Your favorite low rarity comps

As the title suggests was wondering what low rarity comps every here prefers/has fun with from time to time. For the sake of it you can use a gold support from your friendlist. Here are some of mine
Shakespeare-Spartacus-Arash-Medusa (Farming)
And ofcourse my favorite-

.>low rarity


though my main non-doors farming team for a good chunk of non-event content is arash/spartacus/bunyan/waver atm

I guess my QP Doors Farming comps has always been or at least usually composed of low rarities:

Medusa + Edward Teach + Mona Lisa CE Support

I’m planning to substitute one of them with Colombus sometime.

Then there’s Kiyohime, Spartacus, Bunyan, and few others for other sorts of farming.

It’s hard to compose an all low rarity comps with good synergy though but I guess I could use Hans Andersen, Caster Cú Chulainn and Leonidas… but it can’t handle so much.

There is lot of I do think good comp you can make with low rarirty servant. Actually I’m thinking of switching to an all low rarity team up to 3 stars max.

For example, for Art Team you could easly do an Mash+Hans+Robin+Mozart
Buster team could be something like Mash+Hans+Bedivere+Shakespeare

And instead of double Merloin, you do a double Hans :fgo_illya:

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Anything with Spartacus, Bunyan, Teach, George, Leo, Hans, CAH, Euryale, ProCu, Lu Bu, Bedi, Para, Avi, or Asc.

I am now thinking of Shakespeare + David and Leonidas but using David as DPS would mean that the enemy is Saber so…

Bunyan + Shakespeare + Leonidas sounds great though.

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Well there are a lot of good buster 3* such as Taiga or Lu Bu (other than Bedi) . And for farmin, I’m sure something like Arash+Bunyan+Spartacus can do the work of most of it :)

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