Your desired servants from another realms?

Hey, i wonder if there is anyone like me who wants to summon servants from another realms to play in FGO, i know it’s hard when they’re not in Natsuverse, maybe with a collaboration ( in Natsuvers still counts ).

Summary ( spoiler )

A One-man war warrior, he got betrayed from his best friend…

Class : Berserker or ( Avenger ?)
Exclusive skill : God slayer ( Increases 100% own attack against Divine enemies for 3 turns, lose 1000Hp perturn )


Avenger Ange from Cross Ange…

also, this… Choose a character from other media to summon as a servant


I think goblin slayer would be a cool as a servant. They could have a crossover event where there are lots of goblin themed enemies and he’s your go to unit for them. He’d be the welfare servant and have a niche against “goblin enemies”. He could go into a berserker or avenger class, either would do


O boy, this topic again eh? I don’t usually indulge in this as realistically FGO will probably never have a real cross over ever ( I don’t count other typemoon properties ) , that said I wouldn’t say no to seeing Persona 5’s Joker in as an assassin.


GS is soo good, realistic and kinda funny :laughing:. I mean i really like dark fantasy like Fates, Gs,… . I think he would be Avenger since Berserker are those lost their mind?


I’m still waiting on ruler Arcueid or berserker Red Arc :stuck_out_tongue:.


I can think of a few Berserkers that are Saner than most Avengers.

Come to think of it, that’s right. Also, im looking forward to Personal 5 royal :star_struck:

A new Artemis, and remove the current one and act as if she never existed


More servants from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era (RoTK) since we already have the likes of Zhuge Liang (Waver), Lu Bu, Sima Yi. Examples like Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Zhang Liao, Ma Chao, etc. come to mind and eventually a RoTK singularity. Wishful thinking, I know…


Honestly, I would be happy if they would finally do justice for some of the more historically relevant servants before they would venture into crossover territory.

For a start, I would love to see a higher grade Caesar and Romulus. We have three bloody high-rarity versions of Nero (who would be a historical footnote at best if not for her being a waifu after EXTRA), but the actual demigod founder of Rome and the man who pretty much toppled the Roman Republic and whose name is the etymological root for “emperor” in most European languages are both 3*s. Speaking of important Romans, where is freaking Augustus? I would say THE Roman Emperor, the one who ushered in the civilization’s golden age and the Pax Romana, is a wee bit more relevant in the grand scheme of things than Nero or Caligula, yet he is not even mentioned once…

Similarly, I would like to see some servants from smaller cultures (eg.: Eastern European heroes who are not Vlad or Liz), from lesser known mythologies (Slavic/African/Polinesian/etc.) or divine servants who are not Rin/Sakura faces.


Ainz as a foreigner. Though gramps looks quite similar I guess. Plus there’s already a fanfic of it

Kiss-shot as Saber hmm. Still again, there’s Shiki voiced by her VA but she’d be very cool as well.


Since we’re not getting Arcueid anytime soon i’d love to see a Touhou collab, plenty of choices there.

Something like…

Also this would be fun


While I dont think we would ever get a non-TM crossover, in the realm of whish belief:

Shielder/Foreigner: Fear Kubrick from CursedXCubeXCurious. She could even switch classes, like Jenkyll/Hyde. Would also have Madness Enhancement Passive. NP is similar to Angra, just no stun.

Assassin/Archer: Homura, from Madoka Magica. NP is a AOE buster throwing a lot of bombs and bullets on the enemies and causing big crit rate down+instant 10 stars. Time stop being a skill of sure hit+10-20% charge+ 1 turn crit up. Maybe Mind Eye True skill as well.

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Yami Yugi / Atem from Yu-Gi-Oh!.
Class: Caster (as his incarnation from the 2000s series) or Avenger (as his incarnation from the 1998 series)

  • Caster Exclusive Skill - "Heart of the Cards"
    “Replace a Command Card with another Command Card of your choice.”
    Caster Noble Phantasm - "Exodia the Forbidden One"
    “Ignoring resistances, 90% Chance to reduce all non-‘Danger’ enemies’ HP to 0, and 50% Chance to reduce ‘Danger’ enemies’ HP to 0. Then, deal 500-1000% unblockable damage to all enemies.”

  • Avenger Exclusive Skill - "Door of Darkness"
    “Reduce each enemy’s HP by 300% the amount of HP lost by your party during the previous enemy turn.”
    Avenger Noble Phantasm - "Penalty Game!"
    “Remove all buffs from one enemy, and deal 400-800% damage of their ATK to them.
    Against Evil Aligned enemies - Increase the damage dealt to 800-1600% of their ATK.
    Against Good Aligned enemies - Decrease the damage dealt to 200-400% of their ATK.”

  • Shared Exclusive Skill - "Mind Crush"
    "Ignoring enemy buffs, inflict Stun and NP Seal on one enemy for 1 turn with 500% Chance.
    Against an Evil Aligned enemy, increase Chance to 800%.
    Against a Good Aligned enemy, decrease Chance to 200%.


That sounds broken … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::thinking:

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It’s never going to happen, since it’s completely outside of the Nasuverse, but I will keep on wishing: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni crossover with Avenger Beatrice :clap::clap::clap: It’s really late here where I am but there’s a bunch of potential characters that could work as Servants. I’ll keep it to Beatrice simply because Sayaka Ohara. And she’s great.

Too tired to add stats and name and the like, but she’d most likely be a 5*

Class: Avenger

It makes sense due to, keeping it spoiler-free, she’s looking to take back what’s hers with extraordinary interest from the Ushiromiya family. Revenge, in a way. She’s sane enough to be an Avenger as opposed to a Berserker. No way the Golden witch would be a Ruler. No other class fits her better.

NP: The Witch's Epitaph.

I’m thinking there could be a new trait implemented in the game, similar to “Weak to Enuma Elish” or “Brynhildr’s Beloved”, where Gil and Bryn deal bonus damage against Servants with this trait. The new trait could be something like “Unworthy of the Golden Land” or similar. Basically, Beatrice would consider some Servants completely unworthy of stepping foot inside the Land of the Golden Witch and deal bonus damage against them. Not sure who these Servants could be, but let’s just assume it’s a bunch of Servants similar to WtEA. Not as many, that’d be too broken. But a few Beatrice just considers unworthy. This isn’t going to happen, I’m not going to think that much. Anyway:

The Witch’s Epitaph. Removes an enemy’s defensive buffs (Defense up, evade, invulnerable) (Activates first). Deal significant damage against a single enemy (scales with level). Deal extra damage against enemies with [Unworthy of the Golden Land] trait (scales with overcharge).

The buff removal makes sense since nothing can stop the Golden Witch. Sure, buff removal resistance, but that’s fgo mechanics. Stripping a character out of any defensive buff seems like a very Beatrice thing to do, anyway.

Exclusive Skill: Golden Butterfly Protection

Increase Defense (3 turns) by 30%-60% + apply Defense against [Unworthy of the Golden Land] enemies by 40%-50% (2 times, 3 turns).
Not completely overpowered, but if rng and skills stacked allowed it, Beatrice would become untouchable by an enemy with so many defesne buffs. The extra Defense applies only for two hits, but added to the first Defense buff it’s higher than 100% def bonus, so basically untouchable for at least 2 hits (unless pierce defense).


Remembered this thread, and generated this for fun xD


A - MA - ZI - NG ! ! !

It really looks like it was made just for that! And I would totally love to see that. Moreso, since she already would have three different ascension stages XD

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You know what, great idea.