Your Favorite character!


Who’s your favorite character, both gameplay and lore wise! And why?


My favorite is obviously Blackbeard :^)


Sarcasm? :upside_down_face:


It’s hard to pick one, but I gotta go with my boi Ozy. I’ve always been fascinated by his lore and Egyptian history in general. Plus his VA is just :ok_hand: perfect for him. I like his personality as well: divine yet fair. Arrogant but not cruel. The King of Kings title is well deserved.
Gameplay wise, I like how he has both a supporting and DPS role. His animations are pretty neat too. Who doesn’t love smiting enemies with a sky laser?
It’s sad though. He’s my all time favourite, yet he hasn’t graced my Chaldea with his presence. :fgo_deadinside: I tried during the Chaldeas Boys’ Collection but I didn’t even get the 4 star CE that features him. Gacha is indeed bad civ :fgo_badciv:


Your favorite charater in FGO ? We’re agrre that we doesn’t count other media such as FSN ? In FGO, Mash by far. She’s the only one who has decent development and let’s be honest she’s the best servant in the game and by a long margin : 0AP and very good skill --> unbeatable


I’d have to go with Tamamo. Her personality alone is enough to win me over, plus she’s a fox girl. Also, her backstory makes me wanna protect her. Gotta keep me foxy waifu safe and happy XD



What’s there not to love about her.


I think the one of those that’s gotten my attention most in the game has to be Jeanne Alter.

She’s a fake Servant (Jeanne herself states that she holds no malice to those who caused her death) so she technically has no reason to have an Alter. Yet Jalter knows she is a fake, someone who technically shouldn’t exist, but she still goes on trying to carve out her own identity, one separate form the Maid of Orleans.


My favorite character is asterios, once i got to okeanos i fell in love with the boy. Currently grailed to a 100 10/10/10 and he is a very unique berserker so he’s both my favorite gameplay and personality.


Cursed Arm Hassan!

I really like his character design (reaaally assassin-like), and like him even more on Camelot!

Talk about loyalty, and his name comes first! (lol)

Plus, have you seen his future animation update? Reaaally badass!!!

Planning on grailing him up to lvl90 :blush:


Definitely Dantes. The Count of Montecristo is an all-time favorite of mine, and after a long wait, I managed to pull him. He is one of the coolest characters in the game too, and I am just happy of having him, so I am not bothering going through all the effort to get him NP2. He is perfect just as he is. I don’t think I am grailing him though. I will however try to get him 10/10/10 as soon as I can.


Emiya, basically the whole reason i started playing fgo, hated him at first,thought he wasnt bad after reading the vns. Re reading it just made me love his character for some reason, i suppose understanding him changed my view of him.


Good taste.

I wish more people would try to understand her background story a bit more as it’s quite complex and heartbreaking, especially when you see her relationship with Jeanne herself… when you get past the jokes.

I absolutely loved her role in Shinjuku.


EMIYA i liked him from Fsn and hes pretty good here in Fgo shame i lost the account that had him.


On a serious (and late!) note, it’s Astolfo. Even though Apocrypha was awful to him, and he’s the victim of various unfunny memes/jokes/whatever, but he’s still a fun and lovable character. Bonus points for being the cutest.
He’s my first to Bond 10 and I’ve got him to NP4 without paying anything! Easily the main reason I play this game.


Illya, she’s just too precious. Recently binged through the Prisma Illya series and now I wish I had her at np2.




The true golden king gilgamesh. After Babylon and the super swag he pulled on tiamat hes eternally my king. Plus ever since i pulled him on thanksgiving hes been carrying me through the game.


mine is the true personality altria sought for when she was king.

baber alter is and always will be my fave servant. currently she’s at np2 lvl 100 10/4/7. i’m still in the process to get her, baber alter lancer (cuz of her, um, mana burst lol), and soon to be maid baber alter (cuz maid outfit) all to lvl 100 and atleast 10/8/10. those 3 are priority. i’m gonna put baber santalter at alt least lvl 90 8/8/8.

since all of them require godly amount of fangs, qp, and exp, it’s a real struggle.


It’s a tough call but I think Dantes is my favorite. I love how he is in the lore, and how he seems to be always in the shadows keeping tabs and ready to come help out whenever due to the weird bond he forms with the protag over the course of various events.

Other than that, I really like Hans as well, and can relate to him a lot as writing is a hobby of mine.