Your 1st SSR. How are they now in your roster? Daily, Rarely, Benched, or Burned

Ever since you started FGO, you eventually roll on the banner. Then arrive was your first SSR servant. Here is a question I like to ask? What is the state of your first SSR? Do you still use them today? Are they max leveled and/or max skilled? Did you ever get their bond CE? Did you ever grailed them? Or did you benched or burned them?

My first SSR was Shuten Douji. She is fully max leveled with 1k fou. Her skills are 7/9/6 and her bond is at 7, but I never grailed her. As for how often I use her, she still my go to AOE assassin despite my developed roster. Although not a hard hitter, her debuffs and charm has helped me a lot. This drunk ASMR Oni has helped a lot throughout my journey to Lostbelt 1. I’m thankful for having her.


My 1st SSR is og seiba when the game 1st came out in NA. currently benched at bond 9 awaiting her battery buff. lvl90 10/10/10 due to the huge influx of qp forcing me to skill up the few SSR I have. I also have np5 salter so I would imagine she will get benched again once I max her bond.


Mine is Seiba who is bond ten and thus benched unless I’m really bored or until the bond grails come out. Her getting a battery later is a plus too


Altera. Benched, except for when I feel like spicing things up. Least she’s got a cute RUQ in the future.


Mine was Maid Alter. Skills at 8/8/8, bond 9 from all the use she got when I was new.

I am not overfond of guns, swimsuits (in battle), or the maid aesthetic, so I don’t use her much anymore. Still pull her out when I need to nuke a Caster, but she’s mostly retired.

That FA art, though… Phew…


Kintoki was my first SSR, and I got him about 3 months after starting (got him from a ticket) but I didn’t really use him for awhile because I didn’t care much for him at first, and I already had Herc (who felt like a better servant) I like him now though, and started using him more since I have 10 bond with Herc and Raikou already

His first 2 skills are at 10, and his last is at 4(?)


Jack, max grailed, max Fou’d, maxed skills, maxed Bond. Only waiting for NP2 :catroll:

She’s pretty much benched now unless I wanna do ridiculous dmg against females :fgo_jackpeek:


Mikon was my first SSR. She’s 10/10/10, NP3, Bond 10.

I pull her out pretty often because Mikon :grimacing:


First SSR was Drake, and she still sees plenty of use, even after b10, lv 100 and maxed skills.


Osakabehime. She’s been an amazing support overall, especially in my first weeks, and also shining in solos. Currently she’s 6/10/10 and about to hit Bond 9. Can’t wait for her upcoming updates.


My first was Hijikata. I used to overwork him back when my roster was still small and I had yet to learn how to make a farming comp.

He’s bond 9 and way close to 10, so i try not to overuse him. I still bring him out whenever I need to Buster Crit something in the face or stare at his sweaty nipples.

I left his skills at 6/6/6 because their mat requirements are honestly ridiculous and don’t really gain that much from levels. I’ve fed him plenty of Gold Fous tho because he deserves them.


JAlter Lv 100, 10/10/10, max fou and bond 10.

She’s earned her retirement unless she needs to avenge me.


Mordred and Tesla are semi retired until the bond expansion is released. they still get used occasionally where I need their bonus dmg though.


His bond CE is his best CE right now until GilFest

I actually bonded him before many other projects just for that reason


Got waver on my second roll ever, and he got to bond 10 only after my boy Cu.

Funny enough, I just recently got him to 10/10/10 due to wanting to focus in other servants, but now he is still overworked and will continue with no overtime pay.


My first SSR was Shuten as well . Her skills 10/10/1.
And she is at bond 10. She is my only SSR assassin so I do use her often


Nero Bride, Max Bond, Fous 1000/1000, Grailed level 100, Skill 10/10/10.
I rarely used her, only used her when some worthy lancer enemies appear, beside that i used SR Saber.


Ah I should probably get it then. I’ve had a bad habit of not wanting to use some servants once I get them max bond so I don’t “waste” bond points, but I’ve been slowly telling myself to get over it lol.


My first was an Arjuna spook. He’s been sitting on the bench at level 70 ever since I rolled him. I’ve always been interested in using him but he has a lot of conflicting mats (those damn feathers) with servants that I’m currently using and raising. So he won’t see the light of day until I finish my priority servants.

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Love Arjuna, hate his mats. Mine’s still sitting at 8/8/8, but I can see the end of the tunnel for his 10/10/10.

Least he’s not the likes of KH, or Moriarty! :feh_lucyshrug: