more importantly… SUBSCRIBE TO RAIYUDEN YT. His videos would help make teams that looks weird but works wonders.

thanks for the info i greatly appreciate it :smiley:
I’ll be sure to check out RAIYUDEN as well

thanks again and be safe

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