Your first SSR

How long did it take for you guys to acquire your first ssr assuming you didnt reroll for the said servant? Just curious cause its quite humbling and really lowers my expectation on the gacha with the rolls of myst and plushie on the new assassin banner and spishtar banner, respectively.


First day got Altera in the story banner when I was a noob and didn’t know that banner is the devil. Got Jeanne soon after then that was basically the last time I rolled in that banner after doing research.

Now she’s NP4, and I still don’t even use her which is a shame. I like her as a character in Extella but her kit is just so boring…


1 day.
rushed through Fuyuki and France to get more quartz so i can roll.
got Napoleon from the story banner.

Now he’s NP 2


Jeanne and Jeanne Alter from the gssr during the 3rd anniversary. Extremely lucky start.


Waver spook came on my 8th day when I was rolling for Gil. Turned out for the better in the long run. An actual blessing in disguise I’m thankful for.

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Got Abigail within my first week of playing.

Carried me through Part 1 and 1.5 with her mostly neutral class advantage.

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Maybe 2 weeks in. I got tempted to roll a servant with a shit ton of hype and happened to be the support that was basically carrying my sorry ass team, who I only picked because she had the highest attack stat.

I knew the chances were really slim and I ran out of SQ. I tried to rush Okeanos, but Hector poetically denied my greek hero (Herc). I was almost out again when the vengeful queen deemed my noob ass worthy of her punishment.


30 days after I started. Wasn’t really focused and played on and off then a ticket on story gave me Artoria


Mine was Lartoria, from her shared banner with Merlin about two weeks after I started playing. I should have rolled on Merlin’s solo rate up instead, but hindsight and all that.


First SSR I got was Mordred. I happened to have joined after the end of the first run of the Onigashima event and Camelot banner was also on rate up at the time. I didn’t even grasp the magnitude of what happened when I started the banner and did single rolls. AFAIK, I did 3 single pulls with 1 ticket and 6 SQ. In order I got Gawain, Mordred and Herc and thought that it’s got to be easy to pull for a 4* and 5* servant(boy was I wrong :upside_down_face:).

And here she is now :

Now if only her dad doesn’t take her sweet time to spook me, that would be great.


Mine was Achilles 4 months after I started playing. He’ll reach Bond 10 in a few days. Got shafted by gacha early in the game (D’Eon as my starter SR, no other gacha servant for 3 months)

Altoria Pendragon

I wasn’t actively playing until around AX 2018 (7/5 - 7/8) , but I got my first SSR, Tamamo, that same weekend.

Haven’t used her much since getting her bond CE two years ago, but with her new first skill buff and the upcoming nero bride buff, that might change, at least for harder content.

On my sixth day I rolled the class based summoning banner


Two weeks after I started playing the game.
I only rolled story back then and fortunately, she wasn’t a limited Servant anymore:

Regarding those rolls of Myst yesterday: It’s a great example that shows just how cruel the gacha in this game can be at times. I think it’s best to have humble expectations, since it is a gamble that you can’t influence, no matter what.
Though, I really want to say, his rolls and spooks became a real meme at this point. At times you really think someone at DW watches his streams and plays pranks on him.


I had disgustingly good luck with my first ssr. Jalter came home on my first roll. It wasnt even a 10 roll, just the first ticket roll of a noob in the 8(?) million downloads banner.

when I got her I though “oh they are giving a servant away for free, how nice”
I also got her to np3 in that same banner
She hard carried me through 90% of the Singularities. Also because I always had her whenever I saw a servant deal less than 100k neutral dmg I was “wow he is so weak”. Btw, I cant remember how Mordred got there lol, I got a surprise when I realized I got her so early


I started my account on 2017.09.17., so fairly early on. My first SSR was Drake on 10.02., so a little over two weeks. After her, I didn’t pull another SSR until the January of 2018, but soon after that I went on a hiatus, so to speak, because I was burned out by the game. I came back in early 2019, and it was only then that my lucky streak got crazy. Specifically, I pulled 13 SSRs between the 2019 anniversary and new year’s GSSRs, and that was how I was permanently hooked.

First roll out of the tutorial was Napoleon (he was on rate-up at the time). Dude’s also spooked me twice since so I guess he really loves me (and I love him back!).

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Mine was Tama Lancer on the second day. I got Lancer Liz as my 4* from the tutorial roll. Then started grinding away to get more SQ to roll on the summer banner that was up. By the second day I got up to 30sq tossed it at the banner and Tama Lancer popped out, I wasn’t quite aware of the games rates at the time so didn’t realise how stupid lucky I was.

She carried me as basically my main dps against anything that wasn’t a Saber for the first few months of the game until my roster got a bit more levelled and developed.
Though she doesn’t see as much use these days but I try to give her a run every now and then. Also I’ve slowly been chipping away at her skills, but currently in dire need of hearts so she’s stuck at 8/8/8. Though the next 30 or so will be directed her way, then I can finally lore her and get her to 10/10/10 like she deserves, as it’s way over due.


My first was Jeanne on release day. Followed shortly by Altera. After that, I didn’t get an SSR for a while, so I decided to turn to my friend, wallet-kun.