Your FGO Gacha Satisfaction Score

My account was about 4 months old. So far, I only seriously roll 4 times:

  • Summer Fran/Maid Alter/Lancer Raikou [summer]
  • Merlin [after Nero Fest]
  • Osakabehime
  • Gils/Okita/Shirou [thanksgiving].

I spent 2 tickets on Gramps and Ishtar banners just to try my luck. The slash means any of them would make me happy in that order of priority. Amongst them, I got who I wanted twice: Merlin and Gils.

So my ratio of banners which I achieved my goals / total banners seriously rolled is roughly 50% which is pretty good.

Certainly, there are more factors involved in satisfaction such as the total number of SQ spent. I don’t feel the total number of SSRs obtained matters much when it comes to satisfaction if those SSR are not who you really wants. So for simplicity, I think the ratio I defined above is a good indicator of how satisfied a player is.

Let’s say “seriously rolled” to mean roughly “spent (or intended to spend) at least 30 SQ/10 rolls”. What’s your gacha satisfaction score/ratio?

EDIT: Add “(or intended to spend)” to account for people who got the Servant they really want in a few tickets.

I’ve been around since damn near when FGO started myself. Though I hadn’t actually played much in my first year.

However I’ve only really started playing during the end of last year. So from there. I think I’ve only actually failed on getting what i wanted on 4 banners, compared to the dozens of them. So at a ballpark guess, I say that I’m around 90% by your ratio. I’m not counting the banners where i just yolo’ed and didn’t want any Servants at all…

Looking at you Scheherazade GO DIE!!!

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And I thought I was already very lucky. :expressionless:

Well… when i failed, I failed badly. Granted my two worst banners were Melt’s and Musashi’s more recently. I got the latter but she only came in 670 SQ. The former didn’t come at all and i threw 1000+ SQ at her banner…

I’m still pretty new, so I have only “seriously” rolled a couple times, once for Merlin, once for Musashi, and once for Ishtar. I lucksacked into Waver while rolling the Caster class banner, because I had zero gold casters at the time, and I pulled Maid Alter from the very first banner I spent all my newbie quartz on right when I started. That’s all my SSRs, so far.

Now, I am not F2P, I’ve probably spent around $300.00 so far, but I guess I have been fortunate. We’ll see how my luck holds out when Tamamo’s banner arrives…

Hope you get her. Quite a few people here in the forum have pretty bad luck with her. I’ve only managed to get her once near when i started. I only managed to get her 3rd skill to lvl 10 only a few days ago. I put it off for too long. T_T

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I know, right? SO many bones…

But it’ll be worth it for Best Fox Wife and the Arts shenanigans she enables.

I’m short on bones and seeds. I used the vast majority of my stockpile of bones on Gramps… now i need poison needles for him :sob:

Ooh, I hear Needles are really bad. My condolences! Haven’t really had to deal with them, myself. My bane has been gears.

Never got my SQ count pass 150 for the first 3 months.

Now that I learnt the tricks (keep SQ in the present box), I should have more than 300 now. All my SQ are for Skadi next year but I also want Sherlock Holmes.

I was where you’ve been… at least until Nerofest came up in September, haha. Don’t worry about it so much. When one resource holds you up, you’ll inevitably find another when you get out of your immediate hell.

@anonymous_xyz Yeah, I’m whaling for Skadi, though i already have Sherlock holmes. Want me to add you so you can play with him? Mine’s NP2 lvl 90 10/10/10

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I think I’ll just go with 50% something. Also, this made me realize how much it sucks to roll for a Servant that I really wanted.

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Sure, my IGN is L (005,690,580). I am switching to a Ruler-based farming.

Sent a request, my IGN is Emprisk

Just accepted.

I started playing a little before the Nero Event during the class summons and i summoned for Merlin, Raikou Berserker, Gil and Okita.

I got none of them. Only 5* i got was Ozy, and only unit of the ones i wanted i got was Heracles and Emiya Alter but only got Emiya from free 4 Choose event. Big Feels Bad

Ozy is a great SSR. He has a battery and it ups the chance of letting his Imperial Privilege buffs landing along with his Charisma buff. His ST NP damage is nothing to sneeze at either.

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Only times I “seriously rolled” were on Saber class banner, and TG with Gil on it.

Got what I wanted off saber banner in two multis, while TG took 90sq+3 tickets. I’m entirely F2P sooo…70% on saber banner, and 100% on TG because Gil came home, twice :fgo_gudako:. I’d rate my saber banner pulls higher, but I almost didn’t get a copy of Bedi because of Fergus 10% rate up is a lie; and the aoe saber isn’t who I wanted :joy:.

Incredibly dissatisfied due to the sheer amount of money that was required for a few of the acquisitions.

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8 months in, I have about 5 SSRs, with one on NP3 and another on NP2 alongside a number of SRs. To say, I am highly satisfied with what I got so far. Only really rolling for about 3 banners, I only walked away with a somewhat heavy heart for two instances. With the first on the CCC banner as I failed to get Gil for the first time (though Waver spooked me so this cancels out) and the other this recent thanksgiving, failing to get Broskandar (this was moreso of greed and not checking my expectations as I got Gil and Gramps beforehand). If I am to rate it its about 80%.