Your Kogetsukan voting

I’m just curious.

  • I voted for the correct culprit without being spoiled.
  • I read spoilers and voted for the true culprit based on that information.
  • I voted for the incorrect choice assigned by narrator unreliability.
  • I voted for a different incorrect choice.
  • I read spoilers but decided to vote for an incorrect culprit.

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Where is “I was accidentally spoiled and voted for the correct culprit like a sane person?”


For people who voted correctly without spoilers, how did you get around the pitfall of Raikou not being the mother?

I’ll be honest that I got a bit lost, but how could you predict that? From my understanding the writers specifically set it up so that we would get the roles mixed around, and than they pretty blatantly said that the killer was a mother. So how could you figure out that the event was bending its own rules to make ***** the mother and therefore a candidate for being the murderer?

*Edit to remove spoilers just in case

You need an option for “I played the event on another server”

Don’t trust your perceptions, you’re going off of superficial knowledge.
Mama may not necessarily be motherly, Hawthorne after all is simply getting Moriarty’d on account of being an oldie.
From the beginning, he mentions twins being so different.
Harriet and Eva walk in basically concurrently, then talk with Juliet and Hawthorne and NotGuda. (Also, later on… Eva flirts with you, which would be weird were her husband right there. And just before that, Morris mentions Juliet’s sister being more his type.)
Something is surely amiss here, and if Mash is our Watson or we are Sherlock’s Watson (in Chaldea), it follows something might be awry.
Swap. A lot makes a lot more actual sense now.


Can we have an option for “I picked the correct culprit but read spoilers anyway in order to confirm and make sure we get those SQs”?? :sweat_smile:


Simple, Juliet said her twin was Fraternal, not Identical.


I got convinced after the Ms. Violet question that Eva’s not the mother.


Yeah, was wondering why the hell she was talking in third person

Then after LeiCiel brought up his sister theory - didn’t tell me the details - I’m like “Oh wait, Fraternal”


When I skipped the cutscenes, I didn’t saw choices. Where do you vote?

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Voting Ended already kekw

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The vote button was only in the Fgo ingame News section and is not inside the story.


But the rules set out at the beginning was that each servant reflects their role in some way. Its the justification for Mordred playing a dude, its the one rule for the event.
Moriarty’s character is older and caring but also a bit mischievous just like Moriarty
Mordred character is bashful and blunt like Mordred
Bediveres character is kind and attentive, his focus is helping and serving the people like Bediveres.
Mephisto is chaotic
Jaguar is in her serious ascension
Fionn is a womanizer
Raikous character is implied to be the mother (Even if we don’t explicitly in the mansion Mash explicitly tells us that’s the case) and that perfectly fits the role. Lets not pretend FGO characters are super deep, with a few exceptions they are all generally pretty one dimensional, and Raikou’s nickname is Mama Raikou so its pretty clear its what’s she’s role she would be expected to play.

I’ll agree that it was weird for Raikou to flirt with us that was a bit of a good tip off, but Raikou has always been flirtatious even when being motherly so its not exactly out of charecter. Moreover every character outside of the Eva Juliet and Harriet match their servant counterparts so, so why assume that the roles have been switched? It’s not superficial knowledge, its the rules established by the event.

Two words

Fraternal Twins

Narrative awareness. I actually came to the culprit before I came to their identity as a mother, based on the below.

  1. The other characters were generally more visible and had specific roles to play, whereas the culprit was more subtle in their presence and didn’t seem to have a purpose beyond set-piece connections to the other characters. That makes little narrative sense, unless the role they had to play was as the murderer.
  2. The only other suspects are suspicious played straight; that is, there’s no need to apply the ‘your senses are deceiving you’ mechanic for them to appear to be suspects. Ergo, it couldn’t be them, because the murderer was someone who was only a suspect when that mechanic was applied.

Therefore, I knew who the murderer had to be, if not how the mother thing was to be explained beyond ‘yep that’s what the mechanic was all about’.


I didn’t know who, didn’t get spoiled, but I’ve read reasonable discussion on this forums, and made the right vote

So, Adamska-Lancelot was known adulterous playboy, Ann-Jaguar was spontaneous and childish, Wu-Yan was free-sipirited outlaw type, Juklet-Stheno was total tease, Harriet-Euruale was prima-donna, Hawthrone was calculating schemer, I get it all right?

Holmes stated correctly that Servant appearances were used as shorthand for some trais “real” characters possesed, but we had no idea which traits it were.

Right here

Raikou was picked by our perception due to being “mature-looking” flirt and that’s all, no deeper meaning. I assume Stheno and Eyruale were picked for elegance and somewhat aloof attitude.

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Welp, I voted for Dorothy/Marie. Was considering nominating Raikou or Eryale as the culprit, but went with “story is pointing at her, so you’re expected to vote for her” logic.
Not to mention that already forgot most of the little details being mentioned here and there due to event lasting several days and I have the memory of a goldfish on some occasions.

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Funny how i didn’t fall for my perception on the servants but i did fall for my own out of nowhere “this is probably a misstranslation” when i read raikou’s “ms violet?..” line.
So i did guess right but i focus on mash’s diagram too much and didn’t think she might also confuse servants with their general personality in cheldea.
So i guessed it right, it’s the juliet’s mother. I even guessed the motive correctly due to my general knowledge for murder mystery. But i vote for raikou in the end because diagram says so…
It’s all your fault Mash! But i can’t be mad at the second best kohai.


But after that, tou would have to ask yourself what her motives are, right? It really seems convinient because she had the most reasonable motive, not to mention the last act where cain said that they were accompanied but we don’t know who the guardian was.