Young Eirika and the Power of Healing

So With the new Finish skill and relatively new Bulwark skill I was looking into making the ultimate sustain unit. Bellringer+ and Finish sounded awesome with 12hp per hit. Unfortunately it’s hard to pre-charge a special without AC. Enter Young Eirika. Her Blade of Renais has AC and healing on hit. She’s also melee infantry allowing her to use both Finish and Bulwark

6ph for 30 Foe def, 8 for 40 and 10 for 50. Lets average 8. That’s 15hp per hit! and then mystic boost and bulwark granting a extra 13hp post combat.

Pre-charge Vital Astra granting DR plus buff her up with the null-follow up and dodge bonuses and a far save tank that can’t be reached because of the bulwark, and she’s looking mighty unkillable gaining a total of 43hp back in 1 combat

If we ever get an Atk/Spd finish and Spd/Def Bulwark this sounds like a lot of fun. "blue stats representative of those skills*


Fatal Smoke has entered the chat

No seriously, if builds like this start to become common I can see Fatal Smoke seeing a resurgence


Reminds me of this old build I came up with for Chad in like 2019 (MB seal wouldn’t have been a thing yet)


If I am correct in my understanding of how fatal smoke works deep wounds would not go off if Eirika killed the Fatal smoke user, meaning only the 1 combat without healing. Deep Wounds would also not debuff Eirika if she is protected by a Far save unit, so it would have to be on a melee unit to matter to her at all.

Even then I don’t think this is that big of a meme build. Her stats are still really good and if she is supported with DR and null follow-up she’s got everything she needs.

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You are correct in that she wouldn’t get smacked with Deep Wounds if she kills the Fatal Smoke user. But that is an if, since there are things like Windsweep or Firesweep to keep her from retaliating. Points at those annoying Fatal Smoke + Windsweep + Phantom Speed daggers on Abyssal maps

But like I said, I only see Fatal Smoke remerging if this type of build becomes more common. Right now, the threat of Chrobin Deadeye and Yuri Lethality and S-Sonia AoE killed any viability of sustain tanks in Summoner Duels and (to a lesser extent) in AR. Because what’s the use of all that healing if you die in one turn.


And here I was actually testing if they were right

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Ya that’s true, windsweep is pretty prevalent these days. But for the daggers, I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure those daggers would hit the far save unit and since she is “underneath” her ally, she is not" within 2 spaces" and would also not get deep wounds.

The thing is that with NFU and Dodge being applied as bonuses I don’t think she’s actually giving up much to gain a massive amount of heal.

*She is using her Prf
*Vital Astra is the special of choice for a speedy unit like this and time’s pulse to auto charge it
*Atk/Spd Finish 4 would grant her 7atk/spd in both phases 5 true damage per hit and 7 hp per hit
*Bulwark allows her to protect her allies, gives more stats than a lull and heals after combat

All of the healing is from secondary effects on skills that do the same or more than similar skills (atk/spd solo 4, lull spd/def 3) The only “real meme” skill being Mystic booth which for sure you could swap out.

So really, if you’re getting NFU and Far save support I don’t know what you’re really giving up for this massive upsides? (I forgot she comes with dodge as her Duo skill haha So she doesn’t even need the Dodge support. And worst case she should have Vital Astra charged for at least 30% DR)

Not to say Fatal smoke wouldn’t ruin your day, I just think it would still function pretty well even without the healing. The healing is also not dependent on special procs like B!Claude or F!Robin or Surge Sparrow, so she is unaffected by guard or tempo.

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Speaking as someone with a dumb Spd Smoke 4 + sustain L-Nanna, builds like this are dumb fun

But in the current toxic “100% HP to dead unless you run Hardy Fighter or cheat with mass Atk debuffing like S-Maria” environment of Duels I’m not very convinced of its effectiveness.


Hahaha Fair enough. guess i Just need to summon 11 young eirika’s, 1 ascended Mareeta, Get 2 unreleased skills and plan out her Far save and NFU supporters to give it a try :rofl:

Though in modes where you can only have 1 save unit she might be a really good Near save substitute. Though I guess that’s what Askr does


Summoner Duels.



Simpler times :feh_navarreculture: