Your big teams of certain type Pokemons


I think I have a overwhelming teams (10+ each) of the following:

How about u? What do you do with your big teams?

What do you mean by teams? Are those all your same pokemons or do you mean something like 10 powered up Mamoswines with ice attacks as a team for raiding Rayquaza?

I think, 10+ each, mean 10 mons of one species.

To be honest, personally i have 8 Mamoswines, 8 Ttars( but 4 rock, 4 dark) 6 MM Metagross , 7 Gengars( 1 Sc, 1 Hex and 5 Lick) and 8 Golems( yeah, lol). Rest i think i have 3-5 at most.( Mainly CD mons)

I usually just have different roles for my multiples. Like something like Roserade, I have one that’s a dedicated Grass attacker, one that’s only Poison, one with a second charge move which is PVP.

Well, I dont max everything I own, but I do have multiples of a few species at usable levels (lvl 30 or above).
30 Ttar
10 Dragonite
17 Machamp
18 Metagross

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go @bellick but you cant beat 6 hundo maxed out ttars with rock moves and 6 hundo maxed out ttars with ite crunch and 6 maxed out metagross only 5 has meteor mash and pretty much 6 of each thing on the attackers teir list with 96 iv or more thats on my primary account though i really don use it as much as my new one though

Wow, its quite amazing.
But still,i cant find situation where need more than 2 teams :smiley:

May I ask, why??? :rofl:

To impress random strangers on the internet ??? Is the only answer I could some up without…

Six maxed out Smack Down perfect T-Tars !!! Either that’s complete BS or you are one of the top spoofers on the planet… Judging from your complaining lack of even basic knowledge of Pokémon Go mechanics, I’m going with complete and total BS…:


Have 12 or more maxed out in each of the 18 types. Of individual species these are above 9.

Dragonite 14
Tyranitaur 14
Gyarados 12
Mewtwo 11
Gengar 11
Metacross 11
Machamp 10

3 were from lucky trades duh 1 i encountered in wild before cday and saved and then 2 wer from throw 3 exellent throws in a row

and 2 the only cheats i use are calcy Iv and in game glitches

Do not get upset. The odds for 12 100% tyranitaurs are VERY LOW!
The probability is
1/4096 (wild)
3x 1/64 (lucky)
9 X 1/216 (quest, egg, raid)

So either you have been extremely lucky, got loads of larvitar (>2000), or something is fishy. No wonder people question it. ;-)

Myself, I have caught 800+ larvitar without a single 100%.

That is RNG some have more luck then others… to have 12 IV100 you need to have at least 12 of those but you can’t say you need at least X number to have that much luck.

i promise i did it i spent at leat 90 days hunting 7 hours a day for them

Ikke: “That is RNG some have more luck then others… to have 12 IV100 you need to have at least 12 of those but you can’t say you need at least X number to have that much luck.”

Well, a very import thing about RNG is that “it evens out in the long term”. Just like you easily can get “6” on a die three times in a row, you will get close to 1000 “6” if you throw it 6000 times.

Getting 12 100% Tyranitaurs the easiest way (lucky friends) is hitting 1/64 chance 12 times. Having 80% chance of getting a single Lucky trade 100% Tyranitaur requires around 100 Lucky trades. The 75% chance chance of being Lucky friends is around 70 friend-interactions. Here the number are so big it evens out. 12 100% Tyranitaur would require close to 1200 Lucky trades, which would require a total of over 80.000 daily friend interactions, and that is a lot :-)

Hatching/raid/quest 12 100% would require an amazing activity to get with 1/216 chance. These are so big number that chance of being that lucky is almost nonexistent.

However, there are shortcut, some shady some not!

  • You could have caught a lot of them in a big city where there were pokemon maps showing IV, it takes a lot of dedication but is possible.
  • You may live in a big city where loads of players report spawns and IV to the community. Then you piggyback on the back of maybe thousands of players.
  • Of course spoofing and the like is a possibility.

The classic sentence “extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof” still holds, that is why some here are a bit skeptical.

Yoda: “i promise i did it i spent at least 90 days hunting 7 hours a day for them”

I have been very hardcore myself, playing 6-12 hours a day the first two years, and 3h/day after that, still no 100% of either Tyranitaur, Lapras, Dragonite, Metacross, Gardevoir, Mamoswine or Blissey. I have hatched over 20.000 eggs.

To get 12 100% Tyranitaurs you have to have raised the odds somehow, otherwise 7 hours for 90 days are not even close. Using a an IV map and a car would be such means.


12 perfect Tyranitars is nuts, but this post taken from another thread really blows my mind.

Three. Maxed. Perfect. Shiny. Metagross. What! :exploding_head:

33 Rayquaza but I do not use all of them nor are all of them powered up or using optimal movesets. I’m holding onto them for lucky trades or the Halloween event when we get double candy for catch and transfers.

3 shundo metagross…