Yorokobe zasshu edition 28 AKA: The Code of Brawl is killing my potato brain. I love the new Gudaguda 4 event

You know the drill. Go nuts!



Also Ex-2, Ifrit had a field day killing stuff!

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BTW, what is this Google Gift Card Thread?

Nice. Now try it’s Challenge Mode :sweat_smile:


Gift card donated by cc-kun in a raffle, for 100 dollars, anyone can try.

Also I failed my ex-3 run, just because I was foolish in placing my defender… :fgo_ereshpeek:

Nice. It can help a lot in AK and FGO :sweat_smile:. Trying doesn’t hurt I guess.
Also, try Practice before doing it. I was doing it directly the whole time :joy:, so much Sanity wasted

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Nah, practice tickets are for challenge modes, it costs alot more sanity if I fail there after all :sweat_smile:

Also go ahead, it’s worse than a gssr at this point, the odds I mean :fgo_rinlaugh:

That’s true :joy:. I would recommend doing the Stages normally before aiming for Challenge Modes

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Now, for doing it as if I’m doing it in challenge mode though, since it allows only 5 ops. :fgo_ereshpeek:

Also, I don’t think I have you on AK. Send me a request if possible :sweat_smile:

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Will do, just leave your username here~

Also cleared it using 5 ops~ But I cheated, I cycled through the ops, I’ll think of a work around afterwards :sweat_smile:

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Yeah. Doing it with 5 Ops is possible. :sweat_smile::joy:
My Username is the same as in FGO. Just send the request to the one with E2 Lappland and E1 Shirayuki in Support. My lvl is 72 or 73 :sweat_smile:. Sorry I don’t remember my details clearly

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Um, do I have you on fgo? or I just forgot your username, can you tell it again?

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I don’t even know if you are in my FGO FL or not :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:t2:. It’s John.

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Ofc, I’ll search after I try the challenge mode, wait a bit? I think I have you on fgo… I think :sweat_smile:

Sure :joy:

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I lost~, let me try it again :fgo_ereshpeek:

There is no rush to do it. I keep telling the same thing to @rmunteanu599 :joy:
I will say the same to you now :sweat_smile:

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I know, I just failed at a stupid point :sweat_smile:

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That needs a retry then :joy:

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