Your Christmas 2019 Wishlist? (Serious)


…write some more applications
… hopefully getting a good Job
… starting Judo again (because I love it)
…getting better at drawing and writing
…finally finish some of games I still did not finish yet (But I am already in part II of final Fantasy VII @.@)


Mine are pretty straight forward:

  1. Finishing my apprenticeship with a good grade
  2. Pelleas in FEH? Please IS we have Sothe and Micaiah already…
  3. Improve my writing skills ( I am not perfect)
  4. +10 my first 5 star exclusive hopefully F!Berkut
  5. Getting my own apartment
  6. Becoming a true hero

That is a good idea.


yesss. Pelleas! I really hope we get him next year eventually. But he got his first Cipher, so there is hope. ^^

  1. finish +10 conrad and l!alm
  2. be done with school
  3. make a lot of money working as some cashier

you can spend it planning for your many d&d campaigns


Christmas wish list:

  1. I just wanna have a good, normal meal

To be fair, most of the things I really want are gonna be long term goals (like trying to hit 220lbs, getting back into shape, and start forming real relationships with people and learning to trust more than I have been)


Really!? That sounds awesome. I have to take a look at his card.


I guess for me it would be:

1: To get a job/part time job (been having lots of job interviews but haven’t been accepted by them so far, having autism can put some businesses off).
2: To continue losing weight (managed to lose 6 pounds over 3 weeks so far and not eating snacks go a LONG way).
3: To have a nice girlfriend (gonna need to improve my social skills).
4: Continue supporting my mother.
5: To be more confident when out and about (I get nervous in large crowds and noisy environments).

Many things to improve upon but I’m still miles better than what I was like at a much younger age.


All doable with time and I am sure you will accomplish that all next year :). Let me share my experience with you. In my early twenties I was pretty much a shut in, would stay home all day and barely make contact with people. I would fake it when in the outside world, in all honesty though I was lonely. One day I decided to make a change ,because if I didn’t nothing would would get better in my life. I wanted people to notice me and I didn’t want to be lonely anymore. I started putting myself out there and started to date even though I got rejected a lot. Finally I found a woman who accepted me and now we are married with a baby boy. She is the love of my life. The message I am trying to convey is that if you make changes in your life for the better then better things will happen for you. You have already taken the first step, acknowledging what needs to be changed. Just remember no matter what everyone is worth something and worthy of there own happiness and I am sure you will find it. Surround yourself with genuine people and try to go out there and have some positive experiences. I hope in the end you find what your looking for.

Sorry for the long response, but your post reminded me of myself when I was younger. I hope my words help in some way :).


I believe in you! :feh_flaynsmile:

I have that condition too, but I still managed to get a stable job and keep it for a year and counting, so hopefully luck can come your way!

  1. Clothes
  2. Candy
  3. Overcoming my epic gamer depression and anxiety
  4. Straight A’s

But clothes and candy are more important than fixing my severe mental illnesses.
also a bf because I’m big lonely

  1. Luthier in Heroes, even as an alt

  2. some Touhou t-shirts (though I may get a couple as late birthday presents)

  3. a skin for my laptop

  4. to spend more time with my college’s anime club friends outside of school other than club-related events, especially since one of them is leaving my school

  1. Unlimited Money (sugar daddy or otherwise, but preferably someone who just gives me money)
  2. not depression
  3. All the fenty lingerie
  4. instapot

What do I want? Well in the sense of serious…

  1. My own place so i dont have to deal with my [REDACTED] father
  2. The ability to be more confident in myself
  3. To be happier as a person.
  4. To grow the ■■■■ up.
  1. give drifiting money so he can become my sugar daddy
  2. also mike and ikes

I forgot to mention that I did have a part time job at M&S cafe once. But I eventually lost the job because since loads of their shops closed across the country, they had to cut a lot of staff (including me), to make way for more of the other staff moving to the other shops that were still open. It’s a shame too, since the staff really liked me there and if I stayed there, it could’ve been so much more! I could’ve had a steady job but since of that kerfuffle, it’s been quite tough.

  1. Become better at existing

  2. Money because I must drown myself in consumerism

  3. A job for said money(or winning the lottery, that’d be cool)

  4. Spend less time indoors

  5. Shell mac & cheese because it is the reason I was put on this earth


My brother only likes the regular Mac and cheese so we never get it even when it’s super good, also my opinion doesn’t count since he’s the favorite



  1. Complete college applications and hopefully get a job soon.

  2. I’d love to say “get a girlfriend or start dating” but unfortunately at this stage that seems unlikely, so really it’s just about finding opportunities to meet new people.

  3. Get to know some of you guys better! There are a lot of people here I like to talk to, and I’d love to talk to more often!


Make it more realistic for the timeframe