You Watching? A +10 Kliff debut

Most people who know me here know me for my ylgr, but I’m also a fanboy of kliff’s i just understand where he was coming from in all of his lines in SoV and making him a +10 was a dream of mine, but I always throught it would be just that, a dream

On his first banner i managed to get him to +3, and afterwards on his 8% debut i got another, getting me to +4

But when his next appearance with lukas and seth was at hand, i was pitybroken quite a lot

And he sat there at +4 for awhile, i didn’t get much luck until recently

Then, a couple banners back on the new years banner, i threw tickets at the duo unit and wound up with a surprise guest, a pity breaker kliff, bumping him to +5

Then came this banner

I had around 400 orbs to start, and i pulled a couple of times, not sure why, but i got a couple lucky kliffs, i was at +8 and 300 orbs left and things were looking up

Then everything went to shit

I got to 5% pity with no 5* units at all, then on a circle with one blue

This woman showed her face and ruined it

I had 69 (nice) orbs left and 3%, i didn’t get any 5* units after that, so i started digging into my backlog of content to clear

Hard/normal campaigns and paralogues
Chain challenges
Squad assaults
Tactics drills

At the end i had 102 orbs and a dream

Next thing i knew my ears were bleeding, my first selkie had arrived and i didn’t know what to do with her, so she’s gonna be benched for a bit

this is where things got out of hand

It was one five star pull after the next, and one of them was kliff, and i only had 20 orbs left to use

Lo and behold

The last kliff, on the last summon, talk about a tense pull, but here he is, and the story behind him

Thanks for listening to my Ted talk


Have fun with your good boy :)



Sounds delicious.

Need that “I don’t know who you are” meme

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■■■■ you beat me to it


Wow, looks like you got pretty good luck, and the +10 kliff looks nice

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46 ATK at +10 lol. Take skills. Would you take Specials like Bonefire and the likes over moonbow?

That’s the plan, but like i said he only recently got the majority of his merges

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed that little spelling error but now I can’t stop thinking of kliff holding a bunch of limes

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Kliff and Leo giving limes and tomatoes. Deadly Duo.


Impressive :clap:

49/49 Def/Res with all skills active… :feh_notlikethis:

That’s a very nice Kliff you’ve got there, he’ll serve you well. :feh_birbpeek: