Your experience with summoning a hero to max merges

So I made a previous discussion on this but it became too cluttered with talks about percentages and colours. Got abit confused so now im just wondering how much orbs you guys spent and if it worked. I’m aware that in a 3% banner it takes around 1500 orbs but im not sure about 5% or 8% banners


My experience is that summoning sucks ass. The amount of orbs on a 5% banner should be a bit lower tho, but you can get screwed over even on that one. You’ll be the safest with 2k orbs regardless of the type of banner that you are summoning on. Remember that on 8% banners you have a large chance of getting memed on by the color-sharing focus heroes, so getting an exact one X amounts of time is a pain I imagine.


There is a really good guide about probability and the number of orbs required to +10 a character here :

You can see there’s a lot of different outcomes depending on the type of banner, and the color you pull. It’s easier to +10 a green unit than a red one, because of the number of character in each pool.
To summarize, the best banners to pull from if you want to +10 a character (from best to worst) :

  • 5% rate banner (aka Hero fest)
  • 3% rate banner with 3 characters, no color sharing
  • 3% rate banner with 3 character, color sharing
  • 3% rate banner with 4 characters, no color sharing
  • 8% rate banner (aka legendary and mythics banners)
    I never actually pulled for a +10, but don’t forget that in the end, it’s also based on luck. Don’t get too confident or you could be disapointed :(

Its a painful unbarable grind. And even when you think 2500 orbs would be enough, youre wrong. Then you spend $$.

Sometimes you get those full circles and you think, surely this will grant me my wish.

Youre wrong. Its a group of 3star poop units. And its not even the poop youre building on the side.

Then you get an 11% pity rate and you think, well, it cant be long now. I will certainly get that last rondo now.

No. 50+ orbs later and its surtr. Again.

Then you finally get that last copy. Every resource, everything, gone.

And you then remember you still need expensive fodder from legendary julia or tibarn. :feh_azura:

But really

Im in a good mood. Decided to try score calculator and it turns out my overpriced bebe has everything he needs to a reach 750 unit score in arena. He aint a w soothis, but thats hot.


Thanks this is exactly what i was looking for :grinning:


Your welcome ! It’s a good guide, but it doesnt tell you the rate for green/blue/colorless for every type of banner :( You can always search reddit for info about some specific banners, sometime people write really detailed probability analysis (I think I saw one on a CYL banner) !

Dunno. Never done it before. I’ll get back to you when Marianne debuts hopefully

But I think it takes around 1500 orbs. 2500 is very safe, if they’re red it’s worse and green it’s better


Never listen to any guides or things people might estimate, its mostly just random


When I tried to fully merge Duma, it was a NIGHTMARE. Took thousands of orbs and 9 months to complete but I did get him to +10 in the end.

For fallen robin however, I managed to fully merge him in WAYYYYY less orbs (not sure on the specific number, maybe around 400-ish). Green seemed more favourable for me when merging.

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It’s entirely luck. Sometimes you can get your target obscenely quickly (especially if they’re green) but other times your pity rate climbs and climbs as nothing but trash rolls in.

I spent close to 900 Orbs summoning six Takumis to top mine off when he had his weekly revival, and that’s a 4% Focus on a 3 unit banner.


I need around 1300-1400 orbs for my +10 H!Kagero :frowning:

I have no luck with my +10 projects :(

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I got B!Micaiah to +10 between several banners:

I got the free copy.
4 more copies in her debut banner at 3%: 800 orbs.
6 more copies in the anniversary banner at 5%: 400 orbs.

1200 orbs in total.

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I’ve never done it for a five star exclusive. The only exclusive I’m merging is L!Lucina, who has been a very slow process. She’s at +5 currently with new having pulled on every legendary she’s been on. I got my first one on Hrid’s debut.

As for low rarity units it isn’t much different. Nothing is more agonizing than needing that last copy of a “common” unit who just won’t show up. My second account is dealing with that for Eliwood :feh_elisad:

Now i have some units that i make to +10, or try xD

top priority:
F!Corrin (at the time at +5)
Idunn (at the time at +4) - first copy of here costs me over 700 orbs!!!
Thrassir (at the time at +6)
W!Sothis (at the time at +2)

lower priority:
L!Marth (at the time at +5)
Sothis (at the time at +3)
H!Myhrr (at the time at +5)
B!Micaiah (at the time at +4)

So many projects xD

Maybe it’s because it was on a weekly banner (4% focus, 2% non-focus, 3 focuses) which have good odds but I could +10 Sonya with ~550 F2P orbs:

Overall pretty good experience with her but with Idoun it’s of course another story, ~800 orbs and only 4 merges :feh_tooobin: but I know it’s the red pool — I’m looking forward to see how things will go in her next rerun :thinking:.

As for orb saving, been having an easy time saving up since then, but mainly during the time I planned to +10 Sonya

Statistics is a science


It took roughly 2000 Orbs to finish my Kliff XD Then again, I have summoned on 4 Person Banners, 3 Person Banners and the legendary Banner where he appeared. I am not looking forward to any +10 Projekts, besides Pelleas and Sephiran, and maybe Seteth if he is a demote. (And Yuri if we ever get him)

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And even science can be wrong sometimes

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The only 5* exclusive units I’ve tried to merge are Owain and Tibarn.

Tibarn I got to +8 with very little Orbs during Herofest banners while Owain is a bit trickier, sitting at +4.

This is never wrong, probability and statistics will tell you the exact probability of getting X copies of a unit. It will not tell if you will get those copies, that is impossible to tell, but you will get invaluable information that can help you decide.

For example, tossing a coin has a 50% probability of landing heads, but will it land heads? You don’t know but it’s a good chance.
Tossing 10 coins in a row has a 1/1028 probability of landing 10 heads. Will it happen? Most likely not, but it’s possible.

Likewise, it is not impossible to get 10 copies of the same unit within 40 orbs. But I can assure you that it will not happen (the probability is 1/1693508780843028, good luck with that). You can know how many orbs will give you a reasonable probability of getting what you want.