You had one job Feh

At least I can save some orbs and there are still 9 tickets coming, maybe I get at least one five star from this banner. Maybe my first Picnic Felicia or even better a pity breaker like Nagi, B Ike or Kaden. Can’t believe I’m really hoping for a pity break instead of the focus unit.


Yeah, that would be nice if that happens. ^^
An Awakening banner is also possible though or Fallen Heroes is also a thing. I think we will know it in the next trailer on Wednesday I guess?


Ok, neg

You say neg, I say realistic :feh_lucinasmug:

Ok neg

Eh, I agree they’re pretty likely to ignore our feedback (as they often do), but no need to be rude about it. Unfortunately, it’s all we can do besides voting with our wallets and sending angry tweets I guess.


It wasn’t intended to be rude, but I can’t help if it was taken that way. I’m a rather blunt person, and always have been.


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I’m male, so it makes me an asshole, thank you very much :feh_lucinasmug:

Adorable is a bit sarcastic don’t you think?

Perhaps they won’t listen, but it’s like voting. If enough people do it, then the message is received. One vote doesn’t do anything on its own, but I’m gathering I’m not alone in the distaste for this banner. Any business out to make money will listen to customers… maybe ignore the few who complain, but in masses that’s a different story. Remember they are out to make money.

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Sarcastic, yes, rude? No. They’re often confused for one another. You underestimate their greed, and underestimate their lack of concern for their playerbase. Feh only succeeds because it has a generous and dedicated following due to the actual entries in the series, and a bunch of people who just wants to collect the waifu/husbando that appeal to them.

Enough people complain, and they’re forced to change? You do realize that sometimes it’s easier, and cheaper, to scrap a project instead of alter it, yes?

Being sarcastic with someone you are unfamiliar with can in fact be considered rude.


Wait… you’re saying I am underestimating their greed when I’m talking about how a company wants to make money? It’s like we agree on that and you’re disagreeing for the fun of it.

I’ve worked in enough big companies to know the financial piece of it, and a good company that wants to make money will listen to feedback. I’m not saying FEH will listen to me personally, but it’s a numbers game. They take the info and see how they can beat capitalize on it and then make a decision. This is the part where I would say it’s that simple, but in reality it is a complex process.

And it can be more cost efficient to scrap a project, but honesty it’s usually more expensive to do so and only when it’s a total loss. That, and I’m not really sure where you are going with that comment in regards to FEH?


um I hate to be that guy but can’t we just agree to disagree and move on with this plz?
We all have our little quarrels over miscommunication and its usually pointless in the end :feh_lucyshrug:


It’s all good to me, I’m not losing sleep over it :) just honestly not sure where you are coming from, especially when talking about scraping the whole game. No sweat tho, we can move on. Until next discussion!

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By posting Stop Fighting Cat, I hearby end all fights. It is law.


That cat needs a cold shower!


That’s a little too much for the cat, wouldn’t you say?

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That cat needs those girls to stop fighting and go back to loving and supporting each other


Where I’m going with it, is that if enough people complain and start refusing to spend, etc until changes are made, but those changes have a higher cost than they deem acceptable, they’ll scrap it.

People have been giving feedback for their horrible decisions for years, and there’s been next to no improvement. I don’t know what companies you’ve been with, but Japanese ones especially, are quite stubborn when it comes to making changes, especially for a mostly non-domestic martket.

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I would love to respond but the cat has forbidden it! I cannot risk claw and bite marks.