Young and Stupid: Looking back at 1 year of playing FGO

Now that Summer rerun is coming, I am reminded once again of my stupidity.


I started playing FGO halfway into Summer 2019, threw 400+ quartz at Nero Caster after hearing how good she is. Collected so many event CEs that I manage to clear the shop easily within a few days.
I remember using SQ to revive my newbie party in order to get NP5 summer ishtar. Fun times.

Anyway, I burned all the event CEs including non MLB 5* (Ah those were the times where I burn CEs instead of feeding them). If I recall correctly thats around 3 5*, 9 4*, 20+ 3* CEs…
Looking at my second archive now, only 1 MLB 5* remains…

The pain… Oh the pain


I burned one of the knk CE’s because it had a demerit, hehe… :cold_sweat: maybe that’s why I can’t summon a black grail… Stupid newbie!.. I’m sorry grail-kun! I don’t burn CE’s with demerits anymore! Please come home!

It also took quite a few events for me to stop single limit breaking the ce’s before the reruns to save on space… I think I’m finally beyond the reruns affected by that particular malady…


Takes notes


oi vey

It hurts to read this, but at least you don’t burn 5-star Servants for no dmg NPs


I was young and dumb and whaling like some idiot on that rate-up - I did hold on to all those MLB-CE, so rerun should be a casual breeze with next to no fruit used.

I was doing that to clear Main Story through Salomon in time for CCC, plus a select few CQ later. Nowadays, I am usually able to plan around just CS, if they are even needed (I did skip outright some of the hairier CQ during Nerafest, tackling those for a lone ticket didn’t seem worth the trouble)


I do miss the time where fights are actually challenging/almost impossible to clear.
Nowadays it kinda lost its thrill

there aint no going back from there

I don’t think king hassan has any hair… It’s something most skeleton heads lack :crazy_face:

I AMAZINGLY got through that in one go. Had iri, new nero, and bond herc do the heavy work getting past bar 1, and somehow KH never used buster evade vs sanzang in bar two. Had I not gotten through on the first try, I’m not sure I would have tried again…

Never burned them, but I wish I could kick myself for not rolling for them in the first place for not having a damaging np (:sob: I passed up so many early waver banners). I’d been in GP for a bit before I figured out what support units were good for…

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Theres always someone who did dumber/worse things. For example I burned a 4 star to get friend points from rare prism shop :)


Whew, I think the worst thing I did back then was burning my bronze/silver servants that the tier list said weren’t any good. Thankfully I figured out later on that I should raise them all.

I also didn’t know what events were, at the time; and that I should have been doing them. It didn’t help that the first event I qualified for was Guda Guda. When the opening scenes started playing, I thought it was hella dumb and immediately exited, and ignored most of the other events so I could save my AP for playing the “real” game. There were a few other events featuring weird-looking girls with claws on their boobs or horns that I let pass me by, since they didn’t look important.

It wasn’t until the announcement for Onigashima Rerun featuring a strapping, leather-clad Kintoki Rider caught my gay eye that I realized some of these events offered welfare servants, and event shops for mats (I had just started figuring out that mats were important and could one day run out), and lots of prizes like tickets and sq! Oops!


I have used atleast 10 SQ during my early days for revival (7 of those were used in Camelot).

I also deleted 1 MLB of the summer CE and a few extra 4* -5* (Got my summer CE’s mixed up, thought they were from the last summer event and was clearing space)

I wasted 30 apples in less than a day for 4 hearts of the foreign god from caster training grounds(back when it had the best rate)

A few other mistakes, but Im having trouble typing with teary eyes…But feels better finally getting that off my chest.


This hurts too much!

I thought apples were as frequently given just like in your first newbie week so I threw it all without a care in the world in sub-optimal farming nodes.

Ran out of apples and thought the same for SQ.About a 30 SQ were thrown before I realized the mistake I made. At least SQ were frequently given but unless you were rich, SQ, imo should just be used for rolling waifus and husbandos.

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At least you got something (if barely anything) out of it!

Was doing a late night leveling session early on and couldn’t find my Gawain afterwards. To this day, Gawain’s grayed-out interlude still mocks me.

Needless to say, I started locking servants after that. :fgo_seiba:


I think the newbie mistakes I regret the most were:

  1. Not rolling on Merlin’s solo day during his last banner. I knew he was good, but I didn’t know how good, and I was interested in Lartoria, too, so I happily went for the shared rate up. I got her, and I like her, but I would trade her for Merlin in an instant if I could. Hell, knowing what I know now, I would have straight up rerolled my account until I got him; I hadn’t been playing for that long at the time so I wouldn’t have lost much.

  2. I was lucky enough to get two kscopes pretty early…which I then combined, because that was what you did to make servants and CEs stronger and I hadn’t realized the benefits of keeping them separate. Still waiting for another one. :/


Well I burned Zerkerlot for the sake of FP bonus CE. Not that much regret since I have Dantes now.
Oh, and I almost burn Dantes. Now he is NP2.

Oh, memories…

  1. I burned all 2* and 1* servants. And 3*s I didn’t need anymore. Now I have all of them fully ascended. It was really hard work.
  2. I didn’t send any friend request until Camelot. I was good on my own and I thought I don’t need friend’s NPs.
  3. I burned all event CEs. During Halloween RE-RUN with Caster Liz I realized it might be a good idea to store event CEs for later. You know, re-run…
  4. I burned (I dunno how many) copies of 2030CE! :sob: Too late I realized it was really bad thing to do.
  5. I despised supports. It took me a long time to realize what is Waver good for and why Andersen is “f2p Merlin”. Gacha also knew it and until I changed my mind, I wasn’t able to roll any gold one.
  6. Rolled story gacha for Gil :laughing: Good thing I found this site and found out he’s limited servant so I have to wait for the right banner. And that day I also stopped rolling story gacha.
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on my first year, i went through 2 and a half lotto events opening about 100 boxes each not knowing that there’s an option to opt out of going through skill activation confirmation menu, and that you can hold and drag through embers to select them to use them for servant enhancement

Pretty sure the drag select method is a newer enhancement… Last 6 mo or so iirc. So you weren’t missing out on it for 2 years. Though now you can use the autofill button, even faster than the drag select.

god I frickin’ love you what a mood

I’ve had dumb moments both in game and IRL, which included quitting F/GO for a while because Camelot was “impossible” (for context, I hadn’t max ascended a single servant. Details below.)

tl;dr: worked F/GO USA tour event and hadn’t been into/really playing game, so missed opportunity for waifu merch. later became stupidly obsessed ever since servant birthday lines and now eternal mad regretti spaghetti.

IRL: (under spoilers because verbose)

I downloaded the game and sorta started playing it in at the end of February 2019 since I was hired to help at one of the F/GO USA events.

I knew nothing about F/GO and didn’t care for it too much but had watched the OG Fate Stay Night anime (yes, the really bad one) and got really into the concept of Servants and stuff, and I thought I should at least try to have some knowledge about the game in case someone asked. I wasn’t super into it so I didn’t bother getting any merch and only looked around super casually as I passed by exhibits.

Fast forward ~6 months and while I am still F2P all my singular brain cell is constantly F/GO and I keep looking back and wishing with all my degenerate soul that I had gotten SOMETHING. ANYTHING!!! WHY DID I NOT GET THAT DUMBASS WASSUP MY HOMIES SHIRT SMH

The worst part is, I had two IRL friends who played F/GO at the time and one of them asked me for a keychain of her waifu Jalter and I was like cool beans lmao what an edgelord and happily got one for her buT A YEAR LATER I WAS STUPIDLY INTO F/GO AND USED MY VERY FIRST GRAILS ON JALTER BECAUSE I LOVED HER AFTER SHINUJUKU SO MUCH. I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN ONE OF THOSE KEYCHAINS. SHE’S ADORABLE. MHF:oiup(q*@#%P9TIRUJGDFO;MDSAFMV at least they didn’t have any Bedivere merch because if I’d skipped out on that as well I’d have to throw myself out the window.

In game:

The usual rookie mistakes of using SQ for revives, burning/combining “unnecessary” CE, pointless apple usage for basic grinding, rolling on story banner/banners that I didn’t really care about because I thought I should be using SQ as soon as I got them, etc. that’ve mostly already been mentioned on this thread…

One that I haven’t seen yet is that I thought that “recommended level” meant recommended master level and not servant level, so I never really bothered to level up/raise skills of any of my servants, which led to me dropping F/GO after only playing for about a month. I’d somehow managed to get to Camelot without a single max ascended servant iirc and was suddenly slammed with extremely unwinnable fights that were making me spend too much time on the game.

It probably didn’t help that I did the exact same thing that @crono_clone did re: not knowing what events were and skipping them, especially since the first one that I qualified for was also Guda Guda! I at least made some effort since my IRL friend told me Nobu was pretty good for a new F2P player like me but I didn’t take it very seriously (rip Nobu, permanently stuck at NP4. at least I got all of Chacha’s mats this year).

I dropped the game as soon as or a little before Chacha’s event ended since I didn’t care about berserkers at the time. It didn’t really help that the next event wasn’t until CCC which I was definitely not qualified for since I was stuck on Camelot.

Luckily, I’d finally met up with my friend IRL; they took one look at my roster and were like how the actual ■■■■ have you gotten this far with your pitifully underleveled Servants??? and I finally realized that the only reason it was impossible was because of how impossibly dumb I’d been. Still didn’t get back online since I was like meh whatever I’ve quit anyway.

…but then I decided to be a true degenerate and go online just on my birthday so I could hear Liz and Enkidu, my first 4* and 5*, wish me happy birthday (I thought that you had to talk to your servants in My Room until they said the birthday line and it could only be on your exact birthday). And then in the name of equality I had to talk to all my servants until they gave me the birthday line. And then I already had the game on and oh look at this good GOLDEN BOY don’t I want to welcome him into my Chaldea?

And the rest is history. (rip Golden Catches the Carp.) I haven’t missed a single event since and would’ve had a 365day login streak by my bday except that one 24 hour maintenance period that messed it up for everyone. I think nowadays the only particularly stupid thing I still do is not saving SQ/tickets for the servants that I really love, since it’s possible to spend over 1k SQ and still not get a character.


I used SQ to farm the OG Dailies to get monuments for Jeanne.

That was horrible