Your least memorable/shortest singularity?

Personaly for me despite early singularities technically being easier it felt like shinjiku was the simplest one. Recently had vlad from halloween banner so his anti-evil np destroyed all the important battles in that singularity + skipped story for not caring about alters(other than demiya). Was there any singularities or events for you guys like this?

For singularitys I would say Septem comes to mind for littlerly forgetting everything other then Altera KS’ing me then getting murdered by my level 80 Nobu NP buster brave chain crits (started playing right on the guda guda re-run


For me it was E Pluribus Unum. It was boring and NONE of the characters (except my boy Karna) interest me one bit, especially that lionhead. I only remember the very basic outline of the story, nothing else.


Agartha was on the short side until the Megalos fights. Then I had to stop and considered using CS to clear, but thankfully planning ahead and polishing some servants made it easier than I thought. It didn’t take long, really.

Shimousa might be a close second, with those gimmick fights where you have to bring Musashi. Not only negating you a possible life-changing support like Waver or Merlin, but also having to carry her deadweight ass was a pain.

Then again, I never cared about doing a lot of full bond bonus in Pseudo-Singularities , so those were much easier AND shorter for me.

For me, it’s London. The story wasn’t particularly interesting but also managed to be complicated. Mordred is not a character I like; and I find Jack’s character design really gross given her age.

Also America and Rome for stories and story servants under were not particularly resonant for me. And while we’re picking nits, Camelot had mostly great story servants but a nonsensical “A Plot” and was unnecessarily long, particularly the Egypt bit at the start that paid off weakly in the end for me.

In terms of enjoyment, best to worst, I have the singularities as follows (I’m finishing Shinjuku and therefore omit Agartha, Shimousa and Salem).

  1. Babylon
  2. Solomon
  3. Camelot
  4. Fuyuki
  5. Okeanos
  6. Shinjuku
  7. America
  8. Rome
  9. London

Septem. The only thing memorable was how terrible the writing is and the fight with waver and alexander which was the first time I actually needed to search a ‘strategy’ to beat it.

Good thing Okeanos was a big step up, at least for me.

  1. Babylonia
  2. Camelot
  3. London
  4. Fuyuki
  5. Solomon
  6. El Pluribus Unum
  7. Okeanos
  8. Orleans
  9. Septem

so there you go, Septem was just a really annoying walkthrough for me with me having a hard time against Romulus because I have literally no Saber and I refuse to use Friend Support back then.

I know it’s not a singularity exactly, but the Death Jail singularity was by far my least favored and most forgettable one.


Septem, I just mashed when Nero was on the screen and stopped reading it became too much for me

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I’d like so say Septem. Unfortunately, it was so bad it really left an impression on me. Can’t forget it now.

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Septem too even if I like Nero and Aletra. This singularity has nothing for it.

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Septem. So bad, can barely remember something beyond Altera one-shotting Lev and Romulus fight being underwhelming.

At least Agharta had Penthesilea arc and Megalos fights were cool.

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As far as anger goes

Single fight: Demon God Tentacle in Okeanos (took me a while to level up enough to down that one)
Singularity: Camelot (So many SQ’s and CS had to be scarified and a big leap in level in the end from three level 45’s to a level 77, then 80, and 90 it’ll take me forever to get that high up only to go back down to the 50’s in Babylonia come on DW give us steady progression not huge spikes here and there)

Overall I’d have to say Septem. All of the other singularities, good or bad, I can at least recall events that I thought were good or to the very least memorable. With Septem I’m seriously drawing blanks.

Septem, Okeanos, and most of E Pluribus Unum were really boring in my opinion. In Okeanos’s case I don’t even remember what the story was about, and in E Pluribus Unum I just remember it was celtics vs americans and that Medb killed Washington, nothing more.

hmm probably Orleans,Septem,El Pluribus Unum not much memorable moment. (but,I like Nightingale speech moment in America even tho she is Berseker she talk simple meaningful stuff.)

my most favorite is Babylonia,not surprise.
(i even cried like a trash)
Camelot and Okeanos come next.
half way in Shinjuku rn,I’m enjoy it so far. (mostly Ritsuka have to cross-dress that was the fun part for me.)

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as I’ve beaten most of if not all of them, am at salem this is my list from best to worst, with little reasons as to why.

Babylon-because it was both memes and great story, a mix of comdey and quotable moments. “Go buy me a Goddess” i will always remember that line.
Camelot-they made a set piece without memes and hilarity work so well that bedi is a top tier male servant…over ■■■■■■■ male arthur! I rest my case and love xuanzang and king hassan.
Shimosa-its septem done right, so right in fact that i love muramasa and actually appreciate musashi more then i did before! bring muramasa dw, please!!!
E purlubus unum-what can i say, I’m an american and i like edison’s and ningtengale aruging the notion of nationalism. it spoke to me.
Solomon-I miss roman to this day and i want more of that, please, bring him back. Also servant vs demon war, nice, very nice.
Salem-so far, i like the story focus and the hints, though they go over my head, are neat!
Shinjiku-was fun and had moritarity fight good with good, novel but awesome concept
CCC-for everyone saying this one was great…i mean it wasn’t bad…it just…wasn’t what people hyped it to be in my opnion. I mean archer alter was cool, edgmiya is so much better then detriot for an insult, but i never gave BB credence from the start. I mean i don’t trust her, she seems and is crazy!! Soo…other then martha beating her shit in and Kiara being legitmately terrifying!! I…it was okay…
oskeanous-was fun, and liked drake so why not!
Orleans-the regend and jeanne…but the ■■■■■■■ regend though!!! Make him a five star damn it!! he deserves it!!
Fuyuki-a humble start but not the best start, would have worked if the episode was the basis like alter emiya and especially medusa! God she was awesome, caster cu was fun to!!

below here are the singluarites that did not work.

agartha-it was okay…the message was clear but who ruined this for me…columbous and this is coming from a black young man who hates slavery…he was just boring. plain…boring.
london-i legit don’t really remember what happened here…so sure?

and of course the last being spetem-what can i say that already hasn’t been said? and i don’t even like Nero, she’s overdone, at least to me. But let’s get to some brass tacks, if any even existed!! God i hated this one, its forgettable, boring, overpandering to a character without giving reasons why. and everyone kisses the goddamn ground nero walks on!!

BUT BY FAR THE WORST INSULT IN THIS SINGULARITY IS THAT----THEY MADE BOUDICA KISS UP TO NERO’S BULLSHIT!! That pissed me off something fierce because she has every reason to hate nero. Not only does boudica come off as something that deserves better!! She does not deserve to kiss nero’s ass!! After the romans invaded britian and wrecked their shit?! She has every reason to be pissed!! And its infuriating how nero gets 3 coliseum events and singularity, almost two if you count ccc, she’s just umu and padrou, that’s it for me.

so that’s my list.

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Tbh, my most forgettable out of the ones that have been cleared on my account is Fuyuki (because I never actually played it). Which is something of a shame since I’ve seen the First Order film, but alas, it is what it is.

Most forgettable was America. I skipped the story entirely

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