Yet another "how would you fix skills" thread

@Poddiadv Reminds me of No-Star’s Noble Phantasm.

I going to adapt your idea to something i thing would work in game with Leónidas play style,ok
Pride of the rearguard:his guts(blabla) + give all allies a atk buff (increase by the HP of Leónidas) normal is like a charisma of 20% ,at half HP is 35% and at the max HP of his guts or less he give 50%
@bhl88 What do you thing

The Leónidas first skill is good as it is,but his guts is a better option to fix
@Poddiadv and sorry the last post wasn’t for you i just press the wrong one, sorry again

Yup but there could be two ways of making it viable.
Either give it a better modifier or base the damage on total amount, so for instance if he got hit by a attack that dealt 15k damage it would use that instead of the difference between priorHP and currentHP.

No worries.
Having some issues figuring out what to reply with so I’ll leave it to the intended receiver.

@terranort_asashin: That works too.

Either increase his allies attack or have him counter with a strong attack.

Thanks ,if you don’t know how to translate a lore entry or you want ti balance a skill just ask ,and if you want to design a servant you can go to the servant design threan in that place we have Perseus and more servants
The example

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Yeah, Angra NP style things don’t work well, because the enemies have a lot of HP and do low damage so a counter don’t work well in Fgo

Yeah, that sounds good, and add poison immunity rather than having the slight poison resistance the skill currently has.

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Arash can touch Serenity in game so why not Poison immunity

That’s what I’m saying. Currently Arash’s Toughness only gives a mere 16% poison resist. It should really be updated to poison immunity or even have poison immunity as a passive skill.

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@Meta_Cat Poison immunity for the duration of skill + cooldown.

Astolfo, Trap of Argalia C+: same stun chance + 20-30% Def down + remove buffs
This would make worth it the 8 turn cooldown

No if you’re gonna do that at least make it so the stun can cap out at 100 (or so), I’m tired of it missing on enemies who don’t even have bloody Magic Resistance, let alone those that do.


I mean, i get your point but having a Buff Cleanse with the Defense Down would help with his damage since that’s his major weakness.

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I don’t disagree with the utility, and am not saying only give that, I’m saying also give that. :stuck_out_tongue: Only makes sense anyway, considering e.g. Alex’s and Ana’s Charm buffs also got the values raised (actually, and bizarrely, Medb is an unusual case here).

Is a good reason but i don’t change the stun chance because Astolfo still been dum enough to fail and i thougth that that would be pretty strong

Fair enough, even still, the stun not being that high would’t be a problem if it had other effects and besides, Monstrous Strenght in more of a need for a buff.

But how could they buff that skill?

Make it last two turns with 30 ish percent and another effect such as a Defense Up or a NP Gain Up, being that both are problems Astolfo has and ft you truly wanted, making them Party-Wide would make him a sort of semi-support given that he already gives you stars in S3.

This was discussed in the servant design thread so thought I’d post my idea about it here. Since this is more of an upgrade & creation rather than a fix it may not count for this thread (although I guess it can be thought of as a fix):

Torture Technique: Reduces one enemy’s defense 3 turns.

Its three users are Eli, Carmi and Wu. It probably hasn’t been upgraded due to Eli and Wu able to make the party do a lot of damage to one servant. Also only 3 characters have it so maybe they are overlooked. But as newer skills come out it’s starting to look bland. Also, while how they torture might be similar, I think the nature and reason for torture is different for Wu. Therefore let’s give them a fix or upgrade.

For Wu:
Interrogation Technique A: Reduce one enemy’s damage for 5 attacks and increase their damage taken by the party for 5 attacks (5 turns). Apply Sure Hit to self (3 turns).

Attack Reduction Level 1: 500 - > Level 10: 1000
Defense Reduction Level 1: 1000 -> Level 10: 2000

For Eli:
Sadistic Euphoria A: Reduce one enemy’s defense (3 turns). Recover own HP when attacking this enemy (3 turns).
Defense Reduction Level 1: 15% -> Level 10: 30%
Hp Recovery Level 1: 500 -> Level 10: 1000

For Carmilla:
Sadistic Euphoria A+: Reduce one enemy’s defense and increase own healing recieved (3 turns). Inflict Blood Lust status to the enemy (3 turns).

Blood Lust: Chance to stun every turn. When enemy is stunned, inflict damage.

Defense Reduction Level 1: 20% -> Level 10: 40%
Healing Rate + Level 1: 20% -> Level 10: 40%
Stun Chance Level 1: 30% -> Level 10: 60%
Damage Inflicted: 500

I hear the LBs rank up the difficulty so I made their numbers on the higher end to match the possible difficulty. It might be broken for some of them, especially when paired with other servants (I think this would make Elizabeth a semi Last Man Standing servant). Change and balance as you like.

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