Your catching wishlist

Are there any Pokémon you guys have always wanted (or wanted a good one of) either for personal or meta reasons, but just can’t seem to find no matter what?

For me, on top of that list is Electivire. One of my favorite Pokémon, and I’ve been wanting it since the game came out, and yet in four years of playing I’ve caught 9 Electabuzz and hatched 5 Elekid, none of which came even close to having decent IVs. It’s particularly frustrating that it’s this rare when Magmar, it’s counterpart, seems infinitely more common - saw wild ones a lot back in the Gen 1 days, and it’s been featured in more than one event since.

Would love to hear what similar frustration other players have gone through.

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Mine definitely has to be the Sinnoh legends and the Unova legends (except Kyurem I was lucky enough to be able to catch one) Even though I dont have Raikou either, eh. I can live without it. Entei and Suicune were at the top of my list for Johto legends anyway, and pizza boi gave me them, soo.

A Shadow Snorlax. Please don’t ask why, if I see one at 95+ at 14 or 15 ATK I’m instantly maxing it. No exceptions.

Wooper. Quagsire is one of my favorite pokemon but I took its super frequent spawning for granted when it was released, and now my only quagsire is over the GL cap and I don’t have any I can raise up for Great League. I have been just dying to get one of these with usable stats, but I have barely seen any in ages. Even the water type habitat during go fest didn’t boost them.

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Heracross. Region locking 'mon with play in pvp (and megas) is rough.

Wooper is one of my favs too and I definitely took it for granted when it came out. Haven’t seen one spawn since third gen came out, and now I’m sitting here with no Quagsires.

Heracross, on the other hand… Pokédex says I’ve caught 120 of them. Most time they spawn I just IV check and let them go. Would love a hundo, but no luck so far. But speaking of region-locked meta-relevant Pokémon, I’d love to catch a Tropius!

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A 100% shiny Magikarp!

That’s definitely a great one to have! I caught a shiny in the CD that had amazing IVs for Ultra League and maxed out at 2500 (my ocd is very happy when pokémon with good IVs end up with round totals), but I’m a little sad that I still don’t have a hundo Gyarados, shiny or not.

Besides regionals like Heracross, the one Pokemon I’d like is Riolu/Lucario. I’ve yet to get one in an egg or in the wild or anything. I’m not sure how that happened because everyone I know that plays has one. Unfortunately, they have only one so haven’t been able to get one via trade either. One of my friends had three at one time and transferred them out because she assumed our group all had Lucario already.

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If you walk at least 50km in a week and have a spare egg slot on Monday at 9am (your local time), the Adventure Sync rewards include an egg that has a 25% chance to be Riolu (unless they changed it).

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Thank you for that information. Unfortunately, the most I’ve gotten in a week is close to 40km. My adventure sync doesn’t seem to work correctly either. I’ll keep trying, though.

I think there’s probably traders too who have hoarded a few Riolu over time and if you can find one that would be good too. I have a couple myself that I kept just in case.

Have to say Roggenrola lately. I know Gigalith isn’t the most useful Pokémon but I love it and I’m 320 candies in with the only 3 star thus far being like level 9.

I need 60 more candy to max and extra-move my lucky 15/14/14 Zebstrika

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AXEW. I don’t want to hatch Feebas and Absol anymore…


I just need one really good Axew. Been walking mine so long I can make a Haxorus right away. Only seeing Feebas from 10k too though. :skull:

Riolu. It doesn’t have to be shiny. Since I don’t need an entire team of Lucario I just want one good IV Riolu to evolve and power up for GO Rocket battles and once the Mega is available.

I’m loving the current event. Finally a chance to catch some Electabuzz, lol. No good ones so far, but there’s still a week to go!

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Doduo ponyta goldeen and mr mime and kangaskhan. Thats all i want