Your Backup Targets if/when GSSR BETRAYS YOUR TRUST

Does anybody else make specific backup plans if GSSR goes poorly after meta targets are obtained? On my main account I just roll for whatever I want, but I have to be more strategic on the other account.

I have Arjuna Alter NP1 on my F2P and getting a second copy has failed in 2 GSSRs so far.

If I also fail in the upcoming GSSR I’m probably going to try and get some copies of Brynzerker because I prefer semi-supports most of the time, I like her design, and a 3T 30% Arts and Buster+10 Stars per turn is something I can definitely put to use (I already know it has limitations, but I have those servants).


I just plan as if GSSR doesn’t exist :fgo_qshbigbrain:


Yeah I’m with this guy

I expect nothing from the GSSR


I’ve gotten lucky with a few, but overall GSSR is a bonus and nothing more. Source: 2 years of Arjuna Alter dodging me.


I dont even go for specific characters, I just dont want dupes lol


Getting Hokusai NY2021 was such a huge win. Meant I only had to roll one more NP level when her banner came around a few days later and that just set-up the rest of the year. It’s quite likely if that hadn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have obtained NP2 AA either.

I’m not sure how you can make a back-up plan for GSSR, but I’m definitely an advocate of not going for jackpot or bust banners (so Casters for example if a class based GSSR), rather I’d choose extra which has little I’d be disappointed with. If I go extra, then I’m likely to get a very welcome NP upgrade - which has happened twice already.


It doesn’t hurt to try while you have the option, but obviously I try to avoid any pools with mostly undesirable results. If I get who I want, cool, and if not my plans remain unchanged.


Yeah I normally go for the pool where I have the least amount of units there to minimize a dupe or someone I dont want

But I’ve still only gotten a new unit from it twice


I always choose the pool I’m least likely to be disappointed at and have been pretty lucky with GSSR’s so far.


I never make a tier list because most of the time I say who I want out loud I get my least favourite out of the GSSRs I just hope for the best I don’t do the GSSR that much anymore cause of money issues


I’m aiming for Sigurd for this upcoming GSSR. But even if I don’t get him, I at least know he has a banner some times after it happens, so it’s not that big of a deal in my case.


It really depends on the banner. If it’s a larger pool like Anniversary 4, getting the target obviously has a slimmer chance. Across the last few GSSR rolls, they haven’t been the worst or anything, but they definitely weren’t the goals (except CasNero was a top choice). Anni5, NY2023, and Anni6 the focus is narrowed in a way that I have a greater chance to benefit from.

My main got:

  • NY2021 Tamashark Part 4
    Anni4 Skadi Part 3
    NY2022 Hijikata (Top goal was another AA so he could be NP3)

My F2P got:

  • NY2021 CasNero which was great because I picked up another copy like 2 days later
    Anni4 Skadi Part 2
    NY2022 Kintoki (Top goal was another AA so he could be NP2)

When your account is new, pretty much anything you get is nice(I got Waver in Anni3). When your account is balanced, they’ll have narrower goals to fill in those gaps, and older (or lucksacked/paid) accounts hope they get an NP level for a useful servant.

What I’m looking for are times GSSR didn’t work out the way you hoped. In that case, who would/did you plan for to fill the role you hoped GSSR would have resolved for you?

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Since I don’t know who I am getting from GSSR, I am not sure who I should be making backup plans for.

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You don’t pay attention to who is on the banner?

I do, like I already know what banner I am rolling but I could get anything from a DPS to a support so it’s hard to make backup plans when they can be anything. I guess the point it’s that I don’t roll trying to get one specific servant, I am hopeful for certain ones to show up but I don’t plan around those specific units arriving.


The only guarantee you get ouf of a GSSR is “a guaranteed SSR servant from a list, single try”. Banking on it as a way to obtain a specific servant is debatable at best. There is a point of view where it’s a cheap one-time-only super-rate-up . I.e.: on 5th anni’s GSSR, AA’s chance is 10% no matter how we want to dissect such a statement to make it look good or bad.
Someone who wants AA much more than any other servant probably doesn’t need to think twice I suppose. But if you’re going in with your pokédex in mind, you probably base your lucky-bag choice on your rolling history/successes.
At best, you can find yourself in a situation like mine on this occurance: you haven’t rolled nearly as much on the latest batches, so the “this year” lucky-bag is my very obvious choice with most of them being NP0 at the time of anniversary. In a way, knowing my next GSSR pick all along did influence me into rolling even less for those servants, and that pick got even more solidified. Yet, it is nowhere near perfect with the possible worst result being a third copy of Da Vinci Rider. Which is ALSO a 10% chance.
Some people will see this as a 10% chance for absolute rage and shitposts, others will accept this as “the worst result yet still an NP upgrade for a good castoria looper, for the price of half a basic multi”. Because we are still talking about a game where you’ll throw 300SQ (not even guaranteed) on average for a single SSR pull, and it also has a 10% chance to not be the one you wanted.


If you don’t plan for at least the possibility of a successful summon then this thread is not for you.

I consider what my plans for mats and farming will be if I get my target and what my plan will be if it all ends with NP levels for a servant who didn’t need them (TamaShark and Skadi).

My backup is being F2P and not rolling a new unit since Da Vinci Rider, so entire banner for year 5 during 5th anniv GSSR is filled with new servants
Win-win situation


You’re still in the “Everything is a victory!” stage of rolling and if you have the meta supports it’s not that bad a place to be.

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Lol at expecting anything from the crap shoot that is GSSRs. You can’t betray my trust if I never trusted you in the first place.