Your FGO Lead is back

Hey everyone,

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the author line and/or just noticed a general dip in content, well, you might have noticed I have been absent for just over 2 months. In fact, if you checked out the New Years Inn guide, I actually stopped nearly at the finish line and have not really made any guide since. You may have thought this was caused by some reorganization at GP or a result of fewer resources put into FGO - but that is absolutely not the case. Fortunately, my colleagues were more than capable of covering the last few events, even if it stretched them really thin (with Arknight’s release).

While I like to keep this short and impersonal, I do think a small explanation is in order. Hopefully this will give you a bit of context now that I recovered (ironically, just as the Corona virus is rearing its head). In addition, I’d also request a little help from you - provided you have some ideas!

There’s a TL;DR at the bottom :fgo_jeannu:

Fact of the matter is that working for GamePress on the FGO side means dealing with a lot of timezone shenanigans in addition to working remote (i.e. at home) in Europe. With a cocktail of events/releases that launch at odd times (evening, midnight, super early morning, etc.) I adopted the worst method of all: behaving like I was still a student. As such, I often woke up at midnight to attend a release, did some work at 4 am in the morning, or just in general lacked any sort of set-in-stone structure. Add in that some events require me to essentially submerge myself fully to “get” the event, for example Mission guides that I need to simulate in its entirety in a sheet, and boy did that eventually caught up to me. After being essentially tired 24/7 at the end of last year, I basically just ended up crashing and just having trouble sleeping at all.

The Saber Astolfo release for example being just about the worst thing possible: midnight release with an obscene extended maintenance.

There is a reason that usually companies work 9 - 5, that employers and some employees prefer offices. It adds structure and an environment which is just for working. At home, you cannot switch off so easily, whether that is due to Discord being active, you’re logged into all your work accounts, or something new/small just came out and needs something, and so on. If you are affected by any containment regarding the Conona Virus and are allowed to work from home, the crappy parts of working remote will soon become visible to you as well - so do take care and let this be a form of caution about working hours.

Furthermore, I had a complete lack of internet access after moving for 3.5 months (!! - for any dutch person, that’s how long Ziggo/my muncipality took, yay for bureaucracy in the NL!) which severely impacted my game enjoyment as well - loading for 30 seconds per quest alone on 4G at home. I have shared that previously actually all the way back during Shimousa/Salem.

TL;DR Lack of sleep schedule, tired 24/7, only crappy 4g internet for months, crashed hard.

Now, we’ve got that sorted, some of the site definitely needs looking at. Some of it is a team effort though (Tier List, Events, etc.), and some of it I can do myself. I’d like to focus on the latter bits here, as I want to do some permanent stuff before grinding myself back into temporary content/imminent Lostbelt releas(es).

For that, I will be creating a daily poll. That is, you can vote for what you want me to work on that day for a few hours at least. Ideally, this is permanent content only - i.e. updating writeups, guide sections, out-of-date tables, inaccurate information and so on.

In addition, I will use the comments from each daily thread to create the options for the next day, that is I will check out the most liked options and pick the most suitable ones.

A new poll will be posted each day, you can find the first one here!

I missed out on the KnK walkthrough, but I’ll be back with a vengeance for GudaGuda 3!


With somene with experience working from home - it is pretty crappy in the long term. Glad I have the structure of an office now.

I hope you are all okay now and can continue to contribute in a more sustainable way :slight_smile:

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Oh, I’ve heard about you before, people were wondering where you’ve been. :eyes:

Nice to meet you, welcome back! :feh_popcorrin:



Jeanne YAY
Welcome back


Yooooooooooooooo you’re baaaaaaaaack! :fgo_anchin_sama:

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YOOOOOOOOOO the man himself returned!!! :fgo_ereshwoah::fgo_ereshwoah::fgo_ereshwoah:

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Thanks guys, the first poll is up, feel free to also make any suggestion regarding Day 2’s poll options.


Yay, Sizzle is back! I’m glad you’ve come out of this okay. :)


Sizzle appreciation thread when?


Definitely not me bc I’m no one at writing
@LeiCiel or @Lost247365 can you make that happen?:fgo_ereshlove:


Welcome back! It wasn’t quite the same without you here so it’s really nice seeing you back in action and knowing you’re fine :fgo_pancakeslmao:

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Welcome back.
It’s nice to see you again, like the others I share the sentiment that your absens made things feel different.

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So whens the next versus thread. :fgo_meltbirb:

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Welcome back man!!

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I would be happy to do one when I have more time later today.

I’m kinda busy atm.


Okay posted!

I hope it is up to everyone’s expectations!


Welcome back, now we can start migrating back from the offtopic threads :smiley:




Yeah, I don’t think that’ll happen but I tried being optimistic. :laughing: