Your Favorite Unit VS Your Most Hated Unit


Got any pictures of your favorite unit (doesn’t necessarily have to be your favorite character) destroying the unit you hate the most?

Here’s mine.

God, I hate how OP they make some of these units. She needs to be put down permanently.

What about you guys?


I had a picture of Kagero obliterating armors (M!Grima and Zelguis), but I deleted it. I’ll just go into AA and find some armors to kill.


Whhhyyy? :disappointed:


Because She Don’t Have 180 BST


Sheesh. It’s a good thing you Summoner Supported her. :joy:


Because we need to counter the meta lol.


I was asking why you deleted it, lol. You should keep the sweet memories.


Oh, no idea. I witness the killing of armors on a daily basis, Kagero is just good at doing her job.


“Repent your sins”


Lol, that’s perfect.


Who needs armor effective weapons when you can do this:


I actually like Ophelia, but I truly despise her as a unit.




Oop :ghost:


Pope Sanaki can tank Reinhardt?


(jk I hate Surtr)


My phone is ded right now lol.
I need someone to give me a picture of Iddun destroying bunny Loki.



You had my support until I saw you destroying Heccdaddy babe



I would make this but I don’t have Idunn sorry :frowning:


i gotchu bro