You get an Artoria, and you get an Artoria!

So we have a lot of Artoria characters in the game. A bit too many if you ask me, but whatever thats not the point here.

For 5-stars, we already have OG Saber, Lartoria for Lancer, Squirtoria for Archer, Guntoria for Rider, Bunnytoria for Ruler, and the newly released Castoria for Caster.

P.S. I didn’t count any of the MHX bunch just because they aren’t specifically named Artoria even though we all know otherwise.

DW doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, sooooo if you had a choice in the matter, which 5-star version of Artoria would you choose to be released next??

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Castoria has a great design.

But I will be happy if I don’t see another goddamn version of Artoria for the next 2+ years.


We are still missing Avenger Artoria, Moon Cancer Artoria, Avalon OG Artoria and Morgan Lefay.

Everyone assumed the Caster Artoria had to be Morgan, but they gave us ARToria instead.


really hating how they keep making saber faces. we get it shes important and strong. Atleast use her evil sister as a base or stop making saber face servants


I’m fine with so many, she’s the face of the franchise


Summer Lancer Artoria Avenger and after that I’m good on Artoria basically…well, forever.

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No such thing as too many Artoria!

And maybe I am wrong but Castoria has a very Lily vibe to her.


she’s the de facto face of the franchise. no, they’re not gonna stop

possibility we’ll see mhxxa (alter ego?) or lalter (avenger?) for this year’s seiba summer servant

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oh right, we forgot lily.
But if they make a Foreigner Artoria, the tentacles goes on her.

Can we please get Arthur Alter, Arthur Lancer or something cool like that? I like Artoria and I don’t mind her many alts (altought I’m one of those who would have prefered Morgan rather than Castoria) but I wish Proto-Arthur would get more love. We have many Salter, many Lalter, even a lot of MHX and just one Arthur, I don’t think it’s fair

I would whale for this guy here


I wish it was Morgan instead, with the same skill set even, having a saber caster feel Wrong to me for some reason

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from her mats

The Child of Prophecy who was chosen along with the “Staff of Selection”. Her appearance is during the midway point in her journey of eventually arriving at Camelot.

so, kinda, yeah. older than lily but younger than og saber, probably


High school saber!!!

That’s fantastic imo

Yeah, Morgan sounded like a cooler idea…

Oh well, i want to see what they will do with this character in the actual LB.

I am tired of saber faces. There are so many saber faces with not creative enough designs that they all blend together for the most part. There is saber face, short saber face, gag boob saber face, creepy doll saber face, and dark skin saber face. All saber faces i can think of are some variation of those traits and we are up to what approaching like 15 or so total saber faces.

If we are going to keep doing saber faces lets spice it up, either radical new designs or hey saber face was a gender flip lets gender flip the current saber face and have some arthur saber faces for a while.


Huh? People thought Morgan Le Fay would be Arthur? Like, I am not that into Arthurian legend myself, but what the actual…

There being so many Artoria’s is unironically one of the reasons a lot of people I know stay away from this series (though that ultimately boils down to “lore being complicated” and the whole “where to start” question).


Also we have this too

Summer Saber Alter Caster Lily?

So many yes. Maybe Camelot LB?