Your Favorite Valentine Scene

Title should be obvious.

What are your most liked Servant Valentine Scenes?
It doesn’t even have to be from your Waifu/Husbando, since some scenes tend to be pretty brief, with Servants just saying like “Here, have some Chocolate” (Okita… Sadly). Then again, others can get pretty lengthy and more enjoyable (i.e. Meltryllis).

Personally, I really, really loved Circe’s and I’m this close to giving her some grails.
She really took me by surprise when she came out - didn’t think I’d fall for her this hard before I got to know her.

So what about you guys and girls? Which Chocolate Presentation did you like best?


Hm, BB was my favourite by far due to multiple endings, bonking BB on her head and that choices actually mattered…

Apart from my usual choice, I loved rider ishtar’s crying face it made me think of aqua in a split second and I went - ah you(Ishtar) are a useless goddess after all :fgo_gudako:


Jalter, summer Anne bonny and Tama lancer.

Especially Tama lancer

Let me explain.

Jalter because she act tsundere and i like her facial expression

Summer anne bonny…well, inside the chocolate they put the key to their room. Why? When you will become adult you will understand.

Tamalancer more or less drug you :sweat_smile:


Oh yeah, I understand that. I felt completely like that during Ereshkigals scene and her ton of useless chocolate she made. :rofl:


Nuff said.


KidGil’s scene.

Summer boys when DW???


I liked both Kiyohimes’ and Jeanne santa’s scenes. Also Sheba was once again a surprising darling in her chocolate scene. In fact, Sheba’s interlude, valentine scene and even a quick appearance in the valentine’s story made me want to grail her at least to 90 :slight_smile:
Oh, and Kiara’s bad(?) ending too, where she used her NP on the protagonist.
Oh, also also. Ereshkigal’s scene was adorable as well.


Kiara’s Valentine scene was my favorite
The that’s not Kiara-like at all route was, whew, loved it hahaha

I also really liked Avenger Medusa’s, Scheherezade’s, Serenity’s, Da Vinci’s, and Abby’s scenes. They were all very heartwarming.
Ruler Martha’s scene was quite fun too.


Agree on Circe’s. That was by far the best.

I loved her in myth already so I’m glad FGO is doing great things with her character.




Abby was adorable but i saw that last year already.

From the ones i saw for the first time this year i loved Sheba, Hokusai and Chacha which was surprising (the voiced one). I’m currently watching the new ones from JP and some of them are really sweet, like Kagetora and Kingprotea.


My favorites…
Archer Gil’s because he talked too much and went silent after eating chocolate. Then there’s CasGil’s who took us on a date by the river because chocolate wasn’t enough :fgo_dshy:.


Malter, Caster Nero, Kojirou, Ozy, Fionn, hektor ,the Cu’s , Medusa Lily , the two of Enkidu and the two of Astolfo

Malter: because her conversation with Fou
Caster Nero: because her gift and her actitud of this day is not about me ,what is a weard this coming from Nero
Kojirou: he was going to give you advices to give chocolate to Fionn
Ozy: he is a great guy,act like a father for Cleo and Nito, and give you Cosmic kittys
Fionn: salmón

Hektor: mini house of Troy and París is an idiot
Cu’s: one give you a spear, other make you a druid stick and the other men
Medusa Lily: is a cute scene
Enkidu: in one is shill and in the other
Astolfo: i like that he talking about his friend Roland and that he is helped by Vlad and Siegfried

I love a lot of scenes


It was super funny watching Parvati’s and then jaguar warrior’s right after, since jaguar instigated the super-sized nature of Parvati’s chocolate and complained about having to help eat it, then demanded sacrificial chocolate from you in her scene :rofl: The irony of getting those together from random chocolates was priceless.

I think Passionlip’s was the most sweet.

But I was most looking forward to casgil and ozy and they didn’t disappoint.


Mordred’s is actually 3 lines.

If she wasn’t best girl already she would have been after being short and direct.

The way to TG’s heart is to not make him read a lot of things in FGO.

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Lobos’ return gift was suuuuuper sweet…right in the feels… :sob:

Then there’s Arash…I could have waited for my return gift if it was gonna be like this!

The way to a practical Master’s heart~


Osakabehime’s elevated her to top tier waifu status in my eyes cause it was adorable.


So far Ozy, Henry, and Doggo


Bedivere for the guys and Lancer Artoria for the ladies. Bedi’s has been my favorite since last year and still has the reigning spot because of how freaking adorable it is. He gets so flustered and so embarrassed and it fits his character so well. Someone who thinks he’s unworthy of any good thing…and you tell him “From the bottom of my heart.” When he tells you he doesn’t deserve this. Best knight of the Round Table you sure as hell deserve this!

Lancer Artoria made me nearly cry and also made me just want to hug her. The “what if” version of Artoria who knows she should not be there, and is shocked when the knights still come to help her out if she needs it despite how she says “I’m not your king anymore.” They still think that highly of her and it makes me want to hug her. The fact that Bedivere is the one who is constantly helping her learn things and helping her get her humanity back makes my heart happy. I ship them both extremely hard and it’s just so sweet to see that no matter what form she takes, he’s always there to help her.


I liked the most Nero Caster and Melt scenes.

Nero was so, well, Nero. This combination of narcissism and pure selfless love was so sweet. Also Saber Venus costume when DW? This was a promise :fgo_umu:

And Melt got best scene, IMHO. This got really “hot” without getting explicit, this supreme teasing, followed by showing, that beneath her cold and sadistic exterior she really cares :heart_eyes: Yeah, girl also has best birthday line, she really is worth all those grails and golden fous! A side note, RNG got me BB scene right after Melt, the timeline of Melt warning me about BB gift holds up :fgo_penguinmelt:

Honorable mention: Lalter being super tsundere. She does not care about some stupid Valentine Day, she just sooo happened to have massive peace of chocolate shaped like her lance stashed between her “assets”, yeah right :fgo_skadismug: