You weren't supposed to do that

You were supposed to be the chosen one, to kill the Flying Grunts!! Not learn FOCUS BLAST!! Why is it that my Charged Attack luck is so far down the toilet, it’s in the water treatment plant!?

Oof, it has 5 possible (non CD) moves, 3 of them electric. I am really sorry so see. :disappointed:

But you just need one single TM now to guarantee an Electric type move.

  1. Power Gem is also super-effective against Flying-types
  2. Ampharos has five charged moves, but the remaining three are Electric-type, so if you use a CTM, it is guaranteed to get an Electric move. (That said, it may get Zap Cannon…)

That’s my luck for you…


True, but it’s not a STAB charged Attack. Plus, it often rains in my area, so Electric Attacks are stronger.

So, unless if I can find an Ampharos that’s got a charged move AND has goodish IVs (this one’s Attack is MAX), I’m back to being scared shitless against the flying Grunts

It’s over…Crobat has the high ground


Weather does not affect Trainer Battles and Rocket Battles.

And I’m assuming you didn’t participate in Lickitung Raid Day. If you did then you should have a couple of CTMs at stock.

It’s still perfectly fine. It’s not like Power Gem takes forever to charge and that’s where it’s good for stunlocking. BTW Volt Switch is better than Charge Beam, so you might want to use a FTM if you have one.

If you care about strength, why max an Ampharos? :thinking:

Not OP, but I’m guessing that since OP is struggling with Flying Grunts, and because Flaafy is a boosted spawn during this event, and Ampharos has a good PVP moveset, it’s reasonable to take advantage of this event to prepare for battles against Flying Grunts, although unfortunately OP didn’t have the luck with charge TM.

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Use Mamoswine vs the flying rocket grunts, way more reliable and stronger. Or SD Tyranitar or the now upcoming Rhyperiors from the CD. Even Aggron would be a better choice probably.
Ampharos was maybe good in the MSG, but in PoGO it’s really underwhelming. Niantic also didn’t give it the better moves it could learn. No thunder shock, no wild charge… Granted volt switch was made better and thunder punch doesn’t need much energy, but there are better options.

That being said, have something that resists gyarados’s fast move in the back, since that is quite often the last pokemon from the grunt and depending on the fast move can wreck your pokemon with just a few fast moves.

I think it’s quite clear what Niantic is telling you - that you have ascended to a plane of existence untouched by the vast majority of Pokemon Go players, and to keep the game interesting and challenging for you, it must provide you with challenges beyond the normal trainer. You see this as the loss of a great anti-flying Pokemon, and a blow to your ability to defeat the Team Rocket Grunts. However, Niantic see’s it in a vastly different light, viewed through lenses that mere Trainers have the ability to see through, let alone the courage. It’s like asking what the colour blue sounds like - how do you hear a colour? And who would have the courage to shove blueberries into their ears to hear the colour of blue?


(seriously, tho, that is horrible RNG. I think that Focus Blast has a glitch in it; I have a 98% Lick/Psychic Gengar, where I bought a 2nd Charge move and got Focus Blast. I also get Focus Blast about 40% of the time when I try to TM my Mewtwo’s out of Flamethrower. Basically, if a Pokemon has Focus Blast as a move, I’m likely to get it at least once when trying to TM that Pokemon to get a different move, no matter how many Charged moves that Pokemon technically has. It’s like the programming goes like this: “Did you use a CTM? You did? WONDERFUL! Now, can the Pokemon learn Focus Blast? It can? Does your Pokemon ALREADY know Focus Blast? It doesn’t? WONDERFUL! Now it does. You’re welcome!”)


A good A-Golem will get you far. Every move it has is bad news for flyers. Hatch some 7k eggs and make a few :+1:t2: