Your FEH Journey/Experience

With how the topic I made talking about what your units mean to you turned out, I thought it would be nice to make a new topic where we can learn about each other more! This time, we are going to talk about our experiences with FEH. While people do talk about this frequently, it’s nice to have a thread just about it.

Like before, I’ll start us off!

My FEH journey started a couple months after the game came out. I was reluctant to get it, since I was not really a big fan of it, but I got it anyways. I had fun during that time, but there were only 3-4 chapters out, I got impatient. I remember checking everyday to see if a new chapter was out, but there wasn’t. I deleted it and took a hiatus.

Later, I came across it again, and to my surprise, there was already a second book! Like before, I played through it. However, the amount of chapters got overwhelming for a bit, since I felt the need to finish the levels so quickly. In addition, I thought it was bad to hoard your orbs, so I would always summon. I also got surprised the cost for summoning went from 3 orbs to 5 orbs. I took another hiatus because it took up so much space.

If you read my post talking about what your characters mean to you, you might recognize this story. I once rejoined twice, once for L!Ike, and another time for L!Ryoma. Again, it took up so much space, I deleted it and was gone for a long time.

Flash forward to New Year’s Eve of 2019, I catch my brother hooked on playing on his phone. I recognize the game as Fire Emblem Heroes. He reveals to me he has been staying with this account for a couple years, and it incentivized me to download it again. I had a bigger device, so it did not take up too much space. It asked me to link an account, and I linked one. To my surprise, it was my brother’s old alt account he previously made (If I had to guess he got it during CYL3 since he had B!Camilla, and probably during an L!Roy rerun too, since he had him). I go to summoning and gaze upon one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Legendary Celica, The Queen of Valentía. I free summoned her, and it was an amazing night. Little did I know, this occasion foreshadowed how FEH would become more prominent in the new year.

Another hiatus, BUT, I didn’t delete it this time. Since I had no storage complications, FEH just slept in my iPad. I was busy with school, so I had little time to play it. Then, I saw L!Chrom on a post on social media. I was in awe. I immediately went back to FEH to try to get him. I didn’t. But, I got L!Azura and L!Julia. After this, I was committed to getting L!Chrom again. And so, I started playing regularly, and I have never taken a hiatus ever since! I also got L!Chrom in June!

I have had several alt accounts while being committed to my main. My most important one though, was the one lasting from the end of March to the end of April. That’s the longest I have ever kept one. I had a lot of bad memories with it, so I got rid of it, and never looked back.

Throughout my time this year of being committed to it, I have had a lot of highs and lows playing it. But, it was still a fun game to play. I’ve made a lot of friends and learned a lot about Fire Emblem as a whole. In fact, it was FE that helped me last throughout this stressful time.

Anyways, enough about me, what are your guys’ FEH Journey or Experience?


I started in October of 2018. I knew about the game on launch, but refused to play on principle because Micaiah wasn’t in the game yet. By the time she was added, I had kept enough distance to still refuse playing. Eventually, a close friend of mine at the time convinced me to get into the game, and I had been replaying FE7 at the time, and really wanted to get Ninian as my first 5*, because I had been told that dancer support was super essential in this game, and it was best to make sure I had a dancer. I reset the game for hours over this, but eventually got her.

For a few months, it was pretty simple. I’d play the game, kinda liked what it had to offer, and just kept up to have something to do. In that time, I got invested. I liked the characters I had pulled, and was getting to meet characters from games I’d never played (anything pre-FE7 at the time). I was particularly invested in Genealogy characters, because what little I had heard of about the game sounded cool. When I pulled, it was almost always on Green for free summons, in hopes of getting Deirdre. I didn’t know anything about her, but she was super cute, and I wanted to find out about her character. I also wanted to get Julia, as a backup. Boy how times change.

At the turn of the new year, I did my first big F2P orb spending session. I wanted NY!Gunnthra so, so badly. I did not get her. Over 400 orbs, and all I got was an Alm and a Sanaki. Both had terrible boons/banes too. I was devastated, and actually deleted the game off my phone. For almost a week. I was reminded about free summon tickets, and that technically I still had a shot. I figured I’d make my attempts with what was left. Better to exhaust all possibilities, right? So I logged back in, got the free summon ticket, and got some 3* unit or something. But a new banner was up that day. Klein and Clarine. I made my pull, took the only green stone, and lo and behold, it was a +Attack/-Defense Julia, who started the Julia obsession I now currently have. I was back in.

Later on in the month, I decided I wanted something of value from these pretty New Years alts, and was in the game to stay for a long while now, and bought the NY!Laevatein pack. I did get NY!Gunnthra with those orbs, too. Thus began the tale of a whale. Remember kids: not even once.

Then in February, we had the Second Anniversary Disaster, where I again spent a ton of accumulated orbs for Micaiah on that one-day rerun. I got Ephraim. Who I really do not like. I actually deleted again, but came back before the end of the day to try and farm out what orbs I could. I actually got Micaiah, so 2 for 2 on the game sensing I was about to leave and capitulating. It’s a shame I haven’t tried the “Delete and reinstall the app” method of favorable gacha rolls more often.

The next several months were focused almost exclusively on getting Julia to +10. Any time a banner of hers showed up, that’s what I went for. It took a while, but she was the very first +10 5* unit I ever got. She’s still one of my best. At this point, having seen how far I could take a unit in terms of Arena and AR performance, I got competitive, and started building units that I still loved, but also for specific combat roles. I started getting more invested in performance, which ultimately became the worst thing that could happen. I started to lose interest in another hobby that took up my expendable income, and started to put it into FEH. Questionable if that was a worthwhile decision, but here we are now. And to think. None of this would’ve happened if that Klein and Clarine banner hadn’t given me a good top draw. I could’ve been free. At least until a Micaiah banner showed up, then I’d have to come crawling back and try again.


I started on launch day and ive gone through every stage this game had, ive enjoyed every single one and i did not stop playing ever
I love this game it enables me to use units i love without having to play through their game again

Nothing significant even journeys to get the heroes i like were short since i had some amazing luck


I started day 1 and was really stupid and bad at the game then and probably still am now


I started about a week after launch. I was your typical naive player. I promoted a -Spd Tharja, not understanding IVs, and didn’t realize the reason mine was underperforming compared to others’. I constently threw Ike and B!Hector at B!Lyn, expecting them to safely tank her, and wondered why I lost so many fights. I went into summoning with hope that things would regularly turn out good. For a good while I was also a collector. Aside from a couple major hiccups here and there, it felt possible for the longest time, but after a while I started noticing how quickly we were getting units and that collection wasn’t a cheap habit and it stopped being fun looking forward to so many units.

Then I thought back to when I accidentally got L!Ike to +10 from pulling on Red so many times on Legendary banners trying to get everyone and remembered how great it felt to be able to complete my favorite character in the series. It was then that I decided to slow things way down and focus on favorites and it couldn’t have been better for my Heroes career. Before that, I was chasing a goal that in theory could be completed, but it would never last as new units keep coming out. I’d be trying to keep up with a goalpost that was constantly getting moved further and further away. Now that I’ve decided merge projects and units to invest in, my goals have been a lot more focused and obtainable, even if some might take a while.

don't want people to scroll for years so I'll put it in here

okay so I started in September (ye one year anniversary)
Back then I was dumb af and was blind to I.S.'s trickery
I recall I sent home a 4 star Takumi
RIP close counter :feh_elisad:
I also remember using grails in Fallen Takumi thinking I could merge him with OG Takumi…cuz i was an idiot
The Mythic Thrasir and Performing Arts were 2 of the banners I remember available and what I vividly remember is wanting Azura/Shigure
So i summoned and back to back in one circle, I got em both :feh_flaynsmile:
It felt unreal considering the percentage rate lol
And we all know my Thrasir story so imma skip that

book 3 was my favorite since that’s when i joined and basically my goal was to get every book 3 character
I explicitly remembering Legendary Leif being announced and i thought he was cool, but F!Tiki and L!Alm came instead :catcry:
Then November happened
I was honestly really expecting Líf and saved orbs the entire month for him, but then it was Altina
I was a bit bummed, so I spent half of the orbs on the Duo Ephraim banner (and got nothing)
I summoned on the Altina banner still cuz the next day I was like yeah, she’s cool
My priorities were Red and Colorless for B!Fjorm and Sothis
Half of my wish came true
Got a -spd/+atk Sothis and a S!Gunnthra
I was glas with what I got cuz i just really wanted Sothis
I still wanted Líf and when i heard his weapon was datamined I began saving again
Long story short, after nearly a year, I collected every book 3 unit :feh_nino: as well as fully merging my favorite unit/OC Thrasir
I do remember sucking at a lot of hard map and doubting I’d beat em (how time has passed)

Also i kinda regret learning about IVs
If i never learned of them, I wouldn’t be so greedy for a better boon and summon more, wasting orbs i planned on saving for the end of the month (I started saving for only L/M banners at that time)

I wanted tips on Feh so I always lurked around GP without an account to see what advice people gave and took it
At around March is when I decided to join for some more specific Feh help and honestly it really did benefit me in the long run

I wouldn’t have done as well as I have in Feh if I didn’t come here
That aside, in terms of experience, it is a wild ride so I’ll shorten it

When I first got it it had that enjoyment for me and I was addicted at the time

L/M banners were always the highlight of the month for me
I just loved seeing their finisher animations
Back then for like 4 months i only cared about what happened at the end of the month (L/M banner), and felt like i wasted those months doing nothing but Feh and waiting for the banner
But naturally it got a little boring but I chose to keep it to see if it’d get fun again
I still played it, but mainly did the basic errands
Pretty much any Feh hero trailer was enjoyable cuz i needed something to spark that fun it used to have again
I’m not sure specifically why or how, but over time Feh kind of got a little more enjoyable again
I like to think it’s cuz of GP and talking to people who play it makes it more fun than me being the only one here that’s aware or plays it.
That and maybe my drive to +10 Thrasir, but who knows tbh

Book 4 was really the only fun thing
I always liked getting more story
Plus it’s my first book I actually was around for from start to finish
Triandra was definitely a character i was excited to see and can’t wait for her release
Then I saw Freyja was like I NEED HER

Duo/Harmonic Heroes I know some don’t like but I’m always down for creative ways heroes are implemented cuz Feh really needed to shake things up a bit
Especially when the one I wanted the most, Veronica Xander Duo, was announced
I kinda regret spending money on this game at times, so I chose to stop impulse spending, and only go for the Forma Pack (cuz it’s like the best deal they got) and the occasional monthly orb pack
The orbs are just hoarded for later tbh
Gonna finish this up cuz it’s looooooong :fgo_meltpensive:

Nowadays I play Feh like it’s a regular game: do the errands collect what needs to be collected and bounce, although I like looking at my units to see how far I’ve come
I only spend like 20-40 orbs on new banners and a little more on L/M banners
My main drive now is to be around for Triandra and Freyja’s releases and hopefully get them (and +10 Freyja day 1)

But yeah that’s my story
I had regrets in Feh and moments where I didn’t like it, but I can’t completely hate it cuz of things like introducing me to FE characters and giving a newcomer who hasn’t really played FE a chance to learn things
Also i wouldn’t have met y’all without it :fgo_ereshlove:


Started when the first summer banners were on. 1st 5 star was chrom, he was my first +10 I think. Found this place. Here I am.


I played from the beginning and I had a nice first months of playing, but got bored before summer. I did a briefly hiatus and came back a bit after the brave heroes arrived. Since then I’ve played nonstop, not thinking much, just summoning from now and them, until 2018, when they announced beasts coming to the game.

That’s when I started lurking around here. Also started saving. Almost 400 orbs to spend for my beasts. Then Micaiah won CYL and kept saving for her. And now I am a semiproffesional saver that just hypes a lot about a very tiny amount of units and get little results. Sad.


This is very long, so I’ll break it up between different time periods

Feb-June 2017

I started the game when it came out. My very first pull was a 4* Henry. A few days afterward, I was on the bus with a friend and I thought “I need a healer.” I pulled on a colorless and out came my first 5 star, an OG Sakura. Still have her to this day, but I never use her. I pulled A!Tiki and Eliwood at 4 stars early on. I also pulled Lyn from her focus banner and then a 5 star Marth from his focus banner a day afterward. I also remember pulling a little on Ephraim and Julia’s release banner but never getting anything good. I was then waiting for Ike to come out since he wasn’t in the game yet (if you don’t count the title screen).

The next banner was the Reinhardt and Sanaki release banner. I noticed Sanaki was from RD, and I decided to pull for her. I eventually did get her. Then the Ninian/Karel banner. I really wanted Ninian, but I couldn’t get her. I saved up about 15-20 orbs for pulling one day, and got a Karel and a 5 star Abel. The next banner after that was the Spring Festival banner. I thought it was hilarious that a bunny Camilla was added before Ike so I pulled for her. Ended up getting her and Ninian in the same batch.

Then the Alm banner. I spent on it but got nothing. During the middle of it, I started saving. This was a good idea, as the very next banner was the one I had been awaiting. Ike had finally been added. I had about 30 something orbs and then I redeemed the 10 free My Nintendo orbs. I used them. Only 5 star was a -atk Alm (though this was before I paid attention to IVs). Also got my first Seliph. I pulled on his banner all throughout its run, ignoring the first hero fest. Didn’t get him, nor did I get any more 5 stars, even after spending $30. His banner then ended. This led to me making constant jokes with my friends about Ike finally coming on a “Day of Reckoning.”

The Celica banner then started in mid-May. I pulled Takumi from it one day and flexed him to my friends. He was the only 5 star I got from it though. Then there was the bride banner. I was broke on orbs and considered spending money for Bride Lyn. I got her on my third pull so I didn’t need to do that.

June-Dec 2017

The Echoes of Mystery banner was the one that came after the bride banner. I had the game deleted from my phone for a day since my mom didn’t want me to play video games, but when I came back, I pulled my first Titania (she was a 4 star) and a focus Roderick.

Next up was Ylissean Summer. My first two pulls were a 5 star Merric and OG Lucina. I eventually pulled a SA!Tiki that I still have today. After that was the Alm and Celica’s Army banners, and I pulled Delthea from the former. Around this time I also pulled OG Julia from a Heroes with Hone Skills banner. At the end of July was Nohrian Summer. I liked Corrin at the time and decided to pull for her summer alt, which left me with a 5 star Cordelia (who I use a lot today!). But on that same day, after pulling, I saw a Feh Channel that announced a Hero Fest. In the silhouettes of the banner units I saw Ragnell, and I thought, “I need to save!” I did just that and had 60 orbs ready for the Hero Fest.
I pulled two OG Ikes back-to-back! I was so happy that he finally came home. The first was +def -res (still the one I use now) and the second was +res -atk. I used them both instead of merging them.
Mid-August had that Sacred Stones banner with Seth and Tana, I think I pulled for Tana a bit but I didn’t get her.

Then there was CYL1. I bet by now you know who all my votes went to. Naturally my free pick went to B!Ike. I then pulled for B!Lyn, got a 5 star Titania merge and then pulled B!Lyn a day after her banner came out. She was -atk. The next banner was Elincia and Nephenee’s. I tried getting Elincia but only got a 5 star OG Roy and 5 star Seth out of it. Seth was fine though. On that TT banner, I pulled 3 times and got OG Mist (she was -atk though). Then I think the Performing Arts banner came out, and I tried to get Azura, but quit midway through and I think I saved a bit, enough to have 90 or so orbs by the start of the next banner. It was the first full Genealogy banner, and I pulled Sigurd and Deirdre back to back. And then there was the Halloween banner and I really wanted H!Henry. Only 5 stars I got were H!Sakura and Tailtiu.

Then November brought with it the Farfetched Heroes. I really wanted to get Mia, but I walked out with a 5 star Cain and my first Soren. Then there was that Feh Channel that announced legendary banners and I thought “wow those sound cool, can’t wait!” I saved up about 90 orbs for it, and by the time it ended, I pulled a Celica and B!Lyn. December had uninteresting banners for me, so I saved up.

January-Start of Feb 2018

I also saved through the first New Years banner, and I had about 300 or so orbs by the time January’s New Heroes banner came out. It was Micaiah’s banner and high-time she got added. I spent and got her, 2 Sothes, and a pitybreaker Merric merge with 70 orbs left. I saved through the rest of the month until the last day.
There was a Feh Channel, and I woke up to my friends telling me “you’ll like this one.” It was the one that revealed L!Ike. I was like “ohshootohshootohshoot” and dumped all 220 orbs I had into his banner. 1 Sanaki and 1 Siegbert. I was very sad. I had a friend who pulled L!Ike at lunch and I got very salty (he also pulled multiples of him during this banner). The 50 anniversary orbs seemed promising, so I hoarded up all the TT orbs the day before the anniversary. The anniversary came, and I pulled at school in the morning with some friends. Almost all those orbs gone, no Ike, just another Sanaki and Siegbert. I had 4 orbs left. During my last class of the day, I drew OG Ike saying something along the lines of “Siegbert, do you like making us salty?” As I sat down on the bus with a friend during dismissal time, I grinded two of the 10th stratum quests like mad and collected 2 orbs. I then had 6, so I went for the yolo summon while on the bus with my friend. There were two reds. I chose the one on the bottom right, and out came L!Ike! We celebrated then and there. I had spent about 360 orbs total for him.

Feb-August 2018

The L!Ike summoning experience only boosted me wanting to save my orbs. I thought “if 220 wasn’t enough for him, then I need to save more!” My saving was then quickly halted by LA!Hector. I pulled him a few days after his banner came out, after getting a +atk Titania (who’s my current base for her +10) and Camilla as pitybreakers. I started saving like mad again.
I skipped everything. I hit 1k orbs sometime in May. Then Bridal Bloom came out with B!Sanaki and B!Ninian, and I pulled both of them in 308 orbs. Went back into full saving mode. I broke saving again for S!Cordelia but she came in 9 orbs so everything was fine. I free pulled a Myrrh on the Ylissean Summer rerun. Then L!Hector came out. I was on the fence due to my previous legendary banner experience, but I ended up pulling him, a B!Ike merge, and LA!Lyn in 59 orbs. On the SY!Tiki banner, I got her and an Amelia in 128 orbs. Saved a bit more, before starting another PTSD summon session…

Aug-Dec 2018

I had 1,503 orbs. The Festival in Hoshido banner came out. I wanted Micaiah and Elincia. With my orb count, I thought it would be easy. Oh no it wasn’t. Pulled red after red and green after green. Got several pitybreakers, including my first Y!Tiki, an OG Ike merge (exactly a year after I first pulled him too), Drunk Celica, a Myrrh merge, Leif, Sword Reinhardt, and a HF!Xander from an all-colorless circle. Finally, after what felt like forever, I saw HF!Micaiah. 709 orbs spent. Then one pull afterward was HF!Elincia, for a total of 714 orbs. That banner was hell. It was also the last banner I pulled on before I moved to where I am now.
Up next was CYL2. I voted for Hector and Ephraim and I was excited to see them. I chose Hector, but opted not to pull for Ephraim since I wanted to save after that Festival in Hell.
I didn’t pull again until the L!Tiki banner at the end of September. Got her and a L!Ike merge in 100 orbs. The L!Ike was in the first batch too, which was nice.
Then I spent 94 orbs for H!Mia and also got a Leif pitybreaker. During these times I thought “where tf is Ike’s seasonal alt? He should have one by now”
Didn’t spend again until the winter banner, where I spent 60 to get W!Ephraim. I hit 2k orbs by the end of December, and thanks to some tactics drills, I had 2019 orbs on New Years Eve.

Jan-Feb 2019

2019 started off great for me. The NY Hrid banner was a skip, though I did get a NY Fjorm with the tickets. I was waiting for Tibarn and co to come out. I got him at -atk on the free pull, and spent 132 orbs for a Leanne. Saved for most of January until the Nephenee and Elincia BHB banner, where I spent 179 orbs for a Sumia, Ayra, and Elincia and almost dipped below 2k orbs. I spent 12 on my free pull batch on Duma’s banner just in case L!Ike was in the reds.
Then came February’s silhouettes. I saw the one on the right and thought “Is that RD Ike?? Finally, it’s about time he gets a seasonal alt!” The trailer came out. The right silhouette wasn’t RD Ike but it was V!Greil, but the left one was V!Ike all along. I was really happy to see him and Mist finally get seasonal alts, and with my giant orb stash I decided to +10 him and pull for a copy of the others. I started with 2,152 orbs. At the end of day 1 of the banner, I had a +8 V!Ike, a +2 V!Mist, +atk V!Greil, +atk V!Soren, -atk Nephenee, OG Mia, a Delthea merge, my first Reyson, and many more good units I didn’t have before. It took me around 9 days and $21 to +10 V!Ike with 2,326 orbs total. Though I could’ve saved some money with the last one if I picked the top stone first…

So with V!Ike completely resetting my stash, I started saving again.

Mar-Dec 2019

Nothing really happened in March for me, until the end when Yune came out. I had about 300 orbs and was on the fence about pulling her, but her colorsharing with Lewyn convinced me. Spent 157 orbs for 2 Lewyns, an Eir, an extra H!Mia so I could give her staff to Mist, and Yune. One Lewyn was fed to L!Ike for Special Spiral, and the other was +spd and I still have him. He’s very fun to use AoE flashing blade builds with.
I had to skip the second RD beast banner unfortunately, but it gave me Caineghis on the free pull so that was nice

April 2019 came along, I was really hoping for older 5 star units to get demoted, but then the Thanos Snap happened. I was pissed. How was I going to fix my -atk Mist? This made me spend 81 orbs on her BHB banner, and I got a +res copy of her along with a merge for OG Ike. I also merged my old -atk OG Ike into my main one. This was the last time I spent more than 10 orbs before July 2019, when I got disappointed with the summer banners and the Weekly Revival 5 banner rolled around. I spent 350 orbs for 3 Mists, a B!Ike, and some pitybreakers.
On the Splendid Soiree banner, I only spent on the free pull batch and I ended up with S!Nephenee, which was nice. This was also around the time of Hero’s Path, so B!Ike got a merge on top of his beautiful refine.

Skipped everything until the Halloween banner. Duo units had just come out, and I thought that H!Hector and Lilina were absolutely adorable. I also wanted H!Ilyana for my Tellius collection. Hector came easily and I pulled 2 copies of him, but I got pitybroken by Thea and 3 Drunk Berkuts before H!Ilyana came home. 426 orbs total, a bit of a setback. Not too long afterward, I spent 156 orbs on Week 19 for 2 B!Ikes and a Helbindi.
Then November came with my 3rd favorite FE character Ephraim getting a duo alt. I was really worried about not getting him, but then I got both him at +atk and an Edelgard to use as Dimitri bait with my tickets. So, not too bad.
Then Weekly Revival 5 came back. I had just played a Blue Lions run and I became a huge Dimitri fan. So I pulled blues off-focus on that banner like an idiot. Had the worst luck out of all of its runs too, with only an Alm on pull 40 and an OG Ike merge on pull 50 with 195 orbs spent.
I then focused all my orbs for the December legendary banner for L!Ike merges with an original plan of spending 100 orbs.

End of Dec 2019

The legendary banner for December had been revealed, and Dimitri and Claude were in it. I started the day with great luck, with Dimitri coming on a ticket. But then everything went wrong when I went over budget like an idiot. 503 orbs, no L!Ikes, 3 L!Roys, a Peony, but a Hrid, Claude, and that Dimitri I wanted. I was very crushed.
I became really worried that IS would give Ike a NY or Hot Spring seasonal and my orbs wouldn’t be ready.
I hate L!Roy now.


The first 4 months of 2020, I only spent on the 3rd run of Weekly Revival 5. On day 1 of that banner, I pulled 2 B!Ikes in the first batch. I waited for the FE 30th anniversary banner to be revealed before pulling more, and it turned out to be a skip. I then went back in on weekly revival 5 and pulled a Nagi, 3 Mists, and my first Mercedes for a total of 187 orbs. I started out the main pulls of that banner with 2,387 orbs.

I thought that this year Ike would get a summer or duo alt, but boy did May’s banner prove that to be very wrong. I covered up the thumbnail of his banner trailer before watching it so I could guess the units based off their voices. I got the first three right, so on the last one I thought “yeah Gawain’s gotta be a lock for this banner!” I didn’t hear Ike’s voice line long enough to guess who it was and when I saw him there I thought “my orbs are feeling like Infinity War Spiderman right now.” And he was colorsharing with Julia, which was scary.
I hypergrinded all the chain challenges and squad assaults I had left the day before the banner, and when the banner came out, I did all the story maps before pulling.

Started that banner with 2,772 orbs, my current record. Came out with a +10 drunk Ike, 3 drunk Lyons, 2 drunk Julias, Lysithea, B!Alm, B!Veronica, and many others after spending 1,473 orbs.

2 weeks later I got very salty when IS handed Micaiah a duo alt and full color variation after just giving Ike his 4th sword alt. Free pulled Rafiel from that banner which was nice.

I don’t feel like writing that much more, so basic summary of banners I spent on after that:
Week 16 3rd run- 63 orbs for OG Ephraim
Overseas Memories- 15 orbs for S!Sylvain (bonus Dorothea too)
Week 19 3rd run- 33 orbs for 1 B!Ike merge
Mythic Hel- 980 orbs (5 L!Ike merges, 1 Hel, 1 Thrasir, 1 L!Edelgard, 4 Altinas, 6 L!Roys, seriously L!Roy kindly f*** off)
Pirate’s Pride- 86 orbs for 1 P!Tibarn
A New Future- 135 orbs for CYL Claude spark, got 5 pitybreakers too

(still waiting on summer/duo Ike IS. Please make him blue so I don’t have to suffer Red Hell anymore)

I spent way too much time writing all this. If you’re wondering “how the heck do you remember how many orbs you spent on those banners?”, I keep track.
If you read through all of this, then you can have a giant batch of cookies. It was interesting going back through my experiences though!


Not really much to mine.

I started playing a few days before CYL2, and have been playing pretty consistently since then. For a long time I never really thought about +10ing a unit since I cared more about just collecting them, but as time went on I slowly learned more about effective foddering, IVs, when to merge, when to not, and all that

Now, I’m still not as great as lots of people in this site and around the world, but I’m still learning and hopefully one day I’ll be up with the best :feh_nino:


First let me tell you I’ve never played nor heard of gacha games untill I started playing Feh entirely because I’ve never been interested in "phone games":confused:,now with that said I started some months after launch 3-4 to be exact after seeing some feh advertisement on Serenes Forest while I was looking up where the Metis’s Tome was again (I forgot lol).

Hrsssss later I downloaded feh out of my sheer love for Fire Emblem…long story short I’ve loved it ever since,but it’s starting to slowly die where I find myself only interested in building up my favorites.


Started day one, went f2p until the first Halloween banner. Have been a dolphin ever since. Spent quite a bit on getting a S!Lilina last year, which prompted me to start spending less on Feh. I still spend but not as much as I used to. Made a second account August of last year, that account is f2p.


I’m going to hide it here so it gets easier to scroll down:


Well, originally, I started around day 1, I remember getting a free 5★ Ephraim from a map which I was content with, but that’s about what I remember as I quitted a while after, because I wasn’t fond of the 3DS games and the newer translations they were giving to the characters’ names back then, and the gameplay elements, I really prefered the good ol’ classics, specially the Jugdral titles.
Since then, I’ve been on a long hiatus and uninstalled the game, you could say I was both prideful and ignorant about my choices back then, but I stopped being like that, thankfully.

But it wasn’t until around mid August 2018, I was on a vacation in a countryside house near my hometown, when I grew suddenly interested on…



That’s right, Camilla helped me get back into FEH, in case it’s not known, purple is my favourite color and I have a soft spot for big sisters, she’s no exception and I quite like her, FE14 helped on that as well.

I’m thinking I could train her as a way to “pay respects” but right now I have a few units that need [Savage Blow 3], and there are things I still don’t know of her, I want to train characters I fully know (i. e.: learnt all that is known officially).
I may work on the other versions too but I’m not really fan of her Adrift alt.

Anyway, at first, I started to search fan #art of her on Pixiv, and finally brought myself to download FEH so that I could learn a few things about her, and since then I got slowly but surely more involved in the game, gaining interest in characters from the 3DS games which I neglected before for dumb reasons as well as give a chance to the games themselves, I started with FE14 so that I could learn more of her (but that took a few months as I needed a computer that could handle Citra Emulator such as the ones on the university I attended)… well, this is another story, back on tracks:
After getting interested for other characters I got myself caught into a major issue: wasting time rerolling copious amounts of time (with superuser privileges to make it quicker), on top of my head, I remember L!Y!Tiki, Mikoto, L!Azura debut (I remember Sm!Camilla being there too), and finally Idoun (best girl!) + Sp!Palla making me reroll.
I’d play on an account for some days but after things failed while trying to get a unit, I deleted the account and started over until getting that unit I desired, that repeated itself for a few months from the time I got back in the game until I got some nice results out of pulling on L!Azura’s banner, I’ve been sticking to that account so I linked it, that’s my alternative account but I can’t share it because I don’t have my computer, otherwise I’d share some things.

I used to frequent a certain Fire Emblem site in Spanish which I used to get guides about certain things, to date it’s even the most complete reference about TearRing Saga (but still unfinished and mainly in Spanish), that site mainly served me as a way to get the IVs of a unit, I even got to interact for a while there, but it was feeling rather tough to keep up with so I permanently left it.
So, I decided to look for another FEH reference and that’s when I stumbled upon #gamepress, I believe this was on early Jan/2019 but Idr, I had the chance to interact for a while on the Q&A but had a rough start and a somewhat unsuccessful summoning session (if anyone remembers, someone was feeling frustrated to snipe for Selkie, that was me but still irresponsible and weak to temptations), and what’s more, soon after Selkie’s debut, Idoun was added but of I got punished and didn’t get her on debut in that account, so I decided to make it my alt and start rerolling for the last times, around then, Sp!Palla was also added so I targetted both banners, it took a while before I got both of them in about 50 [Orbs] each and with great IVs: Idoun came with +def/-spd IVs I think, and Sp!Palla with a +spd/-res, that’s when I made official my main account and started to work on it while saving for others as I needed more 5★s, also putting an end to that bad habit about rerolling and never settling with an account.

As for why I kept my alt, I felt like it could be useful to redirect summoning urges and also allow me to make experiments, it’s linked but not in use because, as said quite a few times, my PC isn’t working.

It’s also true that I absented myself a while after being greeted by the Discourse based forum we know as “GamePress Community” and are using right now, I was offline for some months but returnes around… July/2019? And since then I slowly grew more involved on the site (sometimes I look back at my old posts and think of how dumb I was :feh_tooobin:).

But why mix in how I found #gamepress?:
I don’t blame you for asking that, actually it’s understandable, but I’ll sum it up: I grew so involved with this site, made some friends and acquaintances, and eventually gained reputation as a local Idoun/Sonya enthusiast… that it fleshed me out, as time went by, I underwent several changes and realized my shortcomings both in and out the game, slowly improving and changing as a person while also getting better at FEH and gaining confidence in participating as I met the people that frequent the site.

Eventually I found myself doing other things such as sharing fan #art (mainly of characters I like/love) and participate of the [Orb] count threads, both (and more things throughout my learning) playing a crucial part in strengthening the bonds with my favourites and even other characters, while also becoming much more resilient at summoning urges, I owe it to this site and the amazing community.

And that takes me to the present, becoming a guy that invests on all his favourites
It’s been a wild ride, not without its downs but also there were ups and friends I’m glad to have met and share a bond with.

This was a bit of a sandwich post since I got sleepy while writing :feh_legion_miso: but it didn’t take me much to resume this.
Anyway, it’s a tad of a lengthy read so I recommend to be ready before opening that details block


Well to shorten this. I began a month after launch, but it was a very up and down relationship with feh back in 2017 where I deleted the app multiple times :feh_legion_miso:
This continued right up until a year later when in March 2018 I deleted my account, just erased it and reduced it to atoms. Then I had a period of regret and around 8 months later I got into a spat with IS over trying to get my account restored, and by some miracle, I managed to get it back and the people at Nintendo and IS even sent me a nice email basically saying “don’t ever delete it again ya lucky dumbass :fgo_ereshlove:
So ever since then I’ve been playing this game, quit a few times over the summer of 2019 but I’ve been continually playing FEH since Duo Hector was released. I will say this game has given me my fair bouts of joy, anger, and sadness but without it I probably would’ve never played Fire Emblem or learned about the characters and the wonderful lore of each game that I feel is interesting in many ways. And I wouldn’t have learned about this great community that enjoys this great series. Even though this game is like an abusive relationship, I still enjoy playing it and certainly enjoy feh gamepress, thanks to you all for making this game more enjoyable to play, make memes about, and just overall having fun. :feh_nino:

Hiding for obvious reasons

FEH was weird for me to really start I must say, I have always been very technologically behind, I did not have any type of phone until my last year of middle school, and it was a blackberry phone.
However my grandma would let me play on her phone, so I played the game, kinda I deleted it very early on cause not my phone, and all I remember is how I got a 5 star Male Corrin.
Moving on it wasn’t until the end of my sophomore year where I got a smartphone, mainly cause my old one was so broken I couldn’t even turn it on.
The very first app I downloaded and Installed was FEH. It was around the time of Grima’s Legendary banner, all that kinda remains from that is a +1 Zelgius and a H!Sakura.
My very first team consisted of Selena, Lukas, Lilina, and H!Sakura.
I regret my early game play style, which was get 20 orbs and spend them.
I played the game a lot, but a lot of the early day stuff I can barely remember.
It was also with this new phone that I was able to play the gba games, so I had surpassed being just a 3ds era person.
Honestly I was not very lucky ealry on, I got a lot of pity breakers and units I didn’t want, looking at you +2 S!Takumi. But in this past year I have been able to nab every last alt from all the past years I failed to get.
Best achievement is how I got the entire TMS cast with good ivs, on their debut banner, oh and +10 Rinkah, I guess.


well I jumped in the second the game was launched with me immediately mostly focusing on building up awakening tiki the second I got her and it sure has been interesting how she went from being seen as objectively worse than young tiki to potentially as good to “no”…
I also got takumi fairly quickly who back then made everyone prepared for trouble (with og Hector making it double) so that was interesting.

Also I still have a ton of stamina potions and dueling crests since there wasn’t anything to do and I wasn’t aware of arena for a while…