Your first grail and why?

I just realized that Kojiro got his animation update back in October and man it looks sleek as hell esp his NP. And so I finally have someone to use my grails on. I would grail some of my other servants in terms of gameplay but he’s my personal preference. So what’re your guys’ first grailed servants and was it for utility or preference? Maybe both?


I have David at LV100 10/10/10. David has pretty much everything I need: Offense, Defense, Healing, Support. Plus his NP gets ridiculously strong at LV 100. It’s rare to find a servant with such a balanced and straight forward kit as his.


I grailed Cú Chulainn to Level 80 because I lacked a good Lancer, and I also found myself quite enamored with all his solo videos online.

And then I got Enkidu. And Raikou Lancer. So, there’s that…

I hope for your sake (and everyone else’s) that the pretty boy gets an animation update at some time.


I’m not sure if it was actually Arash but it’s probably Hans Andersen? because gameplay-wise he would be way better as they say but I don’t really do the gameplay thing. I gave him grails because silver border plus we sorta vibe.

Bedivere because he rightfully earned his place in my heart. Best knight, best boy, best bro. Such a loyal companion deserves a lot.
I wanted to take him to lvl 100 but there were several servants in line. Current max grailed servants are Chloe (2nd grail) and Sanson (4th grail).

Cu!Alter got my first Grails ‘cuz he’s hot … and that’s it.


That’s one of the reasons why he got my second round of Grails. The honors went first to Goldie.

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Lancer Cu got my first Grails. Easy choice since he is my favorite character from the original VN.

In NA my first lvl 100 Servant was Musashi while on JP it was Summer Jalter. Grailed Musashi becasue she was my first ever 5* in this game and has carried me through most of my CQ runs since then. She now sits happily with her skills maxed out and bond 10. Summer Jalter on the other hand was because I started in an awkward time on JP where there was like 2 or so days left with the summer 3 rerun. Since I placed in a lot of effort trying to get her to NP5 I pretty much decided to hand her all the grails I had from that point. Y’all don’t know how fun it was entering Part 1 of the story with a lvl 92 Summer Jalter.

Henry because thirst (and hes cool)


Charles Henry-Sanson up to 70. During early game there’s not many assassins available and 4 stars assassins is only Stheno and Carmila. So most early player opt for lower star assassins like Kojiro and Sanson.

Sanson actually stay in my main roster until Shiki come

OG Umu. Back when I was new she saved me countless times with that superb third skill of hers. I’m currently trying to +2000 Fou both her stats, and I plan to acquire two more copies of her in the future to NP 5 her. At the moment she’s Lv. 100 10/10/10 NP3 with all golden fous (given so far) to her. There’s also her character which I find utterly splendid and could talk about for paragraphs on end.


My first grail was Gilgamesh this thanksgiving. Main reason why - it’s Gilgamesh and he went from absent in my Chaldea to NP5 after some ridiculously good luck with rolls.
Second grail will be Tamamo after I gather enough embers from the christmas lotto. Originally she was going to be the first lvl100 10/10/10 that I have, but Gil deserved something special after the way he just kept being summoned no matter what.
Third will be Eresh if I manage to summon her.

Sherlock Holmes, because he looks cool, he is cool, and the mysteries he stars in are some of the best. He’s lvl 100 10/10/10 and I’m working on getting him to bond 10 and 2000 HP and ATK. I desperately want to NP 5 him too, but his solo banner next year is too close to Skadi for me to attempt OTL


MHXA cause Star Wars reference, I like her design (I’m a sucker for girl who wear glasses), and I find her sweet tooth adorable


My first grails went to Cu because I felt he got shafted by being a 3* and I used him all the time

My first grailed was Herc to Lv90, purely for gameplay. Got his bond ce and NP2. Herc can cover as your missing ST class dps for starters.

Next was Jalter to Lv100. My Kiara is Lv98 now. Next will be Dantes.

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Uh, um…This was a long time ago. Don’t remember exactly, but it was most likely Raikou berserker (for gameplay reasons). Either her or Martha ruler (because brawlers are cool).

Arash is my first grailed servant and the first one to get lv100

Best boi deserve it


Surf Mordred and Musashi for love and bigger waves.