Yet another Skadi thread

This time the twist is this: we all know how Skadi single-handedly created the quick farming meta in JP by painting all green cards blue, but as of late I have been wondering; what servants benefit the most from her arrival outside of the loop-farming niche?

I have seen Okita and Jack come up a lot in discussion, and I can see how quick boosts can make them vomit stars, generate NP and hit hard as trucks at the same time, but I wonder which other quick-servants would see a boost and a rise int he tier-lists upon her arrival.

They say that the stat stick MHX OG becomes broken.

I think Mhxa too

MHXA, Jack, Okita, Ridetoki, and Melt. Saber Fran to an extent.

Basically, any Quick servant with high hitcounts on their NP (Melt, MHXA) or individual Quick cards (Ridetoki, Jack, Okita). Saber Fran’s NP gain under Summer Galvanism is just incredible with Skadi’s Quick boost.

Holmes’s Quicks also become pretty excellent, especially considering he crits a lot.

Good girl Ushiwakamaru becomes a great option for pretty high burst damage. She was great to use while I was powering through part 1. Was able to 1-shot basically any caster boss or demon pillar.

Mhm. Her kit’s lol but she has powerful raw internals (like with that 12-hit NP), and after her SQ her first skill becomes a reverse Charisma with stun and 3T AOE DEF down. Honestly, she’s more than serviceable, and I’d welcome her home with open arms. The fact that she has a 20 star bomb allowing for much easier crits in CQ cases gives her even more leniency in terms of building off of her raw firepower (the star bomb makes her less reliant on someone else bringing the stars for an NP-crit-crit). Not that min-turning is really open to everyone, obvs, but it’s an example of something she has going for her, especially if she can make use of her niche.

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I also wonder if she is going to make some of the weaker servants at the bottom of the tier lists better.
Will she make servants like Lolidusa, Yan Qing, Lobo, Tamacat or Marie actually viable?


Still got trash NP gen but her NP is actually not too bad (second-best behind the continually underrated Li), so with Skadi’s supercharging… yeah, and after her Charm gets fixed on top of adding more Quick res down, she’s certainly capable.


YQ’s got two central facets: Being a star machine, and paltry damage. 2x Skadi fixes the latter, although he’s still outclassed by other Q Assassins since she supercharges them as well while providing more immediate strengths (MHX with her star bomb, Wu with her stupid steroids, etc.); but he’s certainly not a joke and can be a workable DD in his own right if desired.


2x Skadi + Lobo is directly comparable to and able to replace Jalter for min-turn strats, especially after his NP SQ also buffs his critical damage. He’s actually far from bad now, just outclassed because Jalter has way more popularity and looks and Merlin, but he’s got a frankly solid kit; after Skadi he becomes a right powerhouse.


She’s still a standard Zerker wave-clearer afaict. Standard supercharging comment. You’re never going to loop with her, just inherently. But if you adore Cat and wanna use her as a DD, well, same as YQ but more so since she’s got actual steroids and bulk.


Can loop but the reqs are strict as all get out for optimal play to where she’s pretty easily eclipsed, but yada yada if you like her yeah she can brings the Click And Drag Sparkly Pain. Not like Marie’s strength was ever in being offensive, so much as being Rider quasi-FSN Cu, she’s bottom-tier due to what she is being inherently in little demand with her crap internals and damage and being eclipsed by so many others at the few things she can do well (Jeanne for party debuff cleanse, Riderin has actual steroids and is guaranteed NP5, Cu is Cu etc).

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I’d imagine that she’d also work really well with the Beach Maid.

Hm, theoretically, I think Best Tamamo could potentially NP Loop once her next Strengthening comes out, but it’d require an insane amount of setup, including double Waver in addition to Skadi. Equip Cat with Vessel of the Saint, use the two Merlins to fully charge her NP Gauge, and use Skadi. I don’t know if that alone would be enough to let her Loop, but it might be possible. She’ll have 3x debuff immunity (2 from VotS, 1 from skill) to prevent her from being stunned and she’ll have increased NP gain.

Edit: Make it Double Skadi plus one Waver. I accidentally got Skadi’s skills mixed up in my head and thought it was NP Gain, not NP charge.

Edit 2: Having Double Skadi would possibly make Waver irrelevant, since Skadi’s charge is 50%

Edit 3: I guess you could throw a Nero Bride in there for good measure.

The thing I hate about her kit is that her NP is limited to 2 enemies. Maid and Santa alter. Otherwise she would have been a good choice.

I’m talking in the context of her after all her upgrades, namely her later 1 turn debuff immunity which dramatically helps her reliability.

Equipped with a superscope for W1, and supported with the right amount of Waver/Skadi, yeah from a quick glance at the Command Chain calc she could presumably refill enough to be topped of for another wave with the high batteries.

My point with that though is that it’s broadly unfeasible, or at least not optimal, especially when she lacks for comparison’s sake Fran’s NP or NP Gen steroids (never mind DEF down). She’s below bottom-tier for that alone (all others that are top-tier have powerful in-kit NP gen up or ways to approx. that like with Paru and her post-NP battery), and if you wanted to loop you’d be bare minimum needing and wholly restricted to Plugsuit to feed her the charges, on top of your supports being limited, and surely requiring your own Waver (if Fran needs it, she extremely does).

@Dreamdude I mean, she still has powerful aforementioned internals and Skadi’s supercharging, no Alter but sometimes all you need is pure firepower and she has the tools in-kit to allow her that.

Also a correction to myself, Marie doesn’t even outright need a Superscope for 3T loop systems (but here’s a convenient example anyway with one), she’s not an atrocious farmer for sure given her refund. Big F on my part, my memory was mistaken there.

Okay, let’s push this even further! What about Enkidu and Carmilla, with their buster NPs paired with 3Q decks? Do they benefit from Skadi?

They’d benefit from Skadi, yes, but nowhere near the extent that someone with 2 Q cards and a Q NP would. Basically anybody who wants to use their Q cards would benefit from Skadi.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with how she’s been strengthened. I just hate how her NP can only reach maximum damage on just 2 enemies.