Your First SSR is Your Servant in a Holy Grail War. How do you do?

Like the title says – you’re a participant in the Holy Grail War and the servant you summoned is your first SSR in FGO. How do you think you will fare?

I’ll start. My first SSR was Hijikata Toshizo, a Berserker.

While Berserkers are notoriously hard to control, I’m lucky that Hijikata is actually one of the few who can talk and be reasoned with, thus helping preserve my command seals. He also seems to be quite the tactician on the battlefield, so I can depend on him to fight smart unless he goes berserk.

His fighting style is a mixture of swords and guns, so I’d say he’s pretty well-rounded as a combatant. Unfortunately his Noble Phantasm seems to be one of those “for emergency use only” types since it’s likely to kill him (ala Frankenstein and Napoleon) so I can’t really depend on it. However, he does have a healing factor and can be hard to actually kill – and once he’s close to death he gets even stronger and scarier.

So all in all, I’d say we have a decent chance of winning since that’s what’s most important to Hijikata.

How about you guys?


Hijikata’s Berserk button is the Shinsengumi. He’ll always be in the guise of his position as a leader in it, thus fighting in general. So while it’s great for a Master, it might not necessarily be great if you don’t prove yourself to be at least competent. He wont turn on you, but he’d be less likely to listen to you.

My first SSR on the other hand was Jeanne Ruler. Which suits me just fine. I’d have nothing I’d want to wish for that I couldn’t get myself and I’d be stuck playing mediator. Wouldn’t matter which HGW either.


Caster: Scheherazade

I would be eliminated first because my servant is perpetually depressed and Suicidal


I have karna, so I get a kind, heroic and super powerful servant
Unfortunately he’s a lancer with D rank luck


Usually they have E rank.



Osakabehime :catlie:

I suppose I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors



Lancer: @NPCLucario
Saber: @KeskaSuu
Archer: @Zero-Ordered-1
Berserker: @crono_clone
Assassin: @ShinxDaSphinx
Rider: @terranort_asashin
Caster: @EreshtheDeer
Foreigner (Public Enemy #1): @qilin
Overseer: @Emprisk


And you’d always be on the defensive. While her NP and Territory Creation are great, I can’t help but think you’d be fighting odds that are against you the whole time, especially since you won’t be on the initiative.

As long as you don’t CS him to kill himself :fgo_sthenosmug:


I would never do that

this is an HGW

there are Rules to be upheld

In the standard HGW you’re going to have to. All 7 Heroic Spirits are used to power a wish on the Grail. The Command Seals main purpose is to command the last Servant to commit suicide.

At least that’s how Illya (I think) explained it.

I still wouldn’t do it

Then the Magi Association will probably work to eliminate you given the ritual isn’t finished yet, and thus no longer a threat to the Secrecy of the Moonlit World.

yeah it was Illyasviel that said that

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Fun, I get to die

It’d be pretty hard given you have Karna, but yeah, eventually.

It’d be worse if they dismantle the Grail so that you couldn’t support Karna’s magical output on your own without the Grail doing the heavy lifting.

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I love how nobody is reacting to my statement about Schez