You ever get the feeling you keep getting the same 3-4 stars?

I dont know why, but It always feels like I keep seeing the same faces from earlier gens despite how many heroes are added to the 3-4 star pool. Most of them don’t have very compelling skills or stats without major investment. But anyone I like already is already present, those with a decent skill get booked, and the rest get sent packing.

What do you guys feel about your general summoning?


When I was summoning for Sephiran I kept getting that new 3-4* cav dagger unit. Like, I got 10 of him on just that banner.

Thankfully the guy has WoM and Distant Guard(Didn’t realize until after the fact) when promoted, but man, I hated seeing his face so often during that time.


I’ve only got one of him. He doesn’t have bad skills, but I always seems to get guys like Batre, Fir, Henry, etc.


It feels like RNG has a tendency to pick a lot of the same unit regardless of rarity. I swear when I’ve gotten multiple 5*'s in a circle if they’re the same color, more often than not they’re also the same unit.

But its worse than that, summoning on the NY banner I saw Mustafa almost exclusively when I summoned a green. So yeah It feels like there is a bunch of different “pools”, you get assigned one the first time you summon on a banner and that’s the pool that banner gets every summon.

In this sense these “Pools” would have different breakdowns for the units in each. Like how people can get really lucky summoning a specific Focus unit maybe that unit has a 1.5% chance to appear while the other 3 only have a .5% chance, the same idea applied to the 4* and 3* rate.

I know this probably isn’t true, but it sure feels like it.


Oh, hell yeah.
Been pulling colorless a lot for my last Tethys. Keep getting Gen 1 healers. Azama especially, l got two of him in a row with tickets one time.

Titania haunts me in green. I’ve foddered a ton of her for Guard and still have 11 manuals.

I’m gotten so many Ferdinands, too. I have him at +10 and have enough manuals to make another +10.


Me on second account: Wants to merge Mustafa
Game: OK here’s enough Ross’s to +10 him twice while Mustafa is only +6

Heck even on my main account I’ve gotten more of Ross. I know he’s been in the game longer but still Mustafa has been around for a good while now and I don’t have many of him on either account.

Also I’d say someone colorless but there’s so few actually good ones that actually getting something good is rare.


To answer this question, yes. I spent so many orbs on red last year (don’t ask why), and I’ve seen every unit in that pool multiple times. That’s why I’m excited for Knoll and Miranda in the 3-4* pool for the next time I pull red, so I can have some fresh faces show up in my red pulls :catlie:

I got 3 Theas from the tickets on the UwU NY banner :catroll: And that was when Shanna disappeared for months. Fortunately a Shanna showed up a few days ago

And on green, I seem to get Soren a lot even though I already +10’d him…

On my alt account, Ross shows up a lot for some reason

Yeah, the feeling is as painful as getting Pain+ with double SB3 to the face :catroll:

My most painful experience is actually my recently finished project, M!Robin. I think I started around July last year, when I got Julian in his debut banner (He had C.Foil & Lull Atk/Spd which was what I wanted for my Robin). I was stuck at +8 for a LONG time, as in until the Christmas banner recently did I finally get his last 2 merges.

Keep in mind that I primarily summoned for blue in those 6 months (only if the blue headliner I deemed was personally good I would summon) and all I got was a bunch of Jagens, Theas and Shannas. But it was worth the wait :catcry:

It’s an experience I wish to never repeat again.

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Nah, I definitely feel this, but you have to consider that the general 3/4 star pool isn’t all that big so it will often feel repetitive… Colorless will always feel bad because of all the healers and daggers, overall just bad units…

Still Bartre and Nino haunted me to a ridiculous extent when I was pulling for L!Celica on the last legendary banner. Nino especially, I’m almost starting to dislike her which should be impossible under normal circumstances :feh_nino:

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Hey, that Robin looks like mine

In terms of 3-4* I get a lot, I get a large mix, but currently in my manuals I have 8 Draugs,
7 Chrom’s, and 7 Altenas

Well well, you know what they say ‘great minds think alike’ :eyes:
I did consider building around Tactical Bolt, but since i had one H!Ilyana collecting dust i said ‘f it’ and slapped her censer with +spd to make him a bit more offensively tanky.

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I do. Rath all the time.
I like him, and he’s got neat fodder, but it’s not like I need as many as I get

The month before Effie got her refine I summoned like 15 copies of her, the month before Nowi got her refine I got like 11 copies of her… theirs a few other units that I just summon way to many of

It happened to me
Back at the 3H banner with Seteth on him, I obtained literally everyone from the blue pool except Seteth :feh_elisad: P A I N
To the point I color snipped to obtaining the free pull, it was Flayn, but knowing other players had Seteth already and even sending home to him was P A I N :feh_lynstare:
Thea and Mordecai specially annoy me when I pull in blue
Just obtained Seteth on a free summon on one of those skill banner, and he is still unmerged :feh_notlikethis: :feh_lysitheasmolface:

When I summon on Blue to get the two final copies to complete my Tailtiu I keep getting either Odin or L’Arachel lol Also shout-out to my 13 Ferdinand copies and keep in mind I foddered 2 copies of him for Reposition already lol

When I want the 3 final copies for my Palla I keep getting Raigh and when I summon on colorless for Jeorge I keep getting dagger units lol

Thanks RNG I really appreciate it…

Oh hell yeah. I spent about 700 orbs on the Lilina banner trying to get 4 copies of Bramimond. I got 2 and now have a +6 Duma which is kind of fun, but I pulled 8 copies of Forrest and 11 Azamas. I guess colorless probably has a smallish pool and it’s almost all terrible though.