"You face the Gáe Bolg!" (feat. Ethlyn and more)

By far, my favorite character from the Jugdral saga. Although he has no relevance in the current meta, he has been my main lancer since his FEH debut.

Quick Summary

Finding a niche for him can be rather difficult, considering the abundance of lance cavalry currently in the game as well as his awkward SPD stat. Since several other lance cavaliers, like Dimitri, fulfill the more offense-oriented builds better, I opted for the physical tank niche, hence the DEF asset was chosen. All that remains is, hopefullly, a decent refine for Gáe Bolg one day.

I tend to keep Prf weapons that come with the unit, and Quan is no exception. Since Gáe Bolg is also referred to as the Earth Lance, I figured conferring him the Earth Blessing seemed appropriate. His Ally Support partner is, of course, none other than Ethlyn.

And speaking of Ethlyn…


But the Jugdral bro trio would not be complete without…




“You face the Gay Bulge!” feat. Ethlyn and more

Sounds like a nice movie. :eyes:


They don’t all have capped Dragonflowers, 0/10

Jokes aside, these guys look like they took a lotta work. Not bad.


Thanks. Sadly, Dragonflowers are hard to come by.

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So it wasn’t just me hearing Quan saying “Gay blog”, Ethlyn won’t be pleased

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