Your favorite song coming from FGO?

Since Epic of Remnant, there has been a lot of great songs coming from FGO. I know I will be looping the Shimosa theme when I try to pull Musashi in her banner. What is your favorite? Here are the ones that I can find:

色彩: FGO theme
Lose Your Way: EoR 1: Shinjuku
Indelible illusion: EoR 2: Agartha
一刀繚乱: EoR 3: Shimosa
清廉なるHeretics: EoR 4: Salem
逆光: FGO lostbelt theme
Thest: lostbelt No. 3
深淵のデカダンス: Tokugawa Kaiten Labyrinth - Ooku
二者穿一: Gudaguda 3
参全世界: Gudaguda 4

If there’s one song you like that I missed do let me know!


Wars (Alternative)

From the Rashamon event. Really bad ass soundtrack.

I don’t know anything about japanese ver. themes, but my favorites so far:


Goddess of Rhongomyniad. It’s such a serious and regal sound. Perfect for Goddess Rhon (also one of my favorite bossfights because I got to reenact the battle of Camlann. Saber Artoria wounded her badly with Excalibur and then Mordred killed her with Clarent and it was SO satisfying)


These are two of my favourites.
黄金の王 ~FGO~ (Golden King ~FGO~), the perfect soundtrack to Gilgamesh in Babylonia.
outbreak ~FGO~ from Solomon. Also, the learning with manga version. :fgo_jeannu:

Babylonia and the SERAPH CCC map themes are great as well.

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of the “Grand Battle” theme that you would hear during the final battles of some of the earlier singularities (and the Salter memorial quest).

I also love the Chaldea Gate music that you hear after you get to the Lostbelts on JP. It is 1,000x better than what we have now.

Recent favourite is this

Goddess Rhongomyniad theme

Lord Camelot theme my most favourite and the only song from fgo that brings tear in my eyes whenever I hear it

Okeanos theme. It gives me a strange nostalgic feeling

Favorite song by far is the grand battle theme. I even had it set as the my room theme. I just love the build up it has.

Definitely The Salem Heretics from the EoR 4 Teaser.


Did you bring enough songs to play, AUO?