Your favorite servants coming next year

Hey there!
Since i’m planning for the servants i want i’m searching for the upcoming events and their banners… and next year many great servants will come on NA.

So the point is which upcoming servants will you roll for?
I know we still have the lots of servants coming this year butnext year will be awesome!

I’ll put only the 5 stars, there are other great servants but this will limit the choices a bit.

If there is another servant you want you can just write it

  • -Castoria (don’t vote only for her)
  • -Kiara ( mooncancer)
  • -Nemo
  • -Van Gogh
  • -Ashiya Douman
  • -Romulus Quirinus
  • -Dioscuri
  • -Voyager
  • -Ibuki douji
  • -Vritra
  • -Yang Guifei
  • -Sei Shonagon
  • -Odysseus

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  • Himiko (sorry forgot her)

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I don’t know how it came out, this is my first poll…:smiley:

Castoria - no brainer.

Summer Kiara - will be aiming for multiple NP levels.

Ashiya Douman - Interesting skills that will mesh well with many Servants in my Chaldea. Also, best class :fgo_bbgrin:

Yang Guifei - gorgeous. But I’m a little unsure as I’ll be grailing Astraea eventually and I already have NP2 Vlad.

Himiko isn’t in the poll but may or may not roll for.


Interesting choices!
What do yang guifei have to do with astraea and vlad, their arts deck?

Arts ST with semi-comparable Damage

proud to be the first to vote for sei.

Great thanks!

Proud to be the first to vote for Ibuki


Castoria for the meta personally I am tired of saberfaces and don’t care about her character but the servants I am really interested in are Summer Kiara since I enjoy her character in general and I am curious about Vritra but I will wait to see how she is characterized before I make a choice.

Next year is very lacklustre for me. Excluding rolling for potential (summer) re-runs, the only characters that I want are Ibuki Doujin and summer Murasaki. Summer Kiara might be good too, but not mandqtory.
That is all…For the entire year of events…Only 2.5 servants.

For all these new servants



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Muramasa made her look bad :catpat:

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If by characterized you mean personality than you can search it on the net.
These are vritra voice lines so you can get to know her better (other than that she’s great)

Also summer kiara is great with castoria so you might as well roll for her

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He’s a BEAST, like look at him

He’s not only cool but also strong!

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don’t vote for just castoria

… But she’s the only one I do have plans for. I haven’t met most characters in game yet, so I don’t know personality yet, so I don’t really know if I’ll want any of the others yet.

Good god!

What happened to “roll for waifu, not gameplay” lmfao

Well i didn’t either since i play on NA but i plan ahead and search for the servants i like the most based on personality, looks andhow good they are.
If you want to know about personality you can search their voice lines! You can find eng subbed on youtube

I’m rolling for both😎
Castoria definitely is both waifu and good for gameplay,
the other servant i want is dioscuri, pollux looking kinda nice and is also strong

If you refer to muramasa he looks majestic! And one of the few husbandos i have

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Too much work tbh. And I’d rather meet most of them in game anyway. I will look up their servant page for design and skills if they are mentioned in an interesting way on the forum, but none of them have particularly caught my attention yet.