Your favourite duelists?


I could just dig through the listing of heroes, but I thought it would be more fun to ask everyone here.

I decided I want more units who have at least 29 each atk, spd, and def. Different balances are welcome (ex: 35/34/30 like Ogma, 30/35/35 Laegjarn style, 35/30/35 like…+spd Laslow?)

Will be used in PvE and AA. In AA I’m not getting as good of results as I want with the ranged units because more than half the maps are whaleservice and have tons of defense tiles and +10 armours tank harder than they would in any other mode. But armoursmasher + swordbreaker doesn’t cut it because I want sometimes to be able to park on a good square and tank single hits from two PvE opponents with 50-55 atk in one turn, and with inflated stats sometimes they have spd in the upper 30s or low 40s.

The Dancing Duelist



Doesnt Fjorm have on average of low to mid 30s for all of her stats?


She works, but I need more units who also work.


Well in that case, you also got neutral kit Joshua, Legendary Ike, Marisa, +def M!Corrin, Black Knight, and Brave Lucina are a few examples.


What’s your suggestion for getting more damage out of Joshua? 46 atk does nothing against armours on defense tiles. I’m not stacking four drive atks on him; there aren’t enough atk buffs to go around the barracks at the moment.


Well, there’s Hinata that reaches 29 speed at 5* +2 with a speed boon (or 4* +10).

There’s also Selena with an attack boon.

There’s also a +Def Hana with a defense refined sword, I guess.

I prefer using my Owain.


My man, sounds like you could use a nice, sturdy Tobin. I use him frequently to just sit and face tank multiple units in a row. The only units he has problems with are blue mages and sometime L!Tiki, but it really comes down to positioning with Tiki.

I’ve built just about everything on Tobin, so I know the ins and outs of what works where and what doesn’t.


You could wind up giving him the fierce stance sacred seal so upon being initiated he has 53 attack. This synergizes well with his close defense A skill.

Edit: You could replace his close defense seal with atk/def bond 3 so he would have 58 Atk next to an ally when a foe attacks.


I’m not really sure I fully understand what this “duelist” archtype is. Was it a unit that can simply do well at outlasting their opponent without necessarily onerounding or getting onerounded in return?


tbh I’m not exactly sure what the definition of this word is supposed to be. I’m using it to indicate a melee unit that survives decently or well when hit on def and doesn’t get doubled without bold fighter or Lethe-like spd, which translates into the numbers above. (I accept spd in the low 30s because enough opponents in PvE can’t double that, and a lot of AA opponents don’t double that)


4* merges I can consider if the fodder isn’t important (so Hinata is out)

If I pull an extra B.Ike I could consider giving him that ignis-every-time build for non-merge 5* usage.

Hana I will definitely consider, but I probably take +atk and unrefined prf because I’d like her to one-shot wary fighter greens.


This guy. If we’re talking ‘favourite’ and not ‘best’
More of a res and enemy phase focus, but does well in the player phase too.

Is especially nice when fighting (armored) dragons, but he can survive a hit from most enemies too. Hard to double him if used properly.

Though he really is suited for short fights, not long combat. As an assassin should be.

Still, I should switch the C skill.
And maybe the A skill (not sure to what)

Also, I should mention Sigurd. He’s just such a solid fighter even if he’s not the biggest tank or damage dealer.


Shame you wouldn’t consider Subaki under your criteria. He’s basically F2P Laegjarn, meaning far better access to merges. I have a 4*+10 with Harmonic Lance, and I made it alright with Klein as my QR fodder.

Then there’s Selena Gomez. You’ve mentioned your concern with her Atk, but I think she should be able to do fine as long as she’s not getting super debuffed by Surtr or facing reverse triangle. Sheena’s also really good as a 4*+10.


Look at this loser. Still using Quick Reposte 2 like it’s 2017. :smirk:


SHIT. I actually upgraded to QR3 already, I forgot how old that screenshot was. :tired_face:


Here, now we’re up to date. :sweat_smile:


And why wouldn’t I consider Subaki? I should have thought of him sooner, actually. Flier buffs and everything, extra burst damage off a special…


I’m not sure if they fall under the criteria, but Laevatein is a strong one I like to use as well as Nephenee.


Yes, both of them fit. I do use Nephenee when I’m doing my casual AA runs mid-week. Maybe I should just give her a blessing and use her in AA.