Your Chaldea's Holy Grail War - How Would You Do?

This is similar to a thread I’ve posted before, but this time your opponents will be the servants you’ve summoned in your own Chaldea. Will you be victorious, or will you get slaughtered?

  1. Your servant = your very first SSR. Their class will be the class slot you represent in the war.
  2. Your opponents = your first SSRs in each of the remaining classes. If you don’t have an SSR in a class, then you can drop down to the first 4* or 3*, whichever is applicable.
  3. You can add an Extra class slot if you want to make it interesting, or keep it at seven if you wish. All up to you.

I’ll start:

Chaldea Holy Grail War

  1. My Servant:
    Berserker = Hijikata Toshizo

  2. My Opponents:
    Saber = Altera

Archer = James Moriarty

Lancer = Brynhildr

Rider = Achilles

Caster = Sanzang

Assassin = Jack the Ripper

Extra = Abigail

The Verdict

This will be a tough one for me. There are several powerhouses in this war, namely Altera, Brynhildr and Achilles. Not to mention a couple of loose cannons in Jack the Ripper and Abigail who will be quite unpredictable and dangerous.

My own servant Hijikata is quite good and unlike most Berserkers he’s rational, intelligent, and able to communicate; but he doesn’t have the divinity to punch through Achilles’ defenses or the stats to match up to Altera. Since one of his main strengths is commanding others in battle, our best hope of winning will be to form alliances with some of the other servants in order to take out the main threats.

Sanzang could probably be convinced to help take care of Jack and Abigail because of their evil bent, and Moriarty could probably be convinced to add his nefarious intelligence to our tactical prowess if it will increase his chances of winning. Of course, he’d probably stab us in the back as soon as it’s convenient for him.

Approaching Brynhildr against Achilles could work, since as a famous male hero he qualifies as one of her Beloved that she would want to love/kill. However, since I’ll be approaching her with a male hero of my own (I should probably cover up his abs and pretty face), there’s no guarantee she would be willing to hear us out or not kill us if she gets aroused. :flushed:


So how about you? How would you do in your own Chaldea’s HGW?


My Chaldea’s HGW would go like this
My Servant:
-Artoria Pendragon:

My Opponents:

-Gil (Who I’d probably lose to, unless I used avalon as a catalyst, then gave it to her)

-Karna(I’m pretty sure same thing as Gil)

-Waver (would get his ass beat)

-Kintoki (using costume coz it looks cooler)


Safe to say, that Grail War would be rough.


My servant (Berserker)

Cú Alter











Yan Qing


Ryouma & Oryou

Extra cause why not


I think either Cú Alter, Karna, or Sigurd would come out on top, maybe even CasGil :fgo_think:


You have a power House of enemy servants. It’s going to be tough for sure. :feh_peasant:

One question, would we apply FGO’s class system and abilities as well? Or things such as class advantage won’t do?


My Chaldea Holy Grail War would be :

1 - My Servant

Ereshkigal (Lancer)

2 - My opponents :

  • Tamamo-No-Mae (Caster)

  • Jeanne D’Arc (Ruler)

  • Artoria Pendragon (Saber)

  • Mysterious Heroine X (Assassin)

  • Jeanne D’Arc (Archer)

  • Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)

  • Sima Yi Reines (Rider) :

All in all :

…Yeah, I’m fucked.

Eresh’s power to control spirits could come in handy ; don’t know if she would have the power to revive fallen opponents and make them fight for me, but looking at the enemy team :

Yikes, Jeanne as a moral support and literal wall, a strategist with Reines just to name a few…that would be an absolute crapshoot to win.

Also, having both forms of my waifu against me is all kinds of… :fgo_ereshdistress:


This looks like fun, but I would be annihilated. First SSR = Nero Bride, if only by minutes.

Second SSR = Gilgamesh.


RIP :catsupine:


But Gilgamesh is scripted to lose because he’s too powerful :fgo_sthenosmug:


I’d leave that up to you. I prefer using “anime logic” in these (with some stats from the VS Battles Forum sprinkled in) but I understand not everyone has seen any of the animes or are familiar with Nasuverse lore. So if the FGO class mechanics is all you have to go by, then by all means go ahead and use it.


So… Extra Classes count right?

1st SSR - Jalter

Opponents (In Order)

  • Scathach
  • Shiki
  • Okita
  • Skadi
  • Ryouma
  • Gilgamesh
  • Lancelot

Looking at some of the names here I can already tell this is going to go horribly, horribly wrong


Just hope that the strong ones kill each other first :ak_elysiumshrug:


Yup, that’s why I’m glad Gil wasn’t my first SSR Archer. He always make these hypothetical matchups so hard when he’s involved :laughing:


Lemme think of how this goes down

Gil blasts Lancelot with GoB (or at least tries to)

Scathach shoves Gae Bolg up his butt

Lancelot tries to kill Okita cuz seibaface ig

Scathach and Skadi Spiderman meme

Ryouma and Shiki do their thing

I die horribly from being burned alive because I trolled my own servant


Well, I think giving preference to first SSR does limit the potential matchups especially considering rarity doesn’t correspond to gameplay strength, but anyway.

Caster: Zhuge Liang (Waver)- my servant

Enemy servants-
Saber: Yagyu Munenori
Archer: Orion (Artemis & teddy Orion)
Lancer: Enkidu
Rider: Iskandar
Assassin: Li Shuwen
Berserker: Minamoto no Raikou

Not a snowball’s chance in hell I’m winning this war :fgo_gudako:

Those who played the FZ collab event know Zhuge Liang (ie Waver) will lose his cool and get fixated on Iskandar. Waver and Iskandar will have their destined showdown before getting picked off by other servants.

Orion/Artemis is going down quickly if they keep up their usual dumb antics on top of having two enemy servants with anti-divine/mystery properties (Raikou & Enkidu).

The remaining four will have one hell of a fight. Enkidu is the most powerful and versatile servant on paper, advantaged against Raikou due to her divinity. On the flipside both Yagyu and Li are the type of enemy Enkidu would not come across in the age of gods they are familiar with, Enkidu’s unfamiliarity with them can be exploited for a potential win despite the power disparity. It is worth noting one of Enkidu’s most powerful ability is their Presence Detection skill, which Li hard counters with his Sphere Boundary.


I think it’d be better to just do a thing where you randomly pick which class you use, then pick from the servants you have in that class


Would be nice if you can pick your first SSR or SR. Would make things a bit more interesting in my case.

Of course you can pick an SR if you haven’t received an SSR yet but I’m sure many of us here have gotten an SSR by now.


That would be soo monotonous. It would just be the tutorial srs :catface:
Stheno, Liz, Siegfried, Emiya, Herc


Well, my first SSR was GSSR Moriarty but my first actual pull SSR was Jalter. So I’m taking Jalter. Especially as my first SSR Archer after Moriarty was Gil…

Saber - Mordred
Lancer - Karna
Archer - Moriarty
Assassin - Cleopatra
Rider - Drake
Caster - CasUmu
Berserker - Nightingale

I thought assassin was gonna be Kama, woo, close save.

I think the biggest threats here are Drake, Moriarty and Karna. Karna I’m fairly sure outpaces Jalter pretty badly in actual combat. Drake is long ranged and can fly on her damn boat. And Moriarty is a scheming bastard with a probably equally dickish Master.

Considering how much she gets batted around in Shinjuku etc Jalter’s profile stats are really good. A in strength/agility and A+ in mana. But her crapshoot endurance means fighting multiple servants or back to back battles is no good.

Despite her A+ for NP I doubt it’s going to rate compared to Mordred and certainly not Karna. I think she’s gonna lose to Karna as his only flaw is also hers (poor luck), although her profile stats are surprisingly higher in her main strengths - but I’ve always seen Karna in universe between Apocrypha, Extra and FGO as having a lot more hype.

Thankfully my first zerk/caster/assassin aren’t particularly scary!

I’ll write my impressions of the match ups in general and add pics when I’m at my desktop.


First SSR Moriarty.

Enemy servants
King Hassan

I think he’s fucked. Good thing Nightingale got his hospice bed ready :fgo_nightingalethrow:


All SR starter servants are excluded then. No exceptions.
Then how about your 3rd or 5th SR then, excluding starts servants.

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