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Considering he got a Townie killed and has just been seemingly rando accusing people, on top of not really having done anything two nights in a row…


Look, if anything, I’ll try to do something by N3/N4 and avoid pulling another Rambu.
Because I need to actually find a maf to help you guys out.
Otherwise I’m a sitting duck and I don’t want to pull a TMFM when I know I can help you guys out in future nights.

Speaking of TMFM’s attack on Rmun…

If I recall I don’t think they had any reason to suspect her, and if anything didn’t really have reason to attack her out of nowhere either, especially considering the risk of having Doble Passe backfire on them

For those of you familiar with them, would it be in character for them to attack people out of nowhere like that?




No, TMFM is usually very calculated and doesn’t attack people randomly from my experiences

He also was against the Lynch from the Night before if anyone remembers that


TMFM usually has a purpose for what he does

I just know for sure he doesn’t hit people randomly


So them attacking Rodica like that was out of character then?

In that case

First, let’s review all of our currently available information


To start, let’s address the matter of the Crystals. Based on the information we currently have we know them to have at least two possible effects

  1. It will prevent an affected player’s monster from attacking
  2. It can allow the person using it to utilize the title of an affected player

Continuing from this, we will then analyze the night story once more and see how each player - who was affected by the crystals - behaves in the night story

Night 1

Here we see the first appearance of the crystals, note the lines “enveloped title’s Monster” and “debilitating them”. From my own actions, we can infer that the crystals - presumably when they behave this way - prevent another player’s monster from acting, however do not prevent a player from acting themselves, hence why my buff on F2J and Protect on Gou went through

Night 2

Notice anything different? In the crystals’ first appearance, they “enveloped” the monsters of F2J and I, but here they instead “descended upon” the players themselves. This leads me into my alternate effect hypothesis


We had previously assumed that this title stealing ability was a result of the crystals which appeared the previous night - and while that is still entirely a possibility - I do not believe that to actually be the case. And for that I turn your attention to this interaction on the second night

Now as far as I recall, TMFM had not made mention that any of their suspicions fell towards Rmun. While it is entirely possible that they suspected her and were keeping it to themselves, that seems unlikely considering that we already had a more likely target in Rambukala. As well as the fact that Sky had investigated Rmun on the first night, and pointed out that the information fit with their claim as Alexis

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Get Your Game On! [YGO Mafia R2] :fgo_moriartysmile: - #2773 by ArtificialSky

Now what does this tell me? TMFM attacked someone he wasn’t likely to suspect, whilst we had an entirely different target to contend with. I’m not familiar with how they play so I can’t make any judgements on whether or not this behavior is odd, this does open up a new possibility

I believe rather than having attacked Rmun themselves, TMFM was instead redirected to them in an effort to activate Doble Passe and take both of them out


Now there are a few details which point away from this theory, and I shall address each one. First is the matter of Spike’s (terranort’s) own actions, judging from their post in the day thread their own actions in the story match with their intentions

Second, if they wanted to eliminate players by using Doble Passe, why didn’t they use terra instead? He was injured the night previously and would’ve likely died from the interaction, and not only that his higher (2.6 + 1K) attack would have definitely taken out rmun. I have two explanations for this

  1. The increased damage from terranort’s passive does not apply to cases of direct damage, this does rely on Mafia knowing of his abilities which is why I’m not particularly fond of this option

  2. They simply wanted to take out the more experienced player. This is the more likely option between the two and leads into another question

Why wouldn’t they target a known investigator like Sky? Eliminating investigators is extremely beneficial to Mafia and once they had known one was present, they would have been more inclined to target them to prevent their kits from being investigated


Now do not get what I am saying wrong here, I do not suspect Sky for a few reasons; The first is that their investigation is a public one, and while Maf may have investigative abilities theirs are unlikely to be shown so such information may be kept to themselves. Second is that their investigation of Rmun was accurate, and we confirmed them as Alexis when Doble Passe activated. Lastly recall what we had done this night, attacked one of our own investigators. It would not be unreasonable for Mafia to assume we may make the same mistake twice and eliminate Sky ourselves if suspicion ever fell to him, thereby wasting another Lynch

Although eliminating an investigator would be beneficial to Mafia, so too would eliminating a possible investigator who would have participated more actively in the thread and helped to deduce possible hostiles. And so they targeted TMFM, ridding themselves of a potential investigator in the form of Bastion and a player who was actively participating, in action that could have potentially indicted Sky, all in one fell swoop


Now earlier I said that I did not believe the title stealing ability came from the crystals, and so this what I propose to be their true function. I believe the ability which used F2J’s is a separate ability altogether

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s fun to think about isn’t it?

Now as for the case of the exploding monsters… there’s not enough information for me to draw any conclusions yet.

While I do believe these were caused by the crystals at the beginning of the night story it raises the question of why TMFM was damaged by their exploding monster, and why terranort is presumably unharmed upon losing theirs


Honestly I don’t even know why TMFM attacked.
Perhaps it was because they actually forgot about Doble Passe…
Which sounds stupid as it can get.
It was a potential card that made TMFM forcibly attack Rmun (AKA Maf shenanigans).


I was thought of this

When does this Day end?


Actually, I have a potential hypothesis.
Perhaps it’s because of the end result of their actions:
When a monster attacks and deals damage/destroys a monster, the attacking monster is then destroyed, and both players are dealt damage if damage was dealt.
However if no damage was dealt, then only the monster is destroyed.


That’s an interesting possibility


Could it perhaps be an effect only triggered by battling?

Either way we need to narrow down the list of suspects fast, I believe looking into the ones who buffed F2J would be an adequate start?


Oh yeah

I’m wondering, would figuring out who has used the Copycat card help with figuring out who they are?


A lot of bitches went to talk to Clueless tonight. First was Snake, who gave them some good shit. Then **** followed up and gave them some even more dank shit. The Demon Twink tried to suck Clueless’s dick, but nothing happened. Steve was watching all this shit to make sure no funny business happened and walked away satisfied.

Snake - Waifu

(****) - Lord

Demon Twink - Everlasting

Steve - NPC


So basically, we’re fighting the consequences of our actions :fgo_ereshdistress:


We know that Chazz is a possible candidate and I do suspect GARcher for that, but for now they’re of aid to us so I’m putting my suspicions aside for the time being


We can cross NPC off that list since his kit matches up with Cook


That’s Deep Bruh



I found some video game people who use it too

Chazz is one, Banner was another, Mimicry is one, and the last is Pablo


That last name made me laugh


Chazz used Copy Cat in GX…
And that was after his North Academy arc…
However, I brought this up, but perhaps it’s Dimitri who took F2J’s identity…
Or a shapeshifter idk.