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It’s been over 2 years, but the paradise of little girls unfolds before us once again!

We have not one, not two; No, we have Six Magical Girls, waiting for you to summon them!
But before we look at each one of them, let this bewitching queen show you to your room:

So before we get to talk about the big highlight from this banner, let’s properly introduce the Four Magical Girls we have to deal with during this event:

Monogatari no Mahou Shoujo — Magical Girl of Stories

The magical girl of fairy tales who’s straight out of Alice in Wonderland. She’s the embodiment of innocence. Let her tell you some of her stories and you will forget all your worries.
She’s in the general pool, so she can show up whenever, but if you can’t live without her - this is your chance!

Chiyu no Mahou Shoujo — Magical Girl of Healing

Some of you probably don't know, but Medea Lily's FA got slightly changed once. This is the previous FA

The beautiful witch of greece and apprentice of the Queen Witch Circe. A lovely and pure young girl, capable of keeping your team healthy for as long as it takes. At this point, she hasn’t had any tragic experiences yet, so you better summon her and keep it that way.
Medea Lily is story locked, so if you want to add her to your Chaldea, better take this chance.
You could end up just like me and get her NP5 from this banner, while actually rolling for someone else on the shared banner (#justsomenoobthings)

Mahatma no Mahou Shoujo — Magical Girl of Mahatma

Her illustrator released the initial draft at some point - it looks nothing like her

Her mind and body are nothing alike. She’s the great mage who has a connection to the Mahatma. The always cool headed Helena will act as a general support most of the time, but she can take over as an AoE-DPS. She’s in the general pool, just like Nursery, so if you don’t roll here, chances are you will still get her at some point.
I still have PTSD from rolling for my first copy of her on this banner… and ending up with NP5 Medea. But in the end I actually got my first Helena and

this is her today, ~2.5 years later:

Yokubou no Mahou Shoujo — Magical Girl of Lust

As for the fourth Mahou Shoujo… I actually still don’t really understand why they picked her for this event. But so be it. YOU ROCK, MEDB!
She’s the second SSR on this banner and she’s story locked! If you don’t aim for Illya, maybe wanna give this male-killer of a Rider a shot!

Now, as for the big highlights – It’s our two favorite Magical Girls from the Fate-Universe:
Illyasviel von Einzbern & Miyu Edelfelt

Illya and Miyu are both limited Servants as we all know. And as of now, JP didn’t give Miyu another rate up. So if you want to add this brave Magical Girl to your Chaldea and maybe reunite her with Illya and Kuro, then roll for her. She probably won’t help your team too much, but that’s never been the reason people spent quartz for her.
As for Illya: She may not be the strongest Servant, but who cares: She’s adorable and funny.
And this final picture of Illya under the autumn trees was my whole motivation for making this thread.
With that:

Thanks for your attention!

P.S.: Don’t forget to pick up your Kuro von Einzbern! And always remember why she has the skill…

Kissing Freak


Don’t @ me :fgo_illya:


I really want another copy of Helena because relying on her np damage up chance based skill is disgusting, but pretty sure abstaining is the right call.

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Idk if the gross gif at the end was necessary


I am eagerly awaiting my DW-assigned loli :fgo_permanentsleep:


remove it, you a mod, you can


I really want this CE, but I’d rather not spend for a while


At last, free chocolate loli and limited lolis


A good news for the players who missed Medb’s Chief Warden costume during Summer 2. Her costume will be available in shop for 5 Rare Prisms after two years in NA at the latest with the start of the Little Big Tengu; so as her solo rate-up (Cu-Alter has a solo-rate up as well).


I actually still don’t really understand why they picked her for this event.

I suspect due to her fairy blood as well as lack of more suitable candidates among the existing FGO line-up at the time of the original event. And to have another lewd character for mild fanservice.

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Just so you know guys, the FBI is keeping a close eye on this thread. Don’t do anything that’d be considered insane


It’s Prisma Illya. Don’t ask. It’s non canon anyway

What doesn’t exist cannot hurt you


Besides, from what I read once on reddit, the series went down the Madoka route a.k.a everybody suffers, to the point where two of the main characters are dead and Alaya is preparing to wipe the slate clean, meaning she’ll apply the Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon in order to send the Prisma Illya world to the recycle bin

So I guess that’s a win for us?

Regardless, much like Asagami, Caster Miyu is specifically a collectors item, so I guess I’ll throw a ticket or two. Nothing too crazy


The FBI appreciates this thread’s contribution to keeping their watchlist up-to-date


I still remember the gauntlet that was the first time around with this event. Loaded up on Nursery Rhyme and Medea Lily and that was it. No Illya no Helena either. Thankfully did find Illya on another banner later and Helena honestly took a SR ticket. But it all worked out.

This year…it’s all about Miyu. Kuro and Illya are ready for her. So just have to make it happen. Miyu may have not gotten the best gameplay hand, but it is still Miyu. Lovable character that has only gotten better as that franchise has continued. So I’ll just jump on that first day with the Illya and Miyu rate-up and prepare myself for whatever the result.



:fgo_insane: :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane:


I just don’t like seeing two little girls making out because that’s disgusting :fgo_ishtaridgaf:


Remember, what doesn’t exist cannot hurt you

Be like me and pretend the Prisma Illya series don’t exist



I use my tickets and no more than 30 SQ just to try to get a copy of the 5* CE and with some lucky I will get Miyu.

I´m still undecided if i wiil roll on the first banner or I will wait till the Medb and Miyu banner (I hope that they have a banner together). I dont have any of them and I goten Ilya on the last GSSR.

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Also this.

The Miyu CE is pretty damn good, especially if you manage to MLB, but throwing a ton of quartz just for 5 copies of it is not worth the effort

The FBI seems to be the biggest lolicon of them all!

It could have been worse. A lot worse.


Hot Springs OVA

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I’m going to roll first day. I just want one Miyu, don’t want to regret not rolling in case she never comes back.