Yo how do I do this cc

Edelgard walls and kills everyone I have idk what to do she is literally the only problem everyone else loses to my team


If you have an Ophelia or L!Liliana (or any Unit that you have that can charge an AoE special), they can easily take her down on initiation :thinking:

There are other options, but they would require a larger investment :confused:

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Use your own Feralgard.

I know, it’s a shit answer, someone else will be more helpful

Jokes aside she is definitely easier to kill when adjacent to an ally.


This is my only AOE person, also have this build on my OG!Lyn but I think Lute would fair better

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Mine is long gone and now lives on inside Black Knight



Throw a unit at her to use up her DR (assuming she’s transformed), and then send someone to finish her off. Someone with NFU, most likely.


A dazzling Flash healer and armour effectiveness is the only hope I have when I get round to that hellish chain. The healer won’t do damage but uses up her DR and makes her safe for the likely multiple hits from the highest attack armourkiller you’ve got to finish her. Bring dancers.



I used Shamir

Honestly killing her before she transforms is the way to go, though


hehe that tickled


If she’s not running Bonfire, Tharja… or probably even Nino, can do the job with Spectrum buffed so long as they have NFU

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They were talking about the one in the Chain Challenge, which does have Bonfire and has increased stats, so this isn’t helpful

Looks like they took care of it though

Pain+ healer and a dancer

Or l!claude

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Well in that case again Tharja with Windsweep and L.Azura can probably still manage it

I know this doesn’t help ANYONE, but my answer is B!Catria supported H!Nowi

I might fodder Valentia Palla to her for use in Arena, because they are a helluva fun combo.


I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to figure out how to kill her. Not like I’m an expert as she is brutal.

I use Hector with aether now over noontime/sol, AND got a windsweep Flyeth. Any windsweep NFU type unit will help whittle her down, but not necessarily kill. Staffs are a good option to not get killed but use up her 40% DR.

Y Merric is another good option, and L Ryoma does very well even if he can’t quite ORKO.

Dude Nowi is that strong? Did you +10 her?

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L Claude seems like a good idea but seems a tad weak on the attack, especially going against her defense? You use him, Z?

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Hes exactly how I cleared that specific chain challenge actually

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