YGO Mafia [R3] :: Day Thread [2] :: The Fortune Cup Arc :fgo_rainbowchest:

Possible title stealers are ZONE and Sayer imo

We saw what I believe is Hinotama in the story which is a card Sayer uses, so I’m pretty sure he’s in the game

I thought Emprisk was playing him, but it might be someone else who slipped under the radar


We should also re-examine each supposed incidence of title theft and the run of apparent redirects that happened last night. It’s possible one or more of them were used to divert attention from a sus action.


So let me ask everyone this:

Among the players in the (almost) confirmed section, who do you think could still potentially be mafia, for any reason?


Dammit, I just partly debunked my own alibi from last night. If we win, it’s worth it.


i already said my claim.


This line is so sus imo


I’ma abstain from pointing fingers because I’m already sort-of-suspect, but I see a couple at least.


More importantly


Heals are for pussies


What does it take to synchro summon a gynecologist around here?


This is why Yusei and the writers dubbed your ass



Akiza did nothing wrong


This is actually FE4 Mafia where you’re sus only if you don’t attack town


You’re sus if you don’t post your whole ass kit in the day thread


don’t mind if i do


Imagine rolling mafia in your first game :fgo_insane:


Gifting picnic baskets and dawdling around during chaos is just a dead giveaway to me. :dagger:


That would be so stressful lol but I’d be living for it

I’m town this time though

or am I /s


Idk man you calling out mafia and throwing em under the bus seems sus to mE :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:


Dorothea Arnault || Town || @Kayonov

Title :Da Vinci Chan || HP: 2


Songstress - All supportive abilities that target you will have their effect reflected back to their user.

  • You know that RoyAhoy is Manuela Casagranda and a member of the town. You two will automatically start off with a B level support.

Garreg Mach’s Hottest Ho Most Beautiful Flower - Any men that target you with a hostile action will have the effects of those actions reversed, this will also apply to any women you can have a support with in the game.

  • Each time you go on a date with a target player from your first active, you will increase your support level with them. Support levels will affect your interactions with said player.
    • C Support - The bonus effects from your date will occur before the night instead of during. (1 Point)
    • B Support - You can now perform two activities after your date instead of one, you may repeat after-date activities. (2 Points)
    • A Support - You will reap the benefits of any supports that you target this player with. (3 points)
    • S Support - You and that player will use an infallible protect on each other against the highest priority/most damaging attack each night. You can only have one S support at a time. (4 points)

Active 1:

At Least Buy Me Dinner First :feh_dorotheawink: (Priority 0) - Choose a target player and have them take you out on a date. This player will not be able to refuse. Your target will not be able to perform any hostile abilities against you at all that night and you will both reduce damage of the first attack that hits either of you by one point. After your date ends, you may do one of the following:

  • Come Back To My Place - Double the amount of support points that you’ll gain from your date. Any bonuses from support levels will occur immediately after the date.
  • Lap Dance - Grant your target player an extra action and boosted priority.
  • One Night Stand - ■■■■ your target’s brains out and put them to sleep for the rest of the night. (Idk if I’ll do this, I might just change it to a cooldown or damage reduction instead lmao)
  • Time for Dessert - Grant you and your target player a 1 HP barrier on top of your max HP for the night. If you and your target have achieved at least a B support then this barrier will not go away until it’s been used. This cannot stack for other players and can only stack up to two for you.

Active 2:

Every Rose Has Its Thorns - Your spell book is unique to you. Use up to 3 of the following abilities each night as long as they’re not on cooldown:

  • Agnea’s Arrow - (Priority x) - Attack a target player and deal one point of unavoidable true damage that cannot be mitigated, anyone who intentionally tries to make this ability not hit its original target will be caught up in the attack.
  • Meteor (Priority x ) - Choose a target player, this attack will not send any notifications or show up in action investigates. This attack cannot be successfully countered or blocked.
  • Nosferatu (Priority 2) - Choose a target player and deal one point of damage, if this ability is successful then you will be granted an HP shield of top of your max gauge but this cannot stack.
  • Physic (Priority 1) - Heal a target player for 1 HP, this heal can be used during the day phase but not consecutively.