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I’m pretty sure just the 1 unless anybody wants to say anything else.


Literally, townies just tell us who you attacked or if you didn’t attack, and we can tell if maf pulled a redirect.

I think I remember being redirected into Lei and then Ever’s heal being redirected too on N4, but I wanna if he’s redirected 2 people more than once


We’ll have to read story again.
But if anything, I think that’s because he buffed himself…

Either that or Lei also had a ton of redirects.


Night 2

Self Buff

Night 3

Don’t think this was a redirect tbh but have to double check with @F2J_Hell

Might have been one but this is Rodica’s first round so IDK what they were thinking

Night 4

Night 5

Night 6


Was anyone redirected on N5?


Idk why the lynch pool feels like it has to close at midnight instead of the time I tell it to

Let’s not auto close it


First off I don’t think we should actually Lynch Agay right now, doing that will bring him down to 1K which will let him buff Sky with Honest early in the night. That’ll let Sky attack us for massive damage, plus force another one of us to suicide into him, on top of the possibility of being able to protect one of the other two. We should either lynch saw (since I don’t think his abilities are really gonna matter whether or not they have priority, or Sky.

The latter is the more risky option since Sky having priority over all of us means he can attack with impunity and force us to attack him, however it does carry the benefit of Sky also having priority over Agay’s Honest Buff, meaning all his attacks will be unboosted, hyothetically. As for Agay, we want to finish him off before Night 8, so any ways of dealing Direct Damage - at least 1000 - should be used on him tonight, followed by finishing him off with the Lynch on D8 to prevent him for acting with Clear Vice on N8. This’ll also let us get rid of Honest while avoiding giving him buffing priority

Second is the problem of redirection. While saw can throw one of us onto Agay to have us crash into each other - which is why I proposed direct damage - he can also force one of the heavy hitters to nuke the rest of us. There’s also the matter of him being able to redirect and/or block our support (at least in the case of our Spell Cards). Now as far as I can tell, there is only one known instances in which two people are redirected on the same night

Night 4

What intrigues me here is this

  • If saw is capable of redirecting two people on the same night, why has he limited himself to only one redirection each night phase?
    • If the answer is that he’s trying to conceal the extent of his abilities, then that raises the question of how frequently he can use it

For the sake of safety however I will run under the assumption that he is capable of redirecting two people at once and just hasn’t been using it… for some reason.

Lastly we’ll address Sky’s abilities. Now I believe it mentioned that he had 3500 Atk, is capable of compelling us to attack him (I believe this only limited to one player), and can attack us in return afterwards. Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do against it due to his higher attack relative to most of us here, and instead we need to play around it. Avoid damage as much as possible and hold out for one more night

Now onto the actual plan I have in mind

@Souljini_Bitchiani I’d like to request that you cut Sky’s attack in half for the night and to deal direct damage to Agay, the redirection immunity can be used on whoever you would feel is most dangerous under Mafia’s control. @lordhelpme if you are capable of doing so tonight I would also like to request that you deal direct damage to Agay as well

@Nytfall, @Fresh_Tomatoes, if you two have any ways of mitigating damage on other Town along with yourselves then do so, we simply need to keep ourselves alive for another night phase

@Oduime if I am correct in assuming you have the ability to debuff someone, please use it on either Sky or saw, anything you can do to hinder them will help

@F2J_Hell, @Everlasting99… just don’t die, in Ever’s case I’d recommend not acting at all tonight just in case


Can you actually tell us what you can do so Maf isn’t the only one who knows your kit? You had some kind of plan and until I have actual evidence that this plan may actually work, I’m inclined to consider it a bad idea


Hello am a ghost from the Shadow Realm here to tell you to trust Garcher :ghost:


If it changes anything in your plans I targetted saw with a skill to give his spell 1 more additional CD :fgo_gudako:


I trust you enough :fgo_ereshlove:




So he can’t use it?


I guess. Idk how CD skills work. It just says to put their spell on a 1 night CD. :fgo_gudako:


Very Nice



You’re welcome :fgo_bbsmile:




Finally I can die :feh_faedance2:


You’re gonna suffer here with me :fgo_insane: