You get to magic roll NP5 on one non-DPS

Who do you pick & why?

To clarify, anyone with an offensive NP is a no-go so supports who also DPS (e.g. Koyanskaya, Oberon, Bride) are out.

If lucksack were guaranteed, I think I’d take someone like Van Gogh. Her NP level scaling is ridiculous, going from 50% crit to 100%. I imagine the reasoning could be her crit total is ‘secretly’ 150 at base so 150->200 is ‘fair and balanced.’ 100 base makes her good even for non-foreigners and makes her own team just choochoo even more stupidly with 460 crit (using bond CE) out the gate if both are NP5.

Otherwise it’d be Castoria as her atk buff is very easy to pop even if the scaling is normal (30->50).

As an aside whenever I search tags for fgo, jp or fluff the results are niche tags that are never used.



Her Buster Buff would only scale from 30 to 50% but that only means bigger bonks.


Would you want to run Himiko as a double Himiko buster bonk engine, or with Merlin and another DPS?

I’m trying to avoid saying team invincible here.

I’d be the happiest girl if I could NP5 him for free


Tamamo cause i dont have her / Merlin otherwise, his healing goes from 5k np1 to 10k np5


Castoria probably.

Is crit cap a risk with Van Gogh?

If you manage to stack Van Gogh’s NP by triggering Arts crits then yes. But her NP also stacks attack so even breaking the cap you still get more damage from stacks.

Kinda sad thinking about it I don’t think I’d give BB MLB Victor of the Moon in that comp. If I had it Golden Sumo would probably be the best pick.

Since I’m very unlikely to go beyond NP1, maybe it’s reinforcing my idea to level VotM to 100 :fgo_mordredthink:

I’ve considered it. But even NP1 VG with Bond CEs is 360% crit, add BB’s self-mod and you’re at 410%. Another stack is crit cap either way.

Arts/NP gen might allow BB’s arts crits to NP stall on top of her cards already hitting hard with 410% crit+165% atk.

So maybe MGoS. I think it adds more functionality to her than a little buster/more crit and the extra 400 atk.

Merlin for heals.

Either Van Gogh or Super Orion because I can’t fit them in my roll plan and crit units with self star gen is good civ


Practical answer is Castoria but a fun one that I can’t roll for due to schedule is Miss Crane.

She might be niche but she is fun and she is unique in the ability to swap in and out multiple times.


Multiple times? Are you plugging her back into the front row and popping a star bomb? (Edit: wait, her battery is still on cd)

She’s good for helping push Servants over damage humps where 3 supports isn’t enough & she can provide a crit kit to AoE servants who wish they had one.

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His name it’s Orión, Super Orión

I like this dude


The latter.

Hans or any Crit Support would help a lot given her Partywide OC effect is rather busted.

Mmm… Chevalier D’eon or Nightingale. More on Nightingale because I already have D’eon.

I just liked Nightingale back in America and I find her kit a fun kind of odd to me. You’re not gonna hear anything practical outta me!


I just think she’s neat.


I get the feeling you want Himiko and Hans or Merlin to support big boi Orion.

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I see that you are a Master of culture

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That can work too.

Then again, Himiko can work just as well as a DPS.

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Her NP is the best :fgo_ereshwoah: