Yorokobe Zasshu edition 18: Waiting for the Lostbelts AKA we kill Kirei

Wait is that for real?! What’s the enemy’s HP?

Even KnK’s ghost battle don’t take that long to finish it.

6 mill HP

They can take that long if you wanna stall.

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Not sure. I found it on the internet.

Not suprised though if someone tries to kill millions of HP with Tamamo, Lily and Jeanne lol

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My Jeanne/Tamamo/CasGil would have been faster!


It would only take you 2.5k turns :fgo_rinlaugh:

New update is out :fgo_coffee:

I know. I even rolled. 18 sq, np2 the new 3 star caster.

waiting for a new salt thread

Threw a multi and got Atalanta. Is she actually good? I literally know nothing about her.

She is pretty good! Congrats!

prolly I will throw away my next 30 sq

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I should probably save now tho. Just wanted to drop some SQ for the new era of FGO

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She is good if you can provide her crit stars, other than that she only good as a burst quick support


Very burst orientated. Both her steroid and star gather rate are only 1 turn.
Looks alright but nothing crazy.
Still probably gonna find some use for her.
Maybe I’ll pair her with Bryn for the extra star gather rate or give her some star gather CE.

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Fellow master of NP2 avicebron, let’s go…


Don’t forget to sell your tubes.


Wow finally my fav Title screen :heart_eyes:

I’m scared but I’m gonna roll I guess let’s see what I can get


Good luck!


I will try a multi.

Oooooof it’s up??

Tempting but I need to save :( Okada will the limited 3 star I go for