Yorokobe Zasshu edition 19: love over gameplay AKA Pve not PvP content

You know the drill! Go nuts!


Nice clay pic :fgo_astolfo:

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I know. I love him. :fgo_astolfo: :fgo_astolfo:


Apoc raid farming spreadsheet etc. is here :fgo_astolfo:



Breath in, breath out…

Calm… I wasn’t attacking you. I talked about gameplay. Your choices and colours belong to you.

Tamamo will hit hard against tesla since she has her anti-trait. And she has better NP gain than Enkidu.

A fact, a reality.

I don’t know why each times you are so defensive. It happenened yesterday too. I felt threatened. I didn’t say anything since I am fairly tolerant.


It wasnt only you. Someone also mentioned the Busti meta.

But I apologize.

Yeah she does have better np gain, but it doesnt matter to me.


I was reading it. I have none of the DPS so the hard way it is :fgo_rinlaugh:


What ?
We’ll get a raid soon ?

Well, just Jack is there :sweat_smile:

This event is confusing. I’m playing through it on JP and I think I understand how the raids work but I don’t understand why they can’t be a bit simpler.

Oh, and apples will go very fast. I munched through like 60 of them on JP and I haven’t even been farming that hard.

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Yeah I used Ereshkigal since I didn’t have her and she was useful for that battery :fgo_ereshlove: .
And also I like Eresh far better than Lartoria

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I like the battle animations of Avi

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It was me who mentionned it. I know you like Enkidu and gameplay is irrevelant to you. That’s why I said it.

Apoc should start mid to late April(we’re actually ahead of schedule with LB1 the LB1 banner dropped on the 4th of April for JP)


No rest huh… :fgo_casgilworry:

When will we have apocrypha raid?

But Enkidu isnt that bad of a choice. He still has good damage output.

Also I wasnt trying to 3 turn, I focused on getting my silver currency.

He might have a slightly worse np gain, but that can be corrected.


What is rest? Does it taste good? :fgo_insane:

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You talk as if you are gonna complete LB1 :fgo_deadinside:

Probably mid to late April. We’re slightly ahead of schedule rn

It dropped on the 29th of April for JP
Given how we already have LB1 when it dropped on the 4th of April for JP we should be getting it earlier


It’s delicious :fgo_insane: