You could help me with interesting team ideas for me?

Some interesting ideas of teams that i can make with my servants and ce’s

Hm… it looks like you have mostly Buster and Quick Servants, right?


Much as I’d love to help, I’m not really seeing anything I’m familiar enough with for an interesting comp. Sorry…

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Is ok

For what purpose?

For farming, use your usual Arash, Nito, Sparty, Astolfo, etc.

If you want meme interesting teams for CQ/hard contents, you can run Gorgon sisters for their charm lock.

What ever come to your mind

Well, it looks like you have all three Neros. You could run a team with them, just for the hell of it. You could also do Cu and Scathach. Or a japanese theme with Tamamo Cat, Musashi, Tomoe, etc.

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Thanks for the ideas