Your favourite CE illustration?

As every single F/GO player knows, craft essences are very important part of gameplay. But alongside in-battle effects they often come with very beautiful, interesting illustrations, often drawn by fan’s favourite aritsts!
Something caught your eye? Is nostalgic? Or maybe shows your waifu in very interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) way?
Show us then!
Bigger or smaller explanations also appreciated =)

Before we start, quick rules:

  • here we discuss only ARTWORKS and ignore CE’s effects
  • it’s very appreciated to add images to your post BUT due this topic is going to be image-heavy, please try to use resize option! (noone is going to be banned for not using it tho, but it’ll help us all browsing the topic ^^)
  • CEs that are currently JP exclusive are absolutely fine!

So… I’ll start!
I don’t have one favourite illustration because it’s simply just too many of them. But I’ll describe the ones that have very special place in my heart and post the best of best
Some of them I summoned/I plan to summon only because I love their artworks so much :heart:

Crown of the Stars [og Artoria’s bond CE]

Another breathtaking illustration and apple of my eye. og Artoria is my #1 waifu, so when I began my journey with F/GO I just had to check what is her bond CE and… I can’t describe the feelings I had. Love from the first sight. The details, light particles, the galaxy reflected in lake, the crown of my King.
It’s a reflection of her path as a knight, a king, prove of her kingship, ideals and life.
Ahhh… I’m so emotional towards one artwork. But this is reason why I love it so much - it has not only an artistic value but also very deep meaning, especially when you read actual Arthurian Legends
I love it to the point where I changed my CE sorting settings and whenever I have to pick CE, it’s the first I see so I can fall in love all over and over and over again :heart:

Imperishable Flames [Brynhildr’s bond CE]

I fell in love in this CE from the first sight. Anything that is blurple immidiately gots me. The badass, blue flames that also have shape of bird and a dragon are making it even more beautiful.
My love towards this CE also has very personal background, because I dived into Brynhildr’s lore (both in Fate and irl context) and this CE is a reflection of her life, death, tragedy and relationship with Sigurd.
If I’d ever summon Bryn, I’d go crazy with bond farming only to get it.

Another Ending & Victor of the Moon

I absolutely adore Extraverse, both Hakunons and Wada Arco-sama art style. Those CE artworks refer to ending of /Extra and /Extra CCC, have wonderful color palettes and you can see Hakunons being in the background of each other CE - which also refers to Hakunons lore background.
I have no words to express how badly I love those CEs, Wada just did awesome job! Also gave them clothes that I’d like to see being a thing in actual games

Illustrations that I absolutely adore but I don’t have a deep emotional attachment
[in order] First Sunrise, Imperial Capital Holy Grail War, Ring the Bell, Battle Olympia, Joint Recital, Boar King, Avalon Celebrate, Gilgamesh in NY


gilgamesh valentine gift,i don’t usually take gifts from husbandos but this ce is so beautiful
and best girl


Seconded on the Hakunon - yes, singular: myself, I am only rolling femme Master, hence my definite favorite is “Another-”, rather, “The Ending”.

What other CEs I like…well, following 2, most probably due to the fact that those two lads are the very first ones my Zaynab fully “bonded” with:

Hence, might as well go ahead and grail Georg up to 80 too, as I did Leon.

Talk of the Hot Sands is my ultimate favourite, definitely
(I mean, it’s my profile picture-)

Not only does it include my favourite pairing in FGO (and a very interesting one in history and literature, mind you), but it’s also really beautiful and I love the artist that drew it. Her mangas are some of my favourite, in fact, or ones I enjoyed a lot. Her art style is just extremely pleasing to me. I’m glad she’s the one that drew this Gilkidu CE :two_hearts: Forever my favourite CE.

Honorable mentions of some of my other favourite CEs, in order of appearence: Midsummer Moment, Outrage, Enuma Dingir and You, After the Rain. (P.S.: Midsummer Moment is the only reason I’m rolling on the Summer banner it appears on. I hope I can get it because the art is just so perfect)

Husbandos on CEs for the win.

EDIT: Almsot forgot to mention Enkidu’s Bond CE, Huwawa’s flowers:

It’s really simple, but the colours, the lighting, and setting and the meaning and story behind it really sold it for me. It’s a really pretty CE and one of my dearest. Probably because I have an emotional attachment to it, as well.


Shaved Ice, void dust flavor from last summer event because round bottom flasks are sexy…to chemistry geeks anyway :nerd_face:

I second casgil’s valentine ce and want to add kojirou’s valentine ce too.


since I already see talk of the hot sands and first sunrise I’ll include some of my other favorites :)

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Well, not sure what future holds, but as of those that are on NA (or at least should be :fgo_badciv: ) is definetely this
The moment I saw this, I instantly fell in love with this illustration. Both the name, description and picture capture perfectly Nero character and tragedy - her very core, that she hides deep inside her heart. Yes, why I cant have it :sob:

A honorable mention, and without any hard feelings
I mean, second waifu cosplaying as the absolute best waifu :fgo_umu:


Fate GO has some of the best art in a gacha game I’ve ever seen. The CEs are a real stand out and just makes the game of attractive to play!

Origin Bullet - I just love how the artwork references Kiritsugu’s backstory

Volumen Hydragyrum

Attita (Santa) Bond CE - The Rainbow Soaring Under the Night Sky

The Assassin of Shinjuku Bond CE: 108 Stars of Destiny

and of course what I think is just the most breathtaking CE art; First Sunrise

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Definitely love some of the ones mentioned on here. I’ll also add Gandr and Imaginary Number.

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From what I’ve seen these are some of my favs:

I love these three for the scenery and emotions they invoke. Especially Inverted Moon of the Heavens with its stained glass look.

The artistic design of these three stand out to me. Especially the eyes of Artemis in Moonlight Festival and Mash in The Beginning of the Journey. Origin Bullet’s cracked glass also show’s Kiri and his relationships well.

It’s just awesome to see the artistic geniuses in one CE making a work of art together. Seeing Carmilla in a different light is cool and the foreboding duality of Demonic Bodhisattva makes it stand out to me.

Honorable mention to Peacefulness of 2018 since it takes on a different tone and feeling once you beat the final singularity.

One of my all time favs is also First Sunrise and a Burning Tale of Love, but the former has been mentioned multiple times already.


I’m honestly not dissatisfied with any of the CE artwork save for the 1 and 2* ones.

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Agreed. It feels like they did those in the last ten minutes before launching the game. Preemtion and Destruction are the only ones I find slightly interesting among them. And that’s mostly because they remind me a little of the tarot cards from the Persona game series

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Okay haha, I have all but one of these. Knights of the Marines, As You Wish, and Cafe Camelot are the ones I have and I love them mainly because I have a thing for the knights of the Round and Arthur of course (still salty I didn’t get him…) the last one I don’t have…yet. Mordred’s bond ce. The story behind it where she’s talking about what she is and how she has no idea who she really is breaks my heart and I love the visual look of it with Clarent and Camlann in the background


Note : all of CE that listed here is havent released in NA yet. i think most of my favorite CE hv been mentioned here. Plus i think i still hv more but i cant mentioned it.

Sailor san in white uniform - i really like the color selection, so far the best medusa guda guda CE.

Teacher and I (achilles + chiron.ver) More chiron in glasses please. <3
Ps : i actually like alex + waver.ver too. (seems i hv a crush with man in glasses hmm :fgo_dshy: )

Whydunnit (?) - A sexy waver. <3

A moment of peace and harmony - i love the drawing style, it makes shirou so cool here.


Dance with rounds - the most superior round table CE in my opinion. :fgo_umu: (knights of marines is also nice & i planning to get that CE but i like this CE the most among round table CEs)


I just love this costume.


For obvious reasons.

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Take a wild guess. One day I’ll have collected all Jeanne CE.

I have many favorites with many waifus on them. From Medusa’s gudaguda ces to baber alters traveling outfit ce and nyanyante’s formal dress ce… But there is only 1 right answer to the question of what should be everyone’s favorite ce illustration.

And that’s mashu’s dangerous beast ce, aka this:

This is by far the best center illustration.


Great selection and description on that first one. I could definitely see the sense of tragedy with the decayed Domus Aurea background but also the sense of acknowledgment from Nero’s pose and countenance. Very interesting.



Title: Thunderous Applause

I very much like the depiction of Nero’s Bond CE and the title that comes along with it. The very essence of it seems to speak out the radiance, vivacity, and beauty that Nero believed to be essential in life. The title itself “Thunderous Applause” seems to capture the praise that comes with obtaining and maintaining these qualities in one’s life. I see it as a bit of philosophy.

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